Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2289 A Loathsome Guest Comes to the Netherworld

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Chapter 2289 A Loathsome Guest Comes to the Netherworld

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Long Chen was first startled by this question, but he then nodded.

Seeing him nod, ripples of emotions appeared in Ming Cangyue’s eyes. She actually leaned against his neck and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Tell me. How much were you thinking about me and how much were you thinking about her?” asked Ming Cangyue, her eyes closed.

Long Chen shook his head. “I wasn’t thinking that much. All I was thinking was that I couldn’t let either of you die. I had to save both of you. Both of you are my women, and if either one of you died, I’d be in enough pain to die.”

This time, Long Chen had no intention of shaking her emotions. He was telling the truth. If Ming Cangyue died, Leng Yueyan would die with her. Furthermore, he had always felt guilty toward Ming Cangyue, as well as another unclear emotion.

“Long Chen, kiss me.”

Ming Cangyue suddenly turned red and looked up at Long Chen. There were still some tears on her face.

Although she looked the same as Leng Yueyan, Long Chen could clearly feel her inner heart. At this moment, she was not a god. She had thrown away all her pretenses, becoming a girl needing love.

The two of them immersed themselves in each other. Ming Cangyue’s black robes transformed into black runes that formed a tent around the two of them.

For the first time, Long Chen felt a warm feeling. Ming Cangyue wasn’t being forceful like Leng Yueyan. Instead, she was deferring to Long Chen…

After their happy time together, Long Chen lay on the ground, an arm around Ming Cangyue’s waist.

“Are you afraid of me running off?” Ming Cangyue smiled lightly, lying against his chest like a cat.

“I feel like I’m dreaming. Once I wake up, the dream might be gone,” sighed Long Chen. He didn’t feel like this was real.

“It truly does feel like a dream.”

“Gods also dream?” asked Long Chen curiously.

“Weren’t you the one who said that sometimes gods and mortals are the same?” Ming Cangyue nuzzled into Long Chen’s neck. “Long Chen, thank you. You’ve allowed me to comprehend many things. However, aren’t you worried that Leng Yueyan will have an opinion about this? What will she do if she finds out in the future?”

“Her? Let her find out,” said Long Chen indifferently. Inside, he thought to himself that she had been the one to tell him to seduce her. “Hold it, in the future? Aren’t the two of you able to sense each other?” demanded Long Chen suddenly.

“Sense each other? How could that be possible? Although we were once one, in order to hide from me, she severed our bond, making our souls separate. We can’t sense each other,” said Ming Cangyue.

So, Leng Yueyan had scammed him. Long Chen suddenly realized that he had been duped. He sighed, part angry and part happy. Just what was Leng Yueyan up to?

“Long Chen…” Ming Cangyue started to say something but then shut her mouth. “Nevermind.”

“What is it?” asked Long Chen.

“Don’t ask. I don’t want to bring you karma. But I should warn you that you possess something that has the power to destroy worlds. That kind of power might come from one thing, a certain cultivation technique. However, people with that kind of power always have troubled fates. Sometimes even-”

Rumbling suddenly rang out from heaven and earth. Ming Cangyue shut her mouth immediately and only then did the rumbling fade.

Ming Cangyue looked at Long Chen. Long Chen was already dumbfounded. Not even a god could say it? Just what kind of karma was that?

What did that karma stem from? The Nirvana Scripture? The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art? The primal chaos bead? Or the azure dragon essence blood?

“Some things can’t be spoken. Even going in a roundabout manner has been sensed. I’m sure that you’re smart enough to figure it out sooner or later,” said Ming Cangyue. She waved her hand, dispelling the black runes around them and revealing the clear sky. She held onto Long Chen warmly as they got up.

Long Chen still felt like he was in a dream. Her change in attitude was somewhat unbelievable to him. Ming Cangyue and Leng Yueyan were both arrogant and lofty people. Compared to Ming Cangyue, Leng Yueyan was actually friendly. Due to being a ruler of a world, Ming Cangyue had always given people an innate feeling of reverence.

However, now, Long Chen felt that it was Ming Cangyue that was warmer and closer to him, while Leng Yueyan was the domineering aloof one.

“Do you know why Leng Yueyan likes control?” asked Ming Cangyue as if she could read his thoughts.

Long Chen shook his head.

“It’s because at the very start, when I split my soul to create her, I gave her my trace of goodness. I wanted to erase that bit of goodness, so I sent her into the Corrupt path, having her face merciless slaughter. I hoped that her goodness would be destroyed within that despair and bloodiness. However, I was too foolish. Just as you said, a person consumed by their desires becomes blind. When Leng Yueyan awakened her bone sword, she already sensed my existence. As she grew, she noticed more and more things that were wrong. She began to search for opportunities to fight me. She hunted down the Corrupt path’s geniuses in hopes of finding a peerless genius who could grow along with her to fight against me. In the end, she found you, but then she ended up falling in love with you. Love also makes a person foolish. She was unwilling to draw you into our struggle and gave up on hunting you down. However, fate is difficult to control. In the end, the three of us were still tightly wound around each other. But Leng Yueyan started out as a fragment of myself that I split off. She was constantly in a weaker position, so she needs absolute control to make her feel safe,” said Ming Cangyue.

No wonder Leng Yueyan had done what she had done. She had always been trying to reverse the tides and gain control.

A portal appeared. Ming Cangyue and Long Chen stepped inside, reappearing on the top of the tower.

The table and seats and even the wine jugs were still there. Ming Cangyue smiled.”Do you wish to continue drinking and discussing the Dao?”

“All that I said was just nonsense. I was just bragging. Cangyue, since we’re now… so close, can you tell me how my brothers and sisters are doing?”

This was the important question. He had been apart from the Dragonblood Legion for a long time now. He didn’t know how they were.

“Don’t worry. The first half of the Netherpassage Path isn’t dangerous. It’s the second half, and then the final pass… Eh, why has someone come to the Nethergod Palace? Let’s go take a look.”

Ming Cangyue pulled Long Chen away. The two of them entered the Nethergod Palace to see Leng Yueyan sitting on the Nethergod’s throne, gazing coldly at seven people in front of her. Her gaze was frighteningly chilly.

The seven of them were startled when Long Chen and Ming Cangyue walked in. Their leader was a man in violet robes and a black crown.

This man had black runes whirling within his eyes that seemed to contain their own cosmos. Black qi enveloped him, making him look like an emperor of darkness. Just standing there, he was extremely imposing.

“A mortal? Where did he come from?” barked that man. His voice was like thunder, and Long Chen felt like his soul would be torn apart.

Ming Cangyue placed a hand on his back, and the feeling faded. Long Chen’s expression gradually returned to normal.

This was another god? Long Chen guessed he was someone on the same level as a Nethergod. He even had a similar aura to a Nethergod.

“It’s not important where he’s from. What’s important is, what does it have to do with you?” sneered Ming Cangyue.

“You… you violated the laws of the Netherworld to pick someone out of the humans’ Netherpassage Path…?!” The man furiously pointed at Long Chen.

“What does it have to do with you?” repeated Ming Cangyue indifferently.


The man turned dark-faced. He looked from Ming Cangyue to Leng Yueyan, and then finally Long Chen. This time, Long Chen saw a hint of jealousy. Crazy jealousy.

Long Chen suddenly understood. Just at that moment, Leng Yueyan announced, “Hong Yaoyang, I will not be accepting your proposal, so you can go now.

The man called Hong Yaoyang angrily said, “Just which one of you is the true body? Which one of you has the authority to make decisions?”

“You don’t need to worry about it. In any case, there’s no need to discuss your proposal any longer. Don’t waste everyone’s precious time,” said Leng Yueyan coldly.

“What about you?” Hong Yaoyang turned to Ming Cangyue.

Ming Cangyue held Long Chen’s hand, indifferently saying, “Her opinions are my opinions. You should go, otherwise today, my Cangyue Netherworld will become forbidden land for you. If you provoke me, don’t blame me for becoming hostile.”

Seeing Ming Cangyue holding Long Chen’s hand, Hong Yaoyang’s eyes turned scarlet like a furious lion.

“Ming Cangyue, you don’t know kindness when you see it!” Hong Yaoyang let out a furious roar that shook the palace. His figure flashed, and he appeared in front of Long Chen. His hand reached out to his throat.

However, before he could touch Long Chen, Leng Yueyan raised her hand. The Nethergod Order appeared, and a ray of light bound Hong Yaoyang. The restrictions of the laws of the Netherworld made him unable to move.

Without even thinking about it, Long Chen slapped Hong Yaoyang in the face. “You shameless old thing, did I ever provoke you?”

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