Pampered By Mr President! - Chapter 322 - What the Hell Did I Do?

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Chapter 322: What the Hell Did I Do?

No one knew how long Director Wang had waited for the day to come!

God had finally given his judgment, making that Li Tongzhi’s b*tch suddenly go crazy. The position of the lady of the Mu household would eventually be hers!

Furthermore, Mu Siyin would also become part of her family in the future!

The more Director Wang thought about that, the better she felt. It was as if beautiful flowers bloomed one after another in her heart.

Mu Siyin had not worked for a few days. She sat by her desk for a while to get back her sense of familiarity before she turned on the computer.

Mu Siyin had already familiarised herself with the information regarding Mrs. Laura. She just had to get a clearer understanding of their new season’s flagship clothing. Then, there would not be any topics she could not talk about.

Just after she had picked out the relevant information to review, an angry voice came shouting from outside the office, “Mu Siyin! You come out this instant!!”

The whole office immediately became silent.

Everyone looked at Mu Xingyu who was standing next to the office door and thought that the two young ladies were about to have a big fight again.

Mu Siyin frowned her eyebrows as she looked at the angry Mu Xingyu.

“What crazy act are you trying to pull?”

Mu Xingyu was even more furious when she heard the word ‘crazy’!

“Aren’t you more aware of what you’ve done?!”

Mu Xingyu had been searching for Mu Siyin every day for the past three days but she was nowhere to be found!

Mu Xinyu could only pent up her anger and had nowhere to vent. She was so mad that it was suffocating!

Now that she finally got to see Mu Siyin, she just wanted to vent out all the anger in her heart!

Mu Siyin frowned. “What did I do?”

“You’ve made my…”

Mu Xingyu talked halfway but had abruptly stopped her sentence.

The incident about her mother going crazy must not be revealed.

“Don’t you try to pretend! I’ll never let you go this time! You just come out now!”

When Mu Xingyu remembered about Li Tongzhi’s current condition, she wished that she could throw Mu Siyin to the psychiatric hospital too!

Mu Siyin was speechless. “Big Sister, I really don’t know what you are talking about. It’s still working hours now. Since you can’t say it out yourself, then just leave as soon as possible and don’t disturb everyone’s work.”

“Tsk! Mu Siyin, are you a coward? You don’t dare to admit what you’ve done?!”

Mu Siyin became very tired of her. “Why don’t you just tell me what the hell did I do?”

The two of them still could not resolve their dispute and the noise had made Director Wang walk out of her office.

“What happened?”

When Mu Xingyu saw Director Wang come out from her office, she immediately raised his hand and pointed at Mu Siyin angrily. “Her! I want her to come out with me!”

Director Wang knew that Mu Xingyu had always been displeased with Mu Siyin all this while. Mu Xingyu to have come here and made an uproar, it must be presumably related to Li Tongzhi.

Director Wang remembered Mu Heyuan had mentioned that Mu Siyin seemed to have something to do with Li Tongzhi becoming crazy.

She liked how the two sisters were fighting each other to life and death.

“Siyin, since Xingyu is looking for you for something, you should go out to talk to her. Don’t hinder everyone from working here.”

Mu Siyin snorted coldly. “I don’t owe her anything. Why do I have to go out when she called for me? If there is anything, ask her to come in and tell me. I am very busy.”

After hearing Mu Siyin’s words, Mu Xingyu was so angry that she burst into tears!

Mu Siyin must be deliberate!

She must have thought that Mu Xingyu would not dare to talk about the incident here and that was why Mu Siyin had said so!


Mu Xingyu was so angry that she had lost her reasoning. She strode forward with a distorted face-

“Mu Siyin! You vicious b*tch!!!”

Mu Xingyu was extremely angry. Before reaching to Mu Siyin, she picked up a pot of cactus on the desk beside her and smashed it at Mu Siyin!

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