Number One Dungeon Supplier - Chapter 1372

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Chapter 1372: Inner Town Base Camp

Once the Birth Mothers had left, Jin had begun to look at the status of the Pillar Base Camp. It was already morning and the Pandarens were coming into the raid instance via waves. Because of the proximity of the base camp to the teleportation crystal near the third layer of the Inner Wall, the teleportation crystal was used instead mainly to give the Pandarens the 'excitement' of parachuting down from above.

While the dungeon supplier could have made it easy for the Pandarens and teleported them into the Pillar Base Camp, he purposely created this 'situation' so that he could 'milk' the Pandarens who failed to jump onto the pillar and descend. But he had a valid reason to do so as well. The third layer of the Inner Wall requires reinforcements as well and if they could manage to clear it, the Pandarens would have a safe base of operations they could use.

Of course, that is assuming that the Demon Rats did not pull off another big major earthquake to break the land once more and force the Pandarens to fall down to their Undercity. However, Jin knew that it would be near impossible for the Demon Rats to do that even though the odds of it coming true were still there. This was mainly because the bulk of their Undercity was situated right under it and causing an earthquake right above it would definitely destroy certain key facilities that would be vital for their continuation of this particular war.

It might be true that the Rats might do that in the future if they felt that they were on the losing end of the war but Jin had already started to sell a very unique item that was not seen in the Hidden Gem Night market before.

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Shu's roots.

The magical Treant had 'graciously' offered his roots for sale so that if such an earthquake were to occur again, the Pandarens would not be in such a pinch in the future. (Obviously, in return for his roots, he was compensated with System points.) This was because Shu's roots were capable of holding the ground together once they were planted on the ground. And if multiple roots were used at the same time, it would multiply the effect to hold the ground so that there would be no worries even if the Demon Rats had decided to do the same again.

Jin had also used a dummy anonymous account with a relatively high level rank in the forums in order to fool the rest while increasing the reliability of his information to 'announce' the presence of such an item. This prompted a few relatively rich Pandarens who had the coins to purchase them knowing that this would certainly be a surefire way to earn raid points. The only problem they now faced was that they were not strong enough to walk into the middle of a battlefield and plant those.

Even if they could, there was currently no base of operations which could utilise such an item. But all that changed when the Royal Zodiac Snake General Hou Fei emerged out of nowhere with a yawn and a platoon of over fifty people with him. With his presence alongside his soldiers, they were immediately able to create a base camp near the third layer of the Inner Wall and did similar fortifications as the previous Outer Wall Camp.

Because of the experience they had set up the Outer Wall Camp, the Inner Town Camp (which was the new name of the camp) had been established without too much of a hassle. People were amazed that the Royal Zodiac Snake had offered to create another base camp considering how much it cost. But everyone was fooled, including the Royal Snake Head that Hou Fei had sacrificed much of his wealth for the well being of the Pandarens even though it was just a temporary fixture in this particular raid.

This was because Hou Fei had the base camp package for free from the System since it was part of his rewards for successfully infiltrating the Undercity's Dark Tower. And since he was part of the Inc Executives (Panda Clan's fancy names for their own members.), the System also gave him significant discounts to set up the Inner Town Base Camp.

The sudden development of a new base camp further raises the morale of the Pandarens, and also allows those said rich Pandarens to establish Shu's roots, allowing them to gain a hefty amount of raid points for contributing to the stability of the Inner Town Base Camp. The rock wall which Milk had created previously from her fight against the Rat of Ruins was a slight hindrance to the expansion of the base camp but the Royal Zodiac Snakes had decided to keep it as it is because if there was ever a need to fall back, the giant rock wall would be a good buffer to lean on.

But other than that, the basic foundations for a decent base of operations had been set up. A medical camp for injuries that would be severe enough that healers cannot heal in a matter of minutes. A basic resupply station especially for cultivators who were using arrows, bombs, modern ammunition etc. A repair station where the cultivators could get their armour and weapons repairs if destroyed. A merchant shop which provided a slight discount compared to the active online store as well as a place to sell the junk the cultivators picked up.

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Not to mention, there was a food canteen where thankfully the penguins were the chefs to provide some food to the hungry as well as a command centre that belonged to the Snakes and other military arms of the Royal Zodiac. That was where they were allowed to rest and communicate as they shared information on the current situation not just within the raid instance but also outside of the raid instance.

After all, the streamers and other viewers could show stuff that the Royal Zodiacs might have missed and they could use it to their advantage especially in this day and age, information had always been the edge to win against any war. (Of course, Hou Fei had the best information at hand but as a former spy, he was happy to practise the art of not knowing anything. Or else, what fun would it be if they could not learn how to get the information themselves? )

And with that, the Pandarens were ready to send a counter attack later in the morning especially after defending the Pillar Base Camp for the entire night since it had been the main priority so far.

At the same time, the Pandawans who were finally arriving for the fight once more had started scouting places based on Jin's slightly classified intel of the Undercity. (The Boss could not give everything to them except the general areas or else it would be cheating.) and from there, they started to plan their wide active response events so that Jin could finally have the 'sufficient' reason to bring down his minions to fight against the Demon Rats.

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The third day of PandaVerse would definitely be a busy day for everyone.

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