Number One Dungeon Supplier - Chapter 1129 - Creating the Virtual Reality -Final

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Chapter 1129 - Creating the Virtual Reality -Final

"Before the User goes to contact Ke Loong, System has determined that you have to at least improve your cultivation once more." The System noted when Jin seemed to be ready to contact the CEO of Sea Mesh.

"Hehehe! Then does that mean my work here is finally done?" Jin asked with a smirk, looking forward to finally being able to enjoy some proper sleep.

"Huh, didn't Jin attain a Grade Up recently? …At least that is what I heard. Is it even possible for him to gain another one so easily? I might not be a person of this world but I've lived here long enough to know that it's supposed to take a long time. Are you saying Jin can do so easily?! That is basically cheating in this world!" Rei ranted, but neither the System nor Jin bothered to reply.

Wasn't Jin having the System already too much of a cheat? Was being able to 'quickly' breakthrough even worth mentioning when compared with that?

"User's work has indeed been satisfactory during his stay in this special 'concentration room'. Not only you have completed the Cultivation Zoo, the Advanced Training Centre for the Demon Exorcists, the Gentlebear Instance as well as the prototype of a first instance for the Virtual Reality World as the System has dubbed it, User has also taken the opportunity to reorganise plans for the overtaking of the Farming World."

"While the plans do require some refinement from the war table veterans, System believes you have come up with a sound plan and we will start producing equipment for the troops given the set budget." The System declared.

"Of course, you literally gave me hell and I have to walk through it barefooted!" Jin was happy about the praise, but the circ.u.mstances that had led to it were not something he ever wished to repeat. "Do not forget about the Southerners' City. If my layout is okay, send the details to Qiu Yue and we can start rebuilding after we have purged the Farming World's menace." Jin added and the System could humbly admit that it liked this commanding User more than the one it had to chase all day long.

"Since isolation has proven to increase productivity, please note that System will not hesitate to send User back here if you revert to your underperforming ways."

"Underperforming is such an understatement…seeing how Jin had to handle so many things at one go, it is pretty much a given that he would be swamped with work unless you go through that many time dilations!" Rei intervened on the Dungeon Supplier's behalf.

"Aye. These 2 weeks appeared to have been equivalent to 20 years of my life. Seriously System, are you completely sure the time dilations does not affect my lifespan at all?" Jin queried with much concern for the state of his health.

"Fear Not! System puts the utmost priority on the health of its User. As stated before, the User has proven competent enough to be among the top 1% of the Users that System had attended to. If System does not care about its top performing user, System too would not be able to reach 100% peak performance."

"Oh please, your '100%' is such a lie! Here I was under the impression that you were oh so weak, but turn out you were basically crying about being poor, because you used to be a former trillionaire, who was down to billions… With that brain s.u.c.k.i.n.g skill that you have kept hidden alone, you can grow infinitely as we transverse through more worlds!" Jin shook his head and looked at Rei. As much as the Dungeon Supplier had way too many things on his hands, Rei's Mecha World was something that was a mystery to him.

It was unlike the other worlds he had been to according to Sebastia's reports. This was because most of the worlds he and his minions had travelled through had mostly been contained to one particular region.

But for Rei's Mecha World, Sebastia had already travelled through multiple space colonies and was forced to travel through galaxies to find information. To say the word World was a bit far fetched as it was technically a universe that they had been travelling through.

However, that thought of the Mecha World being a universe suddenly gave Jin a possible solution to the problem he had stumbled on previously. The one in which he had trouble accommodating the rest of the population into the Virtual Instance when they popped in.

"System, before I leave this hellhole and perform my cultivation, can I ask a question?"

"Permission granted!"

"Hypothetically, what would happen if the entire population of six billion people would attempt to connect into your server, all at the same time? Would you be able to hold all of them at 100% peak performance?"

"Hypothetically yes, but realistically even if the System reached 100%, there would be no way to handle all six billion people at once. The resource management would require such an astronomical number of tasks that would have to be done, that it would be out of System's control. We might even need to go into excessive server overflow due to the ginormous calculations."

"Then realistically speaking, how many people could you handle? I mean due to the time difference alone, there should always be some sort of limit with how many people would be free to play. However, I'm convinced that people would definitely stay and sleep in this Virtual Reality Instance, grinding the shit out of our game." Jin wondered and the System reinforced that a definite amount of processing ability would be dedicated to it without giving a proper number.

"Then what if we were to have proper physical land instead of creating a totally new alternate dimension?" Jin asked, making Virtual Reality not as virtual as one had envisioned it to be.

"Please elaborate more." The System requested. "But before you do, System does agree that having a physical land would indeed offload a lot of our burden."

"What are you getting into?" Rei questioned Jin, not knowing his current line of thought.

"When the System suddenly dubbed it the Virtual Reality World, it got me thinking. Rei, I recalled how you were from the Mecha World UNIVERSE." Jin tried to hint to both of them where his train of thoughts was going and yet neither man nor supernatural entity could see through his supposed logic.

"Geez, what I am proposing is creating a world of our own!" Jin spilt it out and Rei's jaw dropped. If the System had been a corporeal entity, it too would be doing the same.

"Hahaha! Are you proposing to create a space colony on a large scale?! All that while keeping the players in the dark about it?" Rei asked and Jin nodded his head furiously.

"And since the System is in full control of the server, full of the players' consciousness, they are merely being projected into the physical area, reducing the workload for the System. Please correct me if I am wrong." Jin answered.

"That is an oversimplification of how the System transmits the players' consciousness but the gist of the solution is correct. Having proper land and buildings as stated by User's clarification to create a space colony would no doubt reduce the System's burden, increasing the System's ability to perform other tasks with ease." The System noted that the space colony could also be powered by solar and cosmic radiation, reducing the reliance on the System's resources even further and creating an entire dimensional instance and maintaining it.

"Imagine a person with no understanding of space colonies suddenly entering it and would think that the place is haunted. All buildings and no people around" Rei understood that Jin could potentially use the Dimension Creator, similar to his phone's ability to create a pocket of dimensional space, to project the player's consciousness.

"What are you talking about? In the first place, why would a person even enter that space colony? In any case, the 'real' factor would be multiplied within the Virtual Reality instance because it is REAL!" Jin laughed at the end but as reasonable as the solution was, the amount of preparation would be insane. This also meant that there was more excuse for the System and Jin to go into the Mecha World to steal more of their technology and possibly an entire space colony for research purposes.

But as of now, the System would power the Virtual Reality World for the purpose of the Symposium and if successful, the long term goal to acquire a space colony would be worthwhile.

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