Nine Star Burden - Chapter 890

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Chapter 890: Second master Wu

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During dinner time, in the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, the television hanging on the wall was broadcasting the news from China.

“Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Star Warriors World Cup special.”

“As of now, the third round of the Star Warriors world Cup team competition and the individual competition have all ended. In the individual competition that ended yesterday, the Chinese athletes obtained a record of seven wins and two losses. A total of seven contestants have advanced to the fourth round!”

“In the world Cup team competition that just ended today, the three Chinese teams have achieved an outstanding result of all three victories! Please read the detailed report below. ”

“In the world Cup individual competition that ended yesterday, contestant Wu Haoyang, who was teased by the Chinese audience and nicknamed ‘second master’, won the first round.


One blade flying dragon in the sky, tearing apart the opponent’s line of defense, one blade splitting a mountain, beheading the Pampas Eagle!”

“Poison milk’s disciple, Yi qingchen, time taken: 2 minutes and 37 seconds. With his exquisite giant blade technique and explosive physical fitness, he crushed the Australian sea lions in all aspects and advanced to the fourth round!”

“Contestant Jiang xiaopi, who is jokingly called little Wen Hou Jiang Fengxian by the vast number of netizens, lives up to his name of bravery! It could be said that his Qi soared to the heavens, and his halberd moved the mountains and rivers!

In just seven seconds after the match started, he had made nine halberd strikes and shattered the defense of the US team captain, Torres. He had presented the world with a perfect advancement match!

Jiang xiaopi had also created the record for the shortest time in a single match in the world Cup individual competition!

In this world Cup, the influence of Jiang xiaopi’s player was simply immeasurable! “Since the last World Cup, a large number of Star Warriors with excellent combat skills have emerged like mushrooms after the rain …”

“Shush!” Following the host’s announcement, the restaurant began to whistle and clap.

Jiang Xiao was eating roasted donkey meat. He really didn’t expect to be able to drink donkey soup and eat roasted donkey in a foreign country. Most importantly, it was quite authentic.

What kind of god-like chef did this hotel hire? Jiang Xiao wasn’t even sure if there were any donkeys in will …

Jiang Xiao heard the whistles and applause from his companions, and he had to express his gratitude.

Jiang Xiao held the roasted donkey meat in his left hand and continued to eat. However, he raised his right hand high and clenched it into a fist before shouting,””Olly, here!”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Haha!” A burst of laughter could be heard.

The team competition had ended, and all the team members present had advanced to the next round. Everyone was feeling very relaxed.

The three Chinese armies had all made it into the top 28, which was a pretty good result.

However, as the number of rounds increased, the opponents would also become stronger and stronger. The chances of drawing teammates would also increase, which was something inevitable.

Along with the host’s overall broadcast of the third round of the World Cup, Jiang Xiao also heard the broadcast of his team’s game.

“In the third round of the team competition, China’s No. 1 seeded team encountered the kimchi team, and there were some accidents on the field.

The members of the national team of the Republic of China actually had an internal strife on the field. The rules awakened and the medical support were actually arguing with each other in front of the world’s people. Such a scene is ridiculous. ”

“Pfft … Cough, cough. ” Xia Yan coughed and fortunately, she had only taken a small sip of the donkey soup …

Han Jiangxue looked at Xia Yan with a reproachful expression, not knowing what to say.

She was already the king of the Galaxy, but she was still so impatient and didn’t have the demeanor of an expert at all.

Jiang Xiao was amused and gave Xia Yan a thumbs up.””This really makes me spit out my rice!”

Xia Yan wiped her mouth with a napkin and looked at the television screen in disbelief.””I didn’t know that the host, yang ma, would say something like that. He’s so down to earth!”

“Hurry up and eat. Go back, wash up, and sleep.” Han Jiangxue said softly.

“Oh,” Xia Yan pursed her lips and continued to listen to the news report.


The next morning, Jiang Xiao and his teammates had breakfast before rushing to the airport and boarding the plane under the escort of teacher Chen Dapang.

Due to the background of this world Cup, the organizers of the Willits pressed on the schedule very tightly.

According to the previous World Cup schedule, at this time, the team competition and the individual competition, those who advanced should have a competition once every five days, because the losers ‘groups also had to start the ranking competition to determine the final ranking.

However, this year was different. The will countries were crazily compressing the schedule and even put the matches of the losers ‘group on the day of the promotion Group. The countries of the losers’ group did not want to broadcast it, and the audience did not want to watch it. Anyway, they did not want to extend the schedule. They would fight once every three days, and it would be like iron!

It was said that the organizers had already released the news that they had finished discussing with the Star Warriors world Cup officials. When the team competition entered the fourth round and the individual competition entered the sixth round, they would arrange a special ranking match for the losers ‘groups. At that time, it would only be one match every five days for the advancing teams.

This so-called doomsday World Cup was indeed full of situations.

On the plane, Jiang Xiao put down the small table out of habit, took out his earphones, connected to the WIFI, and turned on the live-stream on his mobile phone.

“Eh? Friend, we meet again?” An English voice with a slightly strange accent was heard.

Jiang Xiao was slightly taken aback and turned around to look. Wasn’t this the young man from the willpower faction? Such a coincidence?

“What a beautiful coincidence!” The young man was quite surprised and said to the middle-aged man in the middle,”Sir, can we share seats? I’m by the window, just two rows behind. I want to sit with my friend.”

The middle-aged man happily went to sit by the window.

Jiang Xiao also grinned and thought, who’s your friend?

Also, I’m wearing a mask and a cap, how did you know at first glance?

Oh, right … It seemed that the hat and mask were too unique, especially the mask that Jiang Xiao was wearing. There was a mouth and a tongue sticking out on the mask, making him look like he was asking for a beating …

The young man sat down and extended his hand to Jiang Xiao before introducing himself.””You can call me Leris.”

Jiang Xiao blinked and looked at the young man with golden curly hair who looked like an extremely obedient otaku. He hesitated for a moment, reached out to shake his hand, and introduced himself. “I’m called muscle man. ”

Lelis was speechless.

Jiang Xiao turned around and opened the live-streaming software to watch the drawing of lots.

Lelis asked curiously,”aren’t you a student?” How do you regularly travel between the two cities? Could it be that you’re also going to watch the match like me?”

Jiang Xiao didn’t even turn around and said in a displeased tone,””You’re going to watch the match again?”

It couldn’t be helped. If Jiang Xiao were an ordinary person, it wouldn’t matter. Most importantly, Jiang Xiao’s identity was very special. Hence, he didn’t believe in such a coincidence.

Lelis was a little surprised. He didn’t understand why this Eastern young man had such an attitude, but it could be seen that Lelis had a good personality. He explained,””Yeah, I’m going to watch Jiang xiaopi’s game.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

Jiang Xiao still didn’t quite believe it and said,””You fly back and forth every day to watch the competition?”

Lelis replied,’of course! I won’t lose a single match in his individual competition and team competition. I want to put Jiang xiaopi in my eyes and merge him into my soul. ”

Jiang Xiao only felt goosebumps all over his body …

“Eh.” Lelis came over excitedly and said,”last night, the top five players in the 2017 individual competition were announced! The game was about to be released! Can you guess the overall score of Jiang xiaopi’s character?”

“How much?” Jiang Xiao asked curiously.

“99!!!”Lelis shouted, and all the passengers on the plane looked over. Lelis had entered a state of selflessness and did not care about anything at all.” 652 individual contestants and 1040 team contestants, but only one has a comprehensive score of 99!”

“Uh …” Jiang Xiao scratched his head and looked at the excited young man in front of him, as if his idol had been recognized and he was also proud.

“What’s the overall score for the second place?”Jiang Xiao asked curiously.

Lelis laughed and said,”the shield of Europe-Danir! – The pride of our country! The overall score was 97 points! The captain from the northern kingdom team also got 97 points. Only these two. ”

Jiang Xiao sighed in his heart.

Sigh … Silly child, do you know that they can only get 97 points?

My score is 99, because the highest score is only 99 …

Lelis said excitedly,”it’s so worth it to go to the individual competition. I didn’t get a loan for the tickets in vain!” Jiang xiaopi’s flashing routine coupled with his long halberd is simply awesome. I’ll definitely develop that combo!”

The corners of Jiang Xiao’s mouth twitched and he asked,’a loan to buy tickets?’

“Ah, do you know how expensive a ticket to the world Cup is?” Lelis waved his hand casually and said,”don’t care about that. It’s not certain whether the money will be used or not. Right now, the most important thing is to live a comfortable life.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

While looking at the drawing of lots on the screen of his mobile phone, Jiang Xiao asked curiously,””Isn’t it Star Warriors World Cup 2017? Will Jiang xiaopi be able to master halberd skills then?”

“What?” Lelis was stunned. He rubbed his chin and thought for a while.”You’re right, but …” I think he just didn’t show it. Look at his dagger, giant blade, bow and arrow, he knows all of them, so he should know how to use a halberd too!

Easterners, you know, they’re all very secretive and mean. Right! It was like this, he had already learned the halberd technique in 2017! It must be like this!

I’ll have to suggest to the game company to create Jiang xiaopi’s halberd technique immediately. ”

“Mm …” Jiang Xiao thought to himself, you know me better than I do!

In 2017, I was still running around the field like a dead dog.

“They’re coming!” Lelis leaned his head over and looked at Jiang Xiao’s mobile phone screen. In the first seat on the left, Jiang Xiao’s bright smile entered everyone’s sight.

Jiang Xiao finally remembered that he had given Lelis a pair of earphones.

As soon as Lelis put on his earphones, he heard Jiang Xiao say in pure Chinese,””F * ck!”

“Civil War …” Lelis was also amused. He said,”that guy is also very fierce. He plays with a big knife.”

Jiang Xiao was so infuriated that his nose almost scrunched up. Do you think I don’t know that Wu Haoyang is a swordsman?

On the right side of the character map, the Red Star flag fluttered high and finally stopped at the upper right corner of the character map.

The portrait was of Wu Haoyang, who was wearing the China national team uniform.

Wu Haoyang’s Tiger-like eyes were bright and full of vigor. He looked imposing without being angry. He held a saber in one hand and stood with his hands behind his back, looking extremely heroic.

At the same time, in Bailin city, in the small auditorium of the hotel where the national team was staying.

Gasps of cold air could be heard, followed by waves of wailing.

Due to the number of casualties in the previous round, there were a total of 64 students in the individual competition.

Out of the 64 people, seven of them were Chinese players. The probability of drawing a group was not too low.

Wu Haoyang was a real man! Iron-blooded true man!

His Tiger-like eyes were burning as he looked at the list of opponents on the big screen in front of him. He clenched his fist tightly and slammed it on the table.”This drawing is very good! I’m very happy! What are you all shouting for? This is going to be an exciting match!”

Obviously, second master Wu was angered by the sighs of his coach and his companions. In his ears, he did not think that the sighs were directed at the two Chinese players who had been drawn into the same group.

These sighs were specifically directed at Wu Haoyang and seemed more like they were pitying him.

Wu Haoyang’s loud roar silenced the entire Hall. Wu Haoyang then nodded in satisfaction.


Wu Haoyang felt a poke on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Liu Yang’s cautious look.

Wu Haoyang raised his brows and asked,’huh? What’s wrong?”

Liu Yang cupped his fists and said weakly,””Congratulations to second master for entering the top 64!”

Wu Haoyang’s face darkened.”F * ck!#[email protected]$%!!!”

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