Number One Dungeon Supplier - Chapter 1373

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Chapter 1373: Breaking Out The Kill Zone

Even with the increased manpower in the Pillar Base Camp, there was still no progress as expected. The rank and file Demon Rats that were surrounding the Pillar Base Camp were still numerous and they were 'refilling' at a rate that even the increased numbers of Pandarens could not take on.

It was pretty obvious that the Demon Rats had already begun to know that the Pandarens were more or less stuck in the Pillar Base Camp unless there were sacrifices willing to push through and break the encirclement.

And that itself would still be an insurmountable task to perform. Unlike the previous time when the Demon Rats consisted of a mix of melee and ranged troops, now they were playing with guns. Almost every one of them was hiding behind a piece of cover shooting at the magic barrier indiscriminately because there were no targets to pick on.

The moment those Pandarens emerged from the Pillar Base Camp, there would be nothing but their own equipment they had to rely on to block or evade those gunshots. And that was assuming that they could even get out of the kill zone.

The Pandarens who managed to return to the battlefield knew that this might get worse as there were already sightings of heavier guns from the scouts that were peering through the Undercity at the highest point of the pillar that was still covered by the magical barrier.

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It was only a matter of time, the magical barrier would be overwhelmed and the Demon Rats would concentrate on picking the Pandarens or destroying their walls and emplacements. Pandawan Yue Han who was on sight had then decided it was probably time to use his Wide Active Response Event initiator. The Pandawans were given a couple of one time portal tickets when they were talking to Jin and the Dungeon Supplier had promised to send out minions that were appropriate to the event's completion.

As long as the Pandarens had completed the WARE with 60% of the participants getting a gold level participation, Jin would then send in the reinforcements as the rewards. But the Dungeon Supplier did say that the higher the difficulty of the WARE, the better the rewards so by defending the Pillar Base Camp was not exactly the most tedious job the Pandarens could ever have.

So, Yue Han, the Bat Cultivator had decided to use his WARE to break the stalemate by creating an event that would essentially cost the most amount of casualties if not done right. This was because the WARE he had in mind would only pop out when the Pillar Base Camp's magical barrier had been destroyed.

As the Demon Rats who had trialled and tested, getting the barrier down was a matter of fact, they had a small window of opportunity to charge in and destroy whatever the Pandarens would have before the new magical barrier would be up again. And that was where their big guns and mortars would come in now that they saw a higher concentration of Pandarens in the vicinity.

What Yue Han was proposing was that the Pandarens were to rush out at the same time as Demon Rats engaging them through battle and at the same time, find a way to break the kill zone. The other Pandawans who were in with his plan realised how crazy and suicidal it was. However, that also meant that they could finally get points from the Demon Rats that were charging in rather than cowering behind the walls.

Also, those charging demon Rats could be used as meat shields against the kill zone that the Demon Rats had set up. Almost every Pandarens knew that the Demon Rats did not care whether it was friend or foe as long as they ultimately could kill their enemies. Thus, the Pandawans knew that if they were to charge out at the same time as the Demon Rats, they would have some 'assistance' from the other side shooting at their own friendlies.

Hence, the plan was spread around and Yue Han had already initiated the Wide Active Response Event the moment he monitored that the magical barrier energy levels had dropped to 35%. The plan was not well received but seeing that it was now a WARE, the rest knew that there would be points awarded even upon their meaningless death.

Therefore, the Pandarens pretended to continue cowering behind the walls while readying themselves for the charge so that they could at least weaken the kill zone a little. Also, because it was the first WARE for the day, it enticed the Pandarens who were not yet in the raid instance and prompted them to join almost as soon as possible.

"The barrier is going to go down soon!" Yue Han shouted and everyone started to brace themselves for the inevitability. Everyone's hearts were beating hard knowing that they would die being shot. The pain was not a great feeling but the exhilarating adrenaline pumping through them made them feel alive compared to sitting at the desk doing administrative work.

And with a large explosion by the enemies' mortar, the barrier was broken, causing it to shut down right in front of everyone. The Sheep Zodiac soldiers had now tried to get the barrier up again by replacing the energy battery but before that could happen, the Demon Rats were already dashing towards the Pillar Base Camp with the intent to massacre the Pandarens with their large numbers.

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"NOW!" The Pandawans who were temporarily their leaders shouted in unison, firing a volley of flashbangs and fireworks to distract the Demon Rats temporarily and also forcing the Pandarens who were in hiding to jump over the walls in packs. The Demon Rats had no idea what was happening with the sudden bright lights but their momentary distraction brought time for the front wave of Pandarens to jump down safely and charge toward them.

"Kill the Humans!! Artillery continues your bombardment on their camp!!!" The Demon Rat captain shouted as he saw under the cover of those bright lights the humans were dashing towards them.

Usually, the humans would not even be attacking and hide from the attacks and yet now, all the defensive emplacements were manned and they did not care whether they were killed during the battle, another human would replace the dead one and continue using the defensive emplacement without any care for their lives.

It seemed as if they were desperate enough to ensure victory at all costs. But honestly, they just want the extra raid points and participation points.

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