Pampered By Mr President! - Chapter 321 - She Could Finally Replace Li Tongzhi if She Went Crazy

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Chapter 321: She Could Finally Replace Li Tongzhi if She Went Crazy

Upon hearing Mu Siyin’s voice, Director Wang immediately snorted, “It’s late! What are you up to, Mu Siyin? Let’s just say we disregard that you didn’t come to work yesterday, but why haven’t you come to work today?!”

Mu Siyin lowered her voice and chuckled. “Didn’t I tell you yesterday? My foot was hurt and I need to rest for a few days.”

“But I’ve told you too! An injury to your foot will not affect your work. Mrs. Laura will come to the company to formally sign the contract in a few days. It’s bad enough that you aren’t making preparations well, and you still want to take a few days off?!”

Mu Siyin really could not stand Director Wang’s loud nagging, so she moved the phone away from her ear and said helplessly, “I know, I know…”

Just as she just wanted to say that she will be back at the company tomorrow, Shi Beiyu’s cold eyes glanced over before she could say anything. She had to change her reply. “I’ll take another day off tomorrow and I’ll be back at the company the day after tomorrow. I promise!”

Director Wang was about to vomit blood when she heard that.

“The day after tomorrow? Then why are you still thinking of work? Just wait for the weekends at home!”

Mu Siyin laughed dryly. “Director, you are the kindest and the most beautiful~”

Shi Beiyu was speechless.

However, it was obvious that Mu Siyin’s flattery worked on Director Wang. Mu Siyin had only listened to her nag on the phone for a while longer. She then nodded and hung up.

Mu Siyin raised her eyebrows and smiled as she squinted her eyes to look at Shi Beiyu. “Is this alright?”

Shi Beiyu nodded his head slightly. “Thanks to your remarkable flattering.”

Mu Siyin could not help but laughed. “Well, I can’t help it. She likes others to compliment her so I just give her that. At least she agreed to let me go back to the company the day after tomorrow, right?”

Shi Beiyu nodded. “Well, what you did was right. It’s just that there’s no need to compliment such a fake person like her in the future.”

Mu Siyin could not help but laughed. “Okay, got it~”

Mu Siyin rested for another two days and the soles of the feet were almost fully recovered. However, there were still scabs in some parts of her feet. As long as she paid attention when she walked, she would be fine.

Nevertheless, Shi Beiyu was still not at ease. As he was sending Mu Siyin to the company, he repeatedly told her to avoid standing if she could sit and not to walk if she did not require to walk. While Mu Siyin did not know whether she should laugh or cry, she was also touched by him.

No matter how big the storm was in front of her, as long as she had Shi Beiyu is by her side, she would not be afraid.

When she arrived at the office, she ran into Director Wang.

She thought that Director Wang would deliberately make things difficult for her again. She thought wrong-

“Are your feet not hurting anymore?”

Mu Siyin stared at Director Wang for a moment while feeling a little surprised. She then gave a dry laugh and nodded. “Yes. They are better now.”

Director Wang folded her arms and nodded. “That’s good to hear. Mrs. Laura is coming next Monday. Quickly go find out more about their brand and her character by today so that you can deal with her smoothly.”

Mu Siyin was surprised and nodded again. “Yes, I understand.”

Director Wang waved at her. “Go in.”

After she had said that, she flipped her wavy hair in front of Mu Siyin as she turned her waist and walked away.

Mu Siyin was in a daze for a few seconds as she looked at Director Wang’s graceful back and had some suspicion in her heart.

Old Hag Wang could not have fallen in love, right?

There seemed to be a breeze of spring around her.

She was suddenly curious to find out who was the person that was dating Old Hag Wang.

Director Wang was in a good mood for the past two days. After she had the call with Mu Siyin the other day, Mu Heyuan told her that Li Tongzhi became crazy and was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

When she heard of that news, she was overjoyed that she almost went insane!

It was good that Li Tongzhi had become crazy!

She could finally replace Li Tongzhi if she went crazy!

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