Number One Dungeon Supplier - Chapter 1351: Provoking For More Time

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Chapter 1351: Provoking For More Time

As the teleportation crystal swirled around Xiong Da to show its sign of completion, it was already blinking furiously. Xiong Da grinned quietly knowing that the crystal was already working the moment it was activated. 

“Just in time then.” Xiong Da said as he took a glimpse at the back and saw more Demon Rats filling up the walls once again. All of them crawled from the sides of the wall to surround the injured Demon Rat General and awaited his command to charge.

“You sure? From my perspective, they are not on time at all.” Bin Yong chuckled as he raised his shield and pointed his sword forward. He knew that going in recklessly would be a waste of energy and probably a waste of his life. 

“So what are they coming in as? Parachute? A train wreck?” Bu Dong asked as he too did not know whether he could last if the Demon Rats charged all at once. There was no way he could fight this many for such an extended period of time.

“I am too tired. I cannot go any further. Besides, my arrows are more or less depleted. I do not have any chi to do those mass clearing attacks.” Luo Bo hid behind one of the armoured alligators as they continued to deflect ‘stray’ projectiles from the remaining snipers. (To be honest, she was amazed that those alligators could last this long in the fight and even had such reflexes to defend themselves from those sniper shots.)

“Are you guys willing to surrender?” Roughscream felt the enormous upper hand in the current situation and was pretending to give an olive branch to the four humans who had dealt significant damage to not only him but the Demon Rats as well. If he was not able to capture them then trampling their pride and instilling fear was the way to go so that they would not appear again. And even if they did, he would be stronger and kill each and every one of them once more.

“Surrender? Heh. You are speaking way too soon. How about you stop hiding behind your soldiers and come out here to have a one on one with me?” Xiong Da stepped forth and revealed his warclub. If there was anything he regretted with the previous fight was that the Hippo Cultivator did not have a proper fight with the Demon Rat General especially when he finally found a Warclub User. Back then, he was injured and the Demon Rat General was in tip top condition but right now, they were in a similar state and pitting against each other one to one was probably the most ‘fair’ fight they could ever get.

However, even if he did wish to do that, Xiong Da was not stupid to fight a fair fight. He was merely wasting time since he realised the Demon Rat General had started gloating, thinking that the Pandawans had finally been beaten to exhaustion and they were unable to fight back. 

“Or are you too afraid to fight against me? A slightly injured human invader compared to the rest of my companions? Seems like you are only haughty when you are pitting yourself against weakened enemies. So much for you being a General. Demon Rats! Take a look at how pathetic your general is acting. Are you sure you wish to serve such a timid general who did not dare to go up against human invaders when they are at peak health? How about you guys take the stage and challenge me? Perhaps if you win against me, you have the chance to be the next general and overthrow that weakling cowering behind all of you!” Xiong Da did not stop taunting Roughscream and the Pandawans hollered the very same sentiments to provoke the Demon Rat General.

“You puny humans are courting death!” Roughscream’s blood boiled at those weak yet humiliating threats that were aimed directly at him but the Demon Rats were thinking otherwise. Because they had not much interaction with their higher ups, some of them did show some distrust and to a certain degree, scorned the General for calling reinforcements and subsequently hiding behind them. After all, everyone knows that being a General provides perks of extreme luxury that a lowly Demon Rat was able to experience.

“Heh, look at that Demon Rat General. Make me feel he is some basic Wu Xia Novel Villain.” Bu Dong chuckled at how Roughscream was able to be provoked that easily. 

“We would need a few of that or else our raid instance would be boring.” Bin Yong said as he could see from the side of his eye that the teleportation crystal had been blinking rapidly and even changing colour.

And just as the Demon Rat Club General walked to the front of the crowd, He suddenly felt that the air around him began to feel heavy. At that moment, he realised something was amiss when Roughscream felt a large impact right behind him, causing him to be knocked forward. When he turned around, he saw a human invader staring at him fiercely and a wolf silhouette emerged behind him.

Eventually, Roughscream also witnessed more humans dropping from the sky and impacting right on the wall, dispersing the Demon Rat formation that he had prepared previously to handle Xiong Da and the remaining survivors.

“Is he the one who started that earthquake? Because it looks like I am not late for my revenge.” Se Lang, the Wacky Wolf Cultivator, said as he brought out his war scythe. 

“How come you guys can handle superman landings?!” Luo Bo ignored Se Lang’s question and when the dust settled, she found out that all the Pandarens who landed had a sort of device platform that allowed them to prevent them from taking any fall damage while acting as a sort of offensive gadget that enabled the Pandarens to do impact falls.  At the same time, both the Demon Rats and the Pandarens on the wall had also witnessed multiple ‘human comets’ going into the hole the earthquake had created. 

And calling it ‘multiple’ was an understatement. It is time for the humans to attack back once more.

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