Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator! - Chapter 263 - Rapid Growth of the City’s Population

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Chapter 263: Rapid Growth of the City’s Population


“System Notification: Revenue from [Teleportation Array] of the Cold Desolate Dragon City: 10 silver coins!”

“System Notification: …”

“System Notification: …”

“System Notification: …”

At the highest point of the Cloud Top Hall, Lorne was sitting on his throne and looking at the teleportation circle flickering below. They were players, or in his eyes, walking bags of money!

When he opened the Cold Desolate Dragon City, he adjusted the cost of the teleportation array to an astonishing 10 gold coins.

If it was this price, then Lorne would immediately have a few million gold coins.

Unfortunately, this price was too expensive.

Coupled with the fact that today was the first day of opening the Cold Desolate Dragon City, Lorne reduced the cost of the teleportation array to 10 silver coins.

This was a price that could not earn him any profits.

Fortunately, the teleportation array of the Cold Desolate Dragon City had a special effect. Its cost was half that of other teleportation arrays.

In other words, Lorne still had 50% of the profits!

Every player who entered the Cold Desolate Dragon City would earn him 5 silver coins.

The number of players who entered today had already reached an astonishing height.






In less than ten minutes, the number of players in the Cold Desolate Dragon City had exceeded 600,000.

According to the income of 5 silver coins per person, Lorne had already earned 30,000 gold coins. It was almost equivalent to 100 million alliance dollars!

Wasn’t this efficiency of earning money faster than printing cash?

Moreover, the most shocking thing about this city was not only that.

As time passed, the number of players in the Cold Desolate Dragon City continued to increase crazily. In the blink of an eye, there were already more than a million people!

“At this rate, it’s entirely possible to break through ten million people.”

Lorne smiled happily. Cold Desolate Dragon City was located near the Lake of Death. This was an area that not even Iron Skull City had come to, so the monster resources here were much richer than elsewhere. Coupled with the additional amplification effect of dropping in the ruins of the war, it would attract more and more players to come here.

In addition, the mysterious map of the Lake of Death would also be very attractive to players.

In the future, when the players’ levels increased, this high-level large-scale map would definitely become the area that the players respected the most.

This guaranteed the future popularity of the Cold Desolate Dragon City.

A city that could attract players meant that it could consistently absorb wealth.

Currently, the Cold Desolate Dragon City was still in the construction phase. There were some things that could not be set up yet. However, as long as the construction was completed, there would definitely be unimaginable ways to earn money in the future.

“Leader, your 10 gold coins teleportation fee has basically cut off the players’ path of retreat. If they want to leave Cold Desolate Dragon City now, they probably have to think carefully.”

After obtaining Lorne’s permission, Super Rich arrived at the highest point of the Cloud Top Hall. He looked at the lively scene below and could not help but sigh.

“Even if they leave, it will not exceed half. Therefore, the remaining millions will bring us enough benefits.”

“However, there are still many problems in the city now. The workshop area does not have enough production capacity, especially the potions. Right now, the potions of Cold Desolate Dragon City basically have to rely on the output of Iron Skull City.”

Lorne frowned.

“Leader, I own a guild that specializes in alchemy. They have more than 10,000 alchemists, and there are more than 100 Level 3 alchemists among them. If we produce them at full strength, we can provide 100,000 Level 3 Potions per day.”

Super Rich immediately pulled out a panel. On it was the basic information of a guild.

“Holy Scripture Guild?”

Lorne checked and found that this was indeed a powerful guild.

Perhaps many players did not know the value of a Level 3 Alchemist, but in fact, in the “Divine Realm”, the effort he needed to level up to a Level 3 Alchemist was definitely not less than that of players who had reached Level 30.

In other words, this guild was equivalent to having 100 ‘Level 30′ players!

This was an incredible number.

One had to know that at this time, no guild could have 50 Level 30 players.

“Ask them if they are willing to stay in the Cold Desolate Dragon City. We will directly give them the shop and venue, but the city will take 60% of the profits from the potions they refine and sell.”

Lorne directly asked for a ridiculously high percentage.

Under normal circumstances, the main city would not draw more than 20% of the profits.

However, it was different in the Cold Desolate Dragon City.

This was because there was no lack of them here. Even without them staying, just transporting potions from Iron Skull City was enough to support the current consumption of potions. After all, Lorne had the Dragon’s Treasure Vault, so transporting resources was very convenient.

“They will definitely agree, because this share is very reasonable. Leader, you have waived their factory rental and provided such a large sales figure. I believe they have no reason to refuse.” Super Rich smiled as he said.

Previously, Lorne had thought that letting this rich tycoon help manage the business in the city was a good choice. Now, it seemed that this choice was indeed excellent.

For example, the matter of the Holy Scripture Guild had brought great benefits to Cold Desolate Dragon City.

The cost of refining a bottle of Level 3 Potion was 30 bronze coins. Under normal circumstances, the sales price was 50 bronze coins, and one potion could earn about 20 bronze coins.

In the Cold Desolate Dragon City, the price of each potion would be 75 bronze coins. Because of the geographical location, other than buying them, the players had no other choice.

In this case, each potion could obtain 45 bronze coins. Lorne would draw 60%, which was 27 bronze coins. 100,000 potions could bring him 270 gold coins per day, which was equivalent to 80,000 alliance dollars.

Moreover, with the passage of time, their alchemists’ numbers would also gradually increase. The profits brought in the future would definitely still increase greatly.

Most importantly, they alleviated some of the Cold Desolate Dragon City’s reliance on Iron Skull City.

Lorne had already set the target of Cold Desolate Dragon City’s competitor as Iron Skull City.

Therefore, he had to rid himself of all dependence on Iron Skull City as soon as possible. He believed that when that day came, Cold Desolate Dragon City would completely become a large main city like Iron Skull City!

As for the profits of the Holy Scripture Guild?

Their profit share in Iron Skull City was 80%, so their single potion income was 16 bronze coins. In Cold Desolate Dragon City, the profit was 40%, and their single income was 18 bronze coins!

It was obvious where the profits were greater.

Moreover, Lorne did not want their factory rental payment this time, which reduced a large amount of expenses. It was because of his comprehensive calculations that Super Rich thought that the people of the Holy Scripture Guild would definitely not refuse the invitation.

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