Pampered By Mr President! - Chapter 323 - Both of You are Too Presumptuous!

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Chapter 323: Both of You are Too Presumptuous!

Everyone’s eyes instantly widened in surprise!

Mu Siyin’s eyebrows twitched while she was sitting on the chair and slid backward-

Only after hearing a ‘bang’, the small porcelain flowerpot smashed into pieces as it fell to where she was just sitting.

The whole office was in silence.

Mu Siyin squinted her eyes slightly as she stared at the broken flower pot and her eyes were full of coldness.

If she was not quick enough to evade that, the flowerpot would have hit her head or body!

Mu Siyin sneered as she got up from the chair. She stepped forward and picked up the ball of cactus scattered on the ground. She raised her eyes and stared coldly at Mu Xingyu. “Mu Xingyu! You are vicious! Nobody would dare to claim to be the most vicious after you”

Mu Xingyu was annoyed that she did not hit Mu Siyin. As she heard that, her expression turned savage. “Mu Siyin! Don’t you dare make such a venomous slander! If it wasn’t for you who did something terrible to me, I won’t have to come here to look for you!!!”

Mu Siyin sneered. “Fine then. Why don’t you enlighten me about what wrong did I do to you?”

Mu Xingyu clenched her hands and glared at her. “If you dare, come with me to confront my dad!”

“You can’t even complete your speech properly and you want me to confront him with you? Are you stupid?”

“Mu Siyin, you b*tch!”

Mu Xingyu was extremely angered by Mu Siyin. Without even thinking about it, she picked up the teacup on the side and poured it on Mu Siyin!

Mu Siyin had her guard down. Even if she wanted to avoid that, it was too late. Her left arm was all soaked in water and the front of her body was also mostly wet.

Mu Xingyu looked at the embarrassed Mu Siyin as she felt proud of herself but her eyes were fierce. “Mu Siyin! I can’t wait to pour sulfuric acid on you!!”

Mu Siyin brushed the water stains off her body and then shook her arm. She looked up to Mu Xingyu with a smirk on her face as she lifted the ball of cactus in her hand.

Mu Xingyu’s heart skipped a beat and her eyes stared at Mu Siyin as stepped backward. “Mu Siyin, you dare!”

Mu Siyin squinted her eyes and swung the ball of cactus in her hand towards Mu Xingyu without any hesitation!

Mu Xingyu saw that and screamed as she dodged to the side. However, Mu Siyin was just pretending to when she swung her arm. She did not throw anything out at all.

Mu Xingyu held on to the corner of the table by luck and thought that she had escaped. Her arrogance skyrocketed as she turned to look at Mu Siyin-

“Mu Siyin! You idiot!”

As soon as she said that, she immediately saw that Mu Siyin was still holding the ball of cactus while looking at her with a cold expression.

Mu Xingyu gasped silently.

Before she could even react, Mu Siyin quickly raised her hand and threw it hard!

In a split second!

The cactus covered with thorns flew in a perfect trajectory towards Mu Xingyu’s cheek.

Immediately afterward, a scream like a squeal of a pig sounded throughout the office and that had shocked everyone!

They only saw Mu Xingyu covering her left cheek and she was screaming non-stop, “Ahhh~~My face! Mu Siyin, you bitch! I’m going to kill you!”

Mu Xingyu covered half of the flowered face with one of her hands while she stretched out the other hand to grab Mu Siyin.

“What kind of chaos is happening in this department?!”

Suddenly, a thunderous voice with an angry tone came from outside the office.

Mu Xingyu, who was behaving like a lunatic, suddenly froze as she stiffened her body and remained in place.

Mu Heyuan walked in from outside the office with a calm face. As he looked at the ruckusw that the two had caused in the office, his hands could not stop shaking with anger.

“Both of you are too presumptuous!!”

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