Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 759 - Who’s the Monster?

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Chapter 759: Who’s the Monster?

“I testify that everything the mayor said is true!”

“I am the mayor of Dragon City!” Lu Siya raised her arm so high that everyone, including the exploration team members, noticed her existence. “Because I was a member of one of the nine noble families of Dragon City before I came to my senses and cut all ties with my evil past.

“In Dragon City, we call ourselves superhumans, which means that we, who control powerful spirit energy, have far surpassed the ranks of mortals and become saints. We are no longer the same species as ordinary citizens!

“When ordinary people are risking their lives for a can of synthetic food, we are enjoying luxury and almost unlimited training resources. It can be said that the chances of awakening extraordinary power are naturally dozens or even hundreds of times higher than ordinary people when we start training in our mother’s womb. We are also taking advantage of this to demonstrate the ‘superiority’ of our bloodline and provide theoretical support for us to rule Dragon City forever.

“We control the survival committee and most of the powerful organizations. We control all the important posts and monopolize almost all the key channels.

“As long as one comes from one of the nine great clans, even the worst can easily steal a high position. However, the geniuses from the humble clans have to put in a hundred times more effort than us. They have to kneel at our feet before they have a chance to get an insignificant opportunity from our fingers.

“We drive countless ordinary soldiers to the wilderness to fight with the spirit beasts so that we can harvest the spirit beast materials and excavate the crystal lodes to meet our expanding cultivation needs. The reason for our crazy cultivation is not just for the sake of rebuilding and developing our civilization. It is just to constantly strengthen ourselves, break through the limits of life, and become a true God!

“In Dragon City, we divided the level of superhuman individuals into three major levels. The highest level, the ‘God Level’, has already made our ambitions clear.

“That’s right. We don’t want to struggle as human beings anymore. We want to become a god who can rule and enslave everything above everything else!

“Even if we really want to rebuild our civilization, the ‘perfect civilization’ deep inside our hearts is very different from the human civilization of the Earth era. It is destined to be a bloody civilization where we, the supreme ‘gods’, will lead a small group of superhuman individuals to rule over most of the ordinary people forever!

Lu Siya’s words made all the residents of Peach Blossom Town gasp in shock and disbelief.

“Fortunately, with the help of the mayor and everybody else, I gradually freed myself from the endless greed, ambition, and sins and realized how terrible my past life and Dragon City’s were.”

Lu Siya changed the topic and shook the colorful feathers all over her body. Her voice was trembling and sincere as she said, “The so-called transcendence is not the path to godhood, but the path to bedevilment!

“If Dragon City continues to develop like this, it won’t be long before it will repeat the mistakes of the era of earth!

“Therefore, please think of a way to save the millions of ordinary citizens of Dragon City!”

As soon as she finished her words, the mayor’s voice was heard again.

“That’s right. The people who rule dragon city now are the same as the people who ruled Peach Blossom Town in the past. They are the incarnations of the ambition and greed that originated from Earth!”

The mayor gnashed his teeth, “They also slander innocent spirit beasts as so-called ‘monsters’. However, spirit beasts will only attack humans when they are panicking or when they are hungry and have no other choice. It’s just like how humans are so hungry that they have no choice but to collect and hunt for food in order to survive. There is no such thing as ‘justice’, ‘evil’, or ‘weirdness’.

“Besides, even the most brutal spirit beasts would only suffer for a few minutes after eating a human being, including their skin and bones.

“Those guys who are in control of powerful forces, on the other hand, are able to lure, coerce, and enslave the weaker ones with flowery words, violent machines, and the insidious rules of the game. In the long decades, they spend their days like years, bit by bit, squeezing out all their flesh and blood painfully.

“Who is the real ‘monster’?

“Are they the ones who eat a human spirit beast in a few minutes for survival, or are they the ones who have 9-9% of the resources but still want to squeeze out the last 1% and enslave the weak for decades? Are they the ones who want to surpass human beings and all living things and become ‘gods’?”

The vines hanging down from the Tree of Wisdom were like sound pillars, accompanied by the mayor’s voice.

Countless wet flowers bloomed on the vines, like natural trumpets, so that his voice was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears.

“Of course it’s those guys!”

“Those demons who are trying to become gods!”

“We must overthrow the evil rule of those demons in Dragon City and save all the ordinary citizens, so that they can live a happy and equal life like us!”

The residents of Peach Blossom Town were completely immersed in the mayor’s logical thinking.

They shouted crazily.

Like waves that were higher and higher, Meng Chao’s face turned pale.

After activating his extraordinary vision, he saw that Long Feijun and the other members of the exploration team in the distance were as pale as him, feeling troubled.

Of course, some of the members of the exploration team, like Lu Siya, seemed to be really affected by the brainwave resonance of the tens of thousands of residents of Peach Blossom Town. Gradually, they showed the same intoxicated and fanatical expressions as them, and they raised their arms and shouted together.

The wave of cheers lasted for five minutes.

With the sprinkling of fragrant pollen, the people gradually calmed down.

“That’s right. Peach Blossom Town and Dragon City are so close to each other. There’s no way for us to be alone.”

The mayor continued, “Therefore, during this year’s harvest ceremony, we must offer sacrifices and pray to the Tree of Wisdom with utmost devotion, hoping that it can help the thousands of ordinary citizens of Dragon City escape from the sea of bitterness just like it helped us in the past.

“Now, bring out the sacrifices!”

The mayor waved his hand, and the crowd naturally separated into several passageways.

The seemingly chaotic crowd, under the guidance of some magical force, methodically stepped forward and threw the carefully collected sacrifices onto the empty space under the Tree of Wisdom.

Soon, Earth’s clothing, mobile phones, computers, household appliances, and all kinds of daily commodities produced by Earth’s industry were piled up into a few hills.

A few strong men with strong backs and big waists carried a few big buckets of monster oil and natural resins that were easy to burn, and poured them on the hills.

The mayor lit the fire himself, and the hills immediately burst into flames.

Because there were a lot of plastic products in the offerings, the flames emitted a strong black smoke and a burnt smell. The residents of Peach Blossom Town who smelled the smell all frowned and spat at the flames. “What a rotten smell, what an evil smell!”

As the flames grew more and more intense, the branches of the Tree of Wisdom and the vines on them rustled like the wind blowing on willow branches, as if they were very happy.

The Joy of the Tree of Wisdom resonated with the residents of Peach Blossom Town. They were overjoyed and started dancing.

“The Tree of Wisdom has accepted our offerings and felt our sincerity. It will certainly protect us

“Please save and protect Dragon City together with the Tree of Wisdom. Let the green carpet and sea of flowers bloom in Peach Blossom Town Bloom in Dragon City, too

“May the Tree of Wisdom help us eliminate all the sins that originated from the depths of our genes. Let there be no more bullying, oppression, and slavery between humans. Let the entire world become a carefree Peach Blossom Town!”

All the citizens of Peach Blossom Town lowered their heads and prayed with incomparable devotion.

Perhaps, the Tree of Wisdom truly possessed wisdom and listened to their voices.

An unbelievable scene happened!

As the vines and branches danced more and more, the pollen and petals falling from the branches became denser and denser. It was like a colorful, glittering rain of flowers, making the entire world seem as beautiful as a dream.

The residents of Peach Blossom Town who were stained with the pollen were all dazed. Their faces were flushed, and their breathing was rapid, as if they were drunk.

Their prayers became louder and louder, and their steps became faster and faster. They were like dolls that couldn’t stop after being wound up.

Even the old mayor, whose hair and beard were all white, was dancing on the lotus seat made of interwoven vines, like a crazy top.

“This is some kind of… hallucinogenic spore!”

Even Meng Chao, who was in such a crazy and weird scene, felt that his world was spinning. He could not help but want to worship the Tree of Wisdom, which covered the sky and covered the Sun.

At the critical moment, he bit the tip of his tongue to maintain his last bit of consciousness. He keenly sensed the secret hidden in the rain of flowers.

This was not ordinary pollen.

It was something similar to the poisonous and hallucinogenic colorful mushroom that he had just seen in the open-air cafeteria.

Of course, its stealth and hallucinogenic properties were ten times stronger than those of ordinary poisonous mushrooms.

Meng Chao silently activated his spirit energy and covered his nasal mucosa with a protective membrane.

Then, it blocked the thirty-six thousand pores all over his body.

He also stimulated the central nerves, accelerated his metabolism, and made himself sweat a lot. He ensured that even if a small amount of hallucinogenic pollen invaded his body, it would be instantly expelled along with the sweat.

However, he was unable to stop the crowd that had fallen into a frenzy. They formed whirlpools and torrents, pushing and shoving under the Tree of Wisdom.

In the chaotic crowd, he was caught off guard. Someone grabbed his wrist.

It was Lu Siya.

She was also sweating profusely.

Her palm was wet, clinging tightly to Meng Chao’s wrist.

Her expression was as intoxicated as everyone else’s.

It was as if she was trying to drag Meng Chao in the direction where the rain of flowers was particularly colorful and the hallucinogenic spores were particularly dense.

However, as they ran, the two of them were somehow pushed out of the crowd and landed at the edge of the square.

Everyone around them closed their eyes and shook their heads, immersing themselves in a perfect world that was carefree and happy.

Even the exploration team members such as Long Feijun, the Railway Gun, did not know whether they were really infected by the brainwaves of tens of thousands of people or just pretending. They also narrowed their eyes and mumbled something.

It seemed that no one noticed Meng Chao and Lu Siya.

Lu Siya, on the other hand, didn’t look at Meng Chao at all.

She extended her hands toward the Tree of Wisdom. Every colorful feather on her body was trembling slightly, like a withered seedling praying for rain.

Her lips, on the other hand, were trembling slightly. The sound waves were condensed into a line and accurately sent into Meng Chao’s ears.

“How do you prove that you are Meng Chao and not a superbeast that is good at disguising as a human being like the Vortex?”

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