Paragon Of Sin - Chapter 950: SCR Summit,Princesses' Reunion

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Chapter 950: SCR Summit,Princesses' Reunion

The two figures landed easily, a sign of impeccable control over their bodies and cultivation. And what bodies they were; the eyes of countless male members, and some females, lit with a fiery brilliance as they drank in the presence of these two in their entirety.

After the heart-shaking event of Ye Ming's death, the atmosphere had grown dreary and silent, and the arrival of these two had reignited the interest that some had lost. The vast majority of those here had lost their drive to be heard, knowing their strength wasn't sufficient to reach the Main Hall, wasn't enough to have their voices heard alongside Mortal Sovereign Alchemists and Earthly Saints of the stellar region.

Very few were delusional about their reality, accepting their circumstances, and thankful that the Everlore Association had granted them this cultivation opportunity with little cost. A gracious reward for their bravery for at least attempting to do so.

As such, they knew that any figure that would descend was bound to be a genuine Chosen, Saintess, or Hero of their respective forces. With Ye Ming serving as a warning to all, they were excited to see these geniuses fight for their voice to be heard! To contribute to the next era-defining event of their generation!

"The Dragonborn Saintess!!!" A male youngster obsessed with the Immortal Saintess Ranking shouted in spit-spewing excitement, tugging at his senior's sleeve so hard that the old man felt an urge to slap him. His voice was so loud, the venue mostly silent, that all these elite cultivators instantly heard it.

And their eyes widened with realization as they observed the slender figure dressed in a black and gold form-fitting cheongsam, her curves highlighted in every conceivable angle, yet her outfit showed very little. It was purely her exceptional physique, from her top to bottom, that stood out. And with a countenance that overshadowed even her outstanding body, she was fully worthy of their avid excitement.

The Dragonborn Saintess!

Xue Yifei!

"The founder of Dragonborn! I heard she has an army of literal dragons of legends!" An avid fan exclaimed, glancing around in hopes of spotting those gigantic creatures rumored to have conquered portions of planets, fought against various forces, and won!

"I heard she can transform into an actual dragon, and seeing her in this form can make you go blind!" Another fan chimed in. At this point, people were conversing through loud shouts from across miles.

When the crowd began openly talking about Xue Yifei, making her the center of attention, the True Element Sect had a strange aura permeating throughout. A lot of gazes moved towards Lin Xianxei! She was supposedly Wei Wuyin's fiancée, so…

While the rumors had been slowly dismantled, it was still alive and kicking at the moment, as if these True Element Sect members sought to manifest the rumor into truth.

"..." Lin Xianxei was silent, while Lin Ming's eyes narrowed slightly. A glint of frustration within. He knew what would happen next.

"Is Wei Wuyin here?!" An Emperor Alchemist obsessed with the Alchemic Dao, treating the King of Everlore as their idol, asked loudly in the hopes that the crowd will focus on this elusive figure. Unfortunately, despite the wild movements of heads and senses, no exclamation of excitement followed.

"Idiot!" An Ascended elder was frustrated at how hopeful every youth and old bastard was, clearly hoping to find a golden thigh to hug onto. "Wei Wuyin is a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, or have you all forgotten?"


Wei Wuyin was announced as a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist by the Golden Life Pavilion, so he must be in the Main Hall! Since his product heavily factored into the triggering of this era-defining summit, it only made sense that he was already in the preliminary discussions!

A few had embarrassed expressions, but they soon found solace in Xue Yifei's presence. Since she was here, then Wei Wuyin was bound to show himself!

"She's just a concubine. What's so special about her anyway?" At a corner of the True Element Sect, Bai Yuxi, the girl who manipulated the Elementus Chosen Trials in Lin Ming's factor, costing them an opportunity to have Wei Wuyin as their Chosen, spat out with sullen emotions.

Lin Ming turned to see Bai Yuxi, who felt his gaze, lifted her eyes, and blushed slightly. Those same eyes had seen her entirety before, and she was still mesmerized by his innate charm. Regardless of his current circumstance, she felt Lin Ming was a better Chosen than Wei Wuyin! Her stubbornness refused to back down on this belief.

"Just a 'concubine'?" Lin Xianxian's eyebrows lifted with a tinge of shock. "She's the founder of a gold-rank force, Dragonborn, doubling as its leader and the Chosen of the organization. By her virtues, the Golden Gate Pavilion listed her amongst the top ten due to her age, beauty, talent, strength, and intelligence, and yet you say she's 'just a concubine?' What are you? Just a useless granddaughter? Just a lovesick idiot?"

"..." Bai Yuxi paled. The Sect Master's words were extremely brutal. But it was the thoughts of many who shot her displeased gazes. Since her actions became well-known, many knew she was likely heavily responsible for Wei Wuyin's refusal to become a part of the True Element Sect despite obtaining the right through an intense trial.

Lin Ming's fists clenched. He was about to speak when Lin Xianxei touched his shoulders, causing him to turn and see her shaking her head. Helpless, he could only grit his teeth and feel burning rage.

However, as if his fiery emotions were sensed, Lin Xianxian shot Lin Ming a glance. "Oh?" Her exclamation brought attention to Lin Ming, and then she continued: "If you're so frustrated, become her Dao Companion then. Prove to her she isn't just useless, that she actually has some worth."

"..." Everyone from the True Element Sect went silent, and Bai Yuxi's ashen complexion went from white to a smidgen of blushing pink cheeks. Dao Companion? Not a wife! Those two words had a hugely different meaning, and it meant her feelings would be reciprocated by Lin Ming entirely, and for life.

However, Lin Ming's eyes widened and he didn't say a word. Instead, he subconsciously glanced at Lin Xianxei. If Lin Xianxian had said wife, he might've shouted out in defiance to prove her wrong. After all, one could have multiple wives and concubines. But she said Dao Companion.

Dao Companion!

He wouldn't dare make an impulsive declaration like that.

After all, he was in love with…

Lin Xianxian sneered, "Useless granddaughter and unrequited love, only knows how to ruin things. Maybe he'll accept you if you become his useless concubine." To call Xue Yifei useless was an affront to Wei Wuyin and she wouldn't have it. Despite being the Sect Master, she didn't hold back the slightest.

"Mother! That's enough." Lin Xianxei had to jump in now, realizing the disdain, contempt, and dislike towards Bai Yuxi was coming out in full force and no one wanted to defend her.

Bai Yuxi's hopeful eyes rippled with an endless wave of despair as her eyes dimmed considerably. Lin Ming didn't even look at her again after Dao Companion was mentioned. He hadn't said a single thing in her defense.


While discussions went out above, both of excitement and dread, the two figures saw each other, revealing shocked gazes. While one was famous, that was solely due to circumstances, and neither believed the other was destined to be nameless.

"You?" Xue Yifei recognized this figure, with a beautiful figure and countenance that wasn't the least bit inferior to her own, in her opinion. It was none other than the other Princess of a Flat Continental Earth, Wu Baozhai!

Moreover, she was tied to Wu Yu, the founder of the Grand Monarch Lineage and Myriad Monarch Sect! Her uniquely imperialistic aura that exuded authority, might, and stability suggested as much.

Wu Baozhai's limpid eyes met Xue Yifei's. She was dressed in the Eternal Monarch Sect's new robes, a mixture of five colors—White, Gold, Violet, Crimson, and Black, each representing the former Extreme Mountains. Wu Baozhai's emotions were slightly complex when she saw Xue Yifei. She was Wei Wuyin's concubine, and the only officially recognized woman of his, excluding Na Xinyi's agreement.

It was extremely coincidental that they both showed up at the exact time. It seemed fated. As two Princesses, they both had heavy ambitions, both establishing their respective forces, and both having thoughts about the same man. While the last bit was only known to her, she always felt Xue Yifei saw her as a threat.

As such, their competitiveness stemmed from long ago as they fought for recognition during Wei Wuyin's absence in the War Devil Realm. Now, they both were here, and they both represented their forces as leaders.

After calming her emotions, she put on a faint, neutral smile. "It's been a while."

"It has," Xue Yifei replied with a smile of her own. When they both smiled, it felt as if the colors of the world dimmed, and their looks stole the focus of all.

The crowd was shocked! While Xue Yifei's beauty and reputation were extremely well known, who was this woman that seemed every bit her equal? Was she a Saintess as well? Their interest grew as those with keen senses could feel the spark in the air, the two's eyes hid away a shocking degree of fierce competitiveness.

The two princesses were unaware that they cultivated very closely recently, both staying in the Golden Life Pavilion's cultivation grounds, strengthening themselves for the upcoming summit. The last time they saw each other was on the Four Extreme Continent, just before Xue Yifei was taken by Ma Zheng. As for Wu Baozhai, she was sent to an empty planet and left to develop it.

"So it's true, you rebranded his sect." Xue Yifei noted Wu Baozhai's change of attire. She had heard that the Myriad Monarch Sect had been changed, and at its lead was the Grand Princess.

"Our sect," Wu Baozhai corrected, maintaining her neutral smile. She wanted to remind Xue Yifei that she was the Grand Princess of the Myriad Monarch Sect. And now, she was its leader!

Just as there seemed to be a spark on the verge of igniting between the two, a strange force swept across their bodies, and they both grew serious. They stared at the Void Gate at the end of the stage—their goal.

"Sect Master of the Eternal Monarch Sect. Age: 49. Cultivation Realm: Astral Core. Cultivation Stage: Sixth. Entity Level: Mortal, Greater Realmlord."

"Dragonborn Saintess, 8th Rank; Master of Dragonborn. Age: 67. Cultivation Realm: Astral Core. Cultivation Stage: Sixth. Entity Level: Mortal, Lesser Timelord."

San Luoyang's voice resounded!

"So young!" The fanatical fan of the Immortal Saintess Ranking shouted in disbelief. Xue Yifei was merely sixty-seven years old! That was frighteningly young for a Gravity Emission Phase expert.

"Who is this other beauty? Chosen of Eternal Monarch Sect? What sect is that?"

"Could it be from the Star Sanctum Starfield?"

"Such a brazen name. It must be from the Moonfall Starfield. I refuse to believe any other starfield will accept such a bold name!" An old man with a cultivation base at the Soul of Mysticism Phase declared with dissatisfaction. What type of sect calls themselves Eternal Monarchs? Blasphemous! Blatantly disrespectful!

Xue Yifei's eyes brightened after hearing her entity level. A Lesser Timelord! While Wu Baozhai only received a Greater Realmlord!

Wu Baozhai pouted slightly. She felt as if San Luoyang was underestimating her, but she knew that it was solely due to the disparity in their foundation. The Eternal Monarch Sect wasn't even a bronze-rank force, only having Realmlords at the helm, so she was unable to change that reality. She might've been given a Lesser Realmlord level if she was only an elder.

Shockingly, the Everlore Association was quite aware of her sect's current strength. However, they seemed unaware of Wu Yu and Wei Wuyin's backing. She wondered if they were using…

"Seers?" Xue Yifei completed Wu Baozhai's thoughts as she too knew that Wu Yu was likely a member of this Eternal Monarch Sect. As the strongest cultivator, they should be classified as a top Mystic-tier organization.

Wu Baozhai subconsciously nodded. She had the same thought! Heavenly Seers must be behind that strange power.

Suddenly, San Luoyang's voice sounded out again. "As two forces have been detected, do you wish to ally as one?"

"...?!" The crowd was taken aback. This was possible? An alliance?

The two girls looked at each other, their eyes reflecting their surprise at this particular feature. As if to answer their doubts, San Luoyang's voice explained:

"If two or more forces join together, they will face a higher entity. If defeated, all forces will be granted entry. Be cautious of your choice, your life will be at risk."

An alliance of forces to face a stronger enemy? If that was the case, there was a heavy possibility that they could join the discussion! Wait! There's an even greater possibility that multiple cultivators from the same force could join together, facing a stronger enemy and all passing with a strong unit!

The Everlore Association didn't leave them without any chance! A wisp of ardent excitement burned in the eyes of many as they were already scheming their challenge.

Xue Yifei thought for a second, knowing that Wu Baozhai wouldn't dare accept such a situation, as it meant she would have to face a stronger enemy. If Wu Baozhai's strength was remotely close to hers, then she should have an easy time passing this challenge.

"An alliance. It isn't so bad," Wu Baozhai commented with a faint smile.

Xue Yifei frowned slightly, "Do you think I need your help?" She didn't want Wu Baozhai's charity. She could fight for herself.

Wu Baozhai's expression changed slightly, "You misunderstand. I'll owe you a favor."

"A favor?"

Wu Baozhai nodded, "I thought my level would be higher, so I can show people the power of the Eternal Monarch Sect. Unfortunately, I didn't think it would be so low." Those hearing her words felt an urge to spit out blood. How arrogant was this? Even Chosen of old was required to merely defeat Realmlords, not kill them. The difference between the Gravity Emission Phase and Realm World Phase was disgustingly massive.

It was already ridiculous that Xue Yifei was given a Lesser Timelord!

Xue Yifei realized Wu Baozhai's way of thinking, and she grinned. Her simple action caught the hearts of many! Xue Yifei wasn't a cotton ball either, and she wanted the world to know her might. Facing a stronger entity would benefit her reputation too.

After thinking about it, she said: "Okay. Let's form an alliance."

"Temporarily," Wu Baozhai added.

"Of course," Xue Yifei chuckled. The two wouldn't team up permanently. She had Dragonborn and Wu Baozhai had the Eternal Monarch Sect. They were both ambitious individuals that wanted to stand on their own two feet, not serve as a foil to anyone or anything, and pursued higher levels of cultivation. It was impossible for them to form a permanent alliance.

"Will you continue the challenge?"

"Yes," they both responded.

"As an alliance?" The voice added.


The black obelisk began to glow!

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