Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2107 Just What Are You Planning?

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Chapter 2107 Just What Are You Planning?

Long Chen didn’t want to go to the Martial Heaven Alliance, but Ye Lingshan refused to let him off, saying something about even if she died, she would bring him to suffer with her.

Hence, Long Chen could only accompany her with Ye Zhiqiu. Qu Jianying had long since been waiting for them.

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that Qu Jianying didn’t curse him at all. She had a letter in her hand and already knew about what had transpired.

“Little brat, what are you looking at? Do I need to curse you to make you feel normal?” said Qu Jianying irritably upon seeing Long Chen cocking his head and looking around with an odd expression.

Long Chen laughed, “Actually, this isn’t my fault. If I could endure something like that, I wouldn’t be Long Chen.”

Qu Jianying nodded and sighed, “In truth, in making you go, I was already prepared for certain events. Although your temper and stubbornness are just as annoying as that old bull, at least you have your own charisma, unlike him. I made you go in hopes that you would stand out amongst those heavenly geniuses. Certain enemies are fated to be enemies. There’s no way they’ll become allies. But when it comes to some strangers, if you didn’t go, they would remain strangers. By going, there’s a chance of making some friends that can support you in the future. However… why is it that your little bit of charisma is only used to seduce girls? Other than Beitang Rushuang and Nangong Zuiyue, you barely spoke to anyone else.”

Qu Jianying’s expression was odd. Long Chen’s direct character should make it quite easy for him to form connections with like-minded people. However, he ended up forming a group with Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang.

“Perhaps Long Chen’s charisma only lies in that area!” Ye Lingshan covered her mouth and smiled.

“Don’t laugh. You’ve really disappointed your master this time,” said Qu Jianying a bit angrily.

“Master, I…?” Ye Lingshan was startled. She hadn’t made any mistakes, or so she thought.

Seeing her appearance, Qu Jianying sighed. “Lingshan, did I tell you before going to be humble and take the long view for the big picture?”

“Yes. I acted according to your instructions. I didn’t have any conflicts with anyone,” said Ye Lingshan.

“That’s precisely what disappointed me. Lingshan, you are the one who will control the Martial Heaven Alliance. The authority to make decisions lies with you. Why do you have to always listen to others? Who said that everything I say is correct? You didn’t understand that when I said to keep the big picture in mind and be humble, there was a limit. If others press you beyond that limit, you have to stop them there, even if you have to fight to the death. Ah, you’re just too obedient. Obedient children don’t suffer from their willfulness, but without their own opinions, they become blind. If you act like this, how am I supposed to leave the Martial Heaven Alliance to you?” Qu Jianying sighed. “You’re too obedient, while Long Chen is too disobedient. I had both of you go not just because I wanted you to look after Long Chen, but to also see Long Chen’s style of handling things. Be humble when you should be humble, and be domineering when you should be domineering. If you have to, then you can slap whoever you want in the face. Otherwise, how will you lead the Martial Heaven Alliance?”

“Master, disciple knows her error.” Ye Lingshan lowered her head. She hadn’t understood what her master had wanted from her.

“This can’t be blamed on you. You bloomed within a crevice in the cultivation world. Avoiding calamity is your instinct. Just remember, you are the successor to the Martial Heaven Alliance. Your actions represent the Martial Heaven Alliance. There are countless sects and experts supporting you. You cannot lower your own prestige just to avoid some trouble.” Qu Jianying patted Ye Lingshan on the head gently.

“Yes. I’ll remember this.” Ye Lingshan nodded.

“Good. Bring Zhiqiu for a stroll. I have some things to talk to Long Chen about.”

Ye Zhiqiu and Ye Lingshan left, leaving just Long Chen and Qu Jianying.

“Alliance head, did you make me stay behind to scold me alone? It’s a standard practice to give a slap after the candy.”

“Would any standard practice work on you? And when have I ever used such a thing on you?” said Qu Jianying irritably. She then smiled. “It was a good thing you went to that gathering. You not only obtained that precious furnace, but you also pulled in two powerful helpers.

“However, I also pulled in some enemies.” Long Chen’s lip curled.

“That’s very normal. Even if you didn’t go, with your character, those people would have become your enemies anyway. But by going, you at least made two allies. That’s the difference. As long as you can maintain those friendships, your position on the Martial Heaven Continent will remain stable. Of course, if you can continue to the next step with them…” Here, even Qu Jianying felt it was funny. Just how was it that a troublesome fellow like Long Chen had so many women after him? It was truly curious.

Beitang Rushuang and Nangong Zuiyue’s families had many conflicts throughout history. Although it wasn’t to the point that they were like fire and water, they definitely didn’t get along.

It was said that Beitang Rushuang had been demanding to fight Nangong Zuiyue for a long time now. However, the two of them had both sat with Long Chen amicably.

Long Chen shook his head. “I won’t rely on other people’s power or suck up to get asylum. That’s against my Martial Dao.”

“You’re just as stubborn as that old man,” said Qu Jianying.

“Let’s not talk about me. What about the old man? How is he?” Long Chen changed the subject.

“That old bastard’s gone crazy! He just attempted a breakthrough to the third step of Netherpassage, and he actually succeeded. He immediately flaunted himself in front of me for a while before being told to scram,” snorted Qu Jianying. Although she put on a disdainful tone, her voice also contained some pride.

“That’s… really crazy!” Long Chen was startled. How was it that the old man was cultivating so fast?

Even if the great era had come, the Heavenly Daos focused on the junior generation. The senior generation wasn’t blessed by the Heavenly Daos.

“The Netherpassage realm doesn’t rely on talent, but on comprehension of life and death. Perhaps his head’s just so simple that he can just charge through life and death,” said Qu Jianying helplessly.

She had long since stepped into the Netherpassage realm and watched the old man struggle for many years. Who would have thought that with one breakthrough, he would suddenly soar to the point that he threw her behind him?

The Netherpassage realm tested a person’s understanding of the cycle of life and death. If you understood, then you understood. If you didn’t, then you didn’t. There was no way to force it.

Thinking back to the old man’s pleased expression when he had swaggered over to show off in front of her, she couldn’t help finding it funny.

“Long Chen, you almost stripped Zhao Wuji and took one of Shi Lingfeng’s eyes. I’m familiar with both powers that they’re from. The Mechanism Sect is filled with petty little people. They’re insidious and scheming, so there’s no chance they'll leave matters as they are. Furthermore, their reputation is garbage, and they have no allies. That’s why it’s strange that Shi Lingfeng would help Zhao Wuji. There’s no way that the Mechanism Sect will attack the Martial Heaven Alliance’s headquarters, but I am worried that they might attack the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race.”

The Mechanism Sect’s reputation always preceded them. They were never reasonable. Launching sneak attacks from behind was their specialty. If they couldn’t find Long Chen, they would target the people close to him. The closest people they could target were the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race.

Although everyone knew that Long Chen’s parents were in the Wine God Palace, no one would dare to touch the Wine God Palace.

“Do you want to make some arrangements?” asked Qu Jianying.

“For now, there’s no need. The Xuantian Dao Sect will definitely be fine. As for the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, I’ll make my own arrangements. The only thing I want to ask you is if the Mechanism Sect is destroyed, what kind of reaction will there be on the continent?”

“How could that happen?”

“I’m just asking. And the Stone race too, if they’re destroyed, will that affect the continent?” asked Long Chen.

Qu Jianying thought about it for a moment. “The Mechanism Sect is a nest of rats. If they were destroyed, the world would only rejoice. As for the Stone race, they rarely have any contact with other races. Their arrogance drives people away from them. They have no allies.”

“Then everything will be fine. My anger from this gathering has some good targets to be unleashed upon.”

“Just what are you planning? The Mechanism Sect is hated but still managed to survive for so long. Don’t underestimate them,” warned Qu Jianying. Long Chen’s smile made her think that he was about to do something very dangerous again.

“Hehe, it’s nothing. I’m sure you still have work to do, so I’ll take a trip to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. I need to ask for some help from the old man. I’m sure that old man will be very interested, haha!”

Long Chen left, leaving behind a shocked Qu Jianying.

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