Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator! - Chapter 264 - : Fundamental Law of the Cold Desolate Dragon City

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Chapter 264: Fundamental Law of the Cold Desolate Dragon City

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“Damn! Brothers of Iron Skull City, before you come to Cold Desolate Dragon City, you must remember to buy more potions. The potions here are as black-hearted as the pharmacists in the Doomsday Forest. Moreover, I don’t dare to go back to Iron Skull City, because the travel fees are 10 gold coins! I’ll stop talking. Let me cry for a while.”

When the players finished visiting the Cold Desolate Dragon City and prepared to replenish their supplies and go out to kill monsters, they realized how cunning capitalists were.


[Level 4 HP Potion] Price: 1.5 silver coins.

[Level 4 MP Potion] Price: 1.5 silver coins.

[Level 3 HP Potion] Price: 75 bronze coins.

[Level 3 MP Potion] Price: 75 bronze coins.


[Antidote Potion] Price: 1 silver coin.


It could be seen that in this city, all the potions were 50% more expensive than the potions in Iron Skull City!

“Gosh! This Tyrant is as black-hearted as ever!”

“Tyrant is such a profiteer!”

“Damn, I thought that after we had a city in the ruins of the war, we solo players would be better, but in the end, we still did not escape the fate of being exploited.”

“Tyrant, this scoundrel. He’s clearly snatching money!”

“Doesn’t this guy’s conscience hurt?”

“Who would have thought that the World Destruction Guild, which has always had the worst reputation, is actually the most conscientious seller!”

The players were hysterical.

They had thought that they could avoid the potion exploitation, but who would have thought that they would still fall under Tyrant’s scheme?

Especially the players from the World Destruction Guild, they gritted their teeth.

Not long ago, they had transported 1.5 million potions to the Doomsday Forest. In the end, because they were worried that the Cold Desolate Dragon City would fight a price war with them, in order to prevent losses, they sold all the potions at a super low price of about 1.2.

But now, Tyrant was offering 1.5 silver coins. Wasn’t this a blatant slap to the face of their World Destruction Guild?

Damn it!

Cross Fire was about to go crazy.

If he had known that the final price was 1.5 silver coins, he would have sold it now.

If he could sell all the potions at the price of 1.5 silver coins, the company would not lose money and he could stabilize his position.

But now, there was nothing left! It was all this damned Tyrant’s fault!!!

At the same time, some merchant players saw a business opportunity.

Although the teleportation cost of the Cold Desolate Dragon City was very high and it was definitely not worth it to transport resources back and forth, there was a loophole that all the players enjoyed a 0.1% discount every week!

This was a business opportunity.

This was because not all players were qualified to level up in the ruins of the war.

For example, those players who had entered the game late and were only Level 20 now did not have the strength to kill monsters in the ruins of the war, so their teleportation qualification would be wasted.

As merchants, they could completely use money to drive these players to bring the potions to the Cold Desolate Dragon City. In this case, the transportation cost was only 10 silver coins, which was completely acceptable!

Thinking of this, many merchants were ready to attack.

But at this moment, a huge announcement suddenly sounded in the sky above the entire Cold Desolate Dragon City.


“Cold Desolate Dragon City Announcement!”

“The City Lord of the Cold Desolate Dragon City, Tyrant, has officially issued the ‘Fundamental Law of the Cold Desolate Dragon City’. This law is immediately in effect. Anyone who violates this law will receive an extremely severe punishment!”

“1. Potions, forging, equipment maintenance, teleportation scrolls, and other businesses cannot be privately run without permission. Any merchants or individuals who cross the line will be permanently banned by the Cold Desolate Dragon City!”

“2. Players can freely trade items like items and equipment, but they need to be appraised through the Cold Desolate Dragon City identification system. Any free transaction will cost 10% of the transaction amount!”

“3. The players can set up their stalls or rent shops to do business, but they need to pay 20% tax!”

“4. Cold Desolate Dragon City will open an official auction house. It can help players make a city-wide announcement about the high-grade items for sale. After the auction is completed, the auction house will receive 20% tax!”

“5. The chat channel is open. Each time you speak, you have to pay 1 gold coin. You can use it to make pinned posts, but you cannot shout throughout the city!”

“6. Any form of PK is prohibited in the city. Those who violate it…”

“7. Any player with the prefix IDs of Domination and World Destruction are forbidden from entering Cold Desolate Dragon City!”

“8. The City Lord’s Zone…”


At this moment, the Cold Desolate Dragon City announced dozens of rules. They were all rules that hit the nail on the head.

When they saw the rules of the first few business practices, all the merchant players spat out a mouthful of blood.

This Tyrant was too much!

Before they could exploit the loophole, this guy blocked all the tunnels.

With this rule, these player merchants had no way to become rich. They could only obediently accept the high taxes in the Cold Desolate Dragon City.

This made the solo players who were setting up their stalls shed sad tears.

“In the end, I can’t escape Tyrant’s harvest!”

“Even free trading is taxed by 10%. This Tyrant is really pervasive!”

“Set up a stall and pay 20% tax. These things were originally a small business to earn some hard-earned money, but now, they’re all working for Tyrant.”

“This world is no longer worth living in. There are capitalists everywhere. It’s too difficult for us small merchants.”

“I feel terrible, I want to cry…”

At this moment, the merchant players were already in tears.

Ordinary players could accept it.

Although the potions here were very expensive, they were much cheaper than the price of 3-4 silver coins in the Doomsday Forest.

As for the higher taxes?

In fact, it did not affect ordinary players much.

This was because the equipment and items they dropped did not have to be sold to players who did recycling. In the Cold Desolate Dragon City, directly selling the equipment and items to the designated NPCs did not require any tax.

Moreover, the forging shop of the Cold Desolate Dragon City actually provided free equipment repair. This was simply a huge benefit to ordinary players. After all, the frequency of battles in the ruins of the war was so high, and the speed at which equipment was damaged was also a headache.. Now that it could be repaired for free, naturally, it could save a lot of bronze coins.

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