One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 4269 - The Other Side 238

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Chapter 4269: The Other Side 238

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He sat down on the bed in a daze. Little Yichen was still sound asleep. He looked at the boy with sincere envy.

He envied Little Yichen for living in a world where he never had to fight anyone for anything. He never had to worry about not being able to make his way back, he never had to feel guilty, or sad, or disappointed at being abandoned.

That’s right.

Yun Shishi’s words were clear enough. For Youyou’s sake, she was willing to give him up. In other words, if medical science found a way to save Youyou, she was willing to give him up. Between Youyou and him, she had chosen Youyou.

But in what ways was that wrong? Her relationship with the boy, after all, went beyond him.


But it wasn’t fair…

It wasn’t fair.

In fact, he’d appeared early, too, in this shell. Only… Gong Fan felt indignant but helpless. Even so, even if he knew that it was unfair, what could he fight for? He didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Gong Fan suddenly felt very sad. What he had feared most was finally here. He had always been uneasy and insecure. Even though Yun Shishi tried her best to give him a sense of security, he still felt insecure. Now that he had personally heard the choice Yun Shishi had made, Gong Fan felt as though his entire world had fallen apart!

He lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling in confusion. The tears gradually stopped, but he was left with a sadness that was impossible to express by crying. Tears filled his heart, but they would never flow again.

The next day, Little Yichen realized that Gong Fan was not in a good mood. He sat alone in a corner and ignored anyone who called out to him.

It was just like the time Gong Fan first returned to the Mu family. He looked extremely cold and distant. No matter how patiently Yun Shishi spoke to him, he either turned and walked away or completely ignored her.

She had no idea what had happened to cause Gong Fan to treat her this coldly.

Little Yichen was also surprised that Gong Fan’s attitude towards his family had suddenly cooled.

For several days, Gong Fan behaved this way. Little Yichen couldn’t take it anymore and took him aside. His cheeky smile disappeared and his expression became serious.

“What’s wrong with you lately?”

Gong Fan broke free from his restraints and glanced at him coldly. There was no trace of emotions in his eyes. Since they had already given up on him, he might as well be indifferent to the end.

If he was cold towards them, they would be disappointed in him too, and treat him the same way. This way, no one would feel sad the day they had to part!

Or so he thought.

However, his cold attitude undoubtedly angered Little Yichen.

“Why aren’t you saying anything!?” Little Yichen was getting annoyed. “Didn’t you say that no matter what happened, you would never make Mommy angry or sad? But look at what you’ve done these past few days. Despite our repeated attempts to talk to you, you ignore us. Do you know that Mommy will start imagining all sorts of things and she’ll be very sad?!”

The aggressive questioning made Gong Fan even angrier! He raised his eyes to take a long look at Little Yichen, and let out a sudden snort.

He was furious, however he found no vent for his anger. Nevertheless, at this point, he was still unwilling to make things clear. He was even unwilling to vent his anger on Little Yichen. He forcefully restrained himself!

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