Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 2263: Mistakes Must be Punished

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Chapter 2263: Mistakes Must be Punished

Meanwhile, an absolute realm of darkness in the Battlefield of Aeon…

Brave Wolf Ruler’s face turned cold as soon as they returned, “We have already said so much, but Qin Nan was still unwilling to refine master’s flesh. He’s obviously reluctant to take our side!”

“Qin Nan has completely leaned toward Zhou Di’s side. He’s worried that master’s will would influence him after he merged with the flesh.”

“Moxie, didn’t you say you have a plan to convince Qin Nan to merge with the flesh even if he doesn’t want to?”

“Shouldn’t you tell us what the plan is?”

Four Demon Ruler reached out his slim and long fingers to observe them carefully. He said indifferently, “Yeah, if we keep dragging it out, we have no idea what’s going to happen in the end…”

Moxie took his seat. He poured a cup of wine for the two Rulers of Dao and said with a grin, “Didn’t you two notice something strange about Cang’s return?”

Brave Wolf Ruler said coldly, “Don’t change the topic! If you didn’t give me your promise at first, we wouldn’t even show ourselves!”

Four Demon Ruler said, “Brave Wolf, show some patience, let’s see what he has to say.”

Moxie laughed and said, “Heaven Wuwang’s spirit orb was reincarnated on Qin Nan’s Senior Brother, a Peerless Ruler while Cang’s daughter was reincarnated on Empress Feiyue. These two were exceptionally important to Qin Nan. Do you really think fate would be so cruel to anyone?”

Four Demon Ruler squinted, “Are you saying…”

Moxie shrugged and said, “I’m not saying anything, nor could I guess whether it was Cang’s conspiracy or the cruel fate pulling the strings. However, if we think about it from another angle and imagine you are Cang, what will you do now you have these two cards to play?”

Brave Wolf Ruler blurted out, “Isn’t it obvious? I’ll completely turn the Peerless Ruler and Empress Feiyue to my side and let them go after Qin Nan.”

Moxie nodded and said, “Indeed, I believe the Peerless Ruler is doomed to be converted, but it’s a little tricky to use the same trick on Empress Feiyue. Empress Feiyue’s talents were extraordinary even in the ancient era.”

“Therefore, Cang will continue to pick on Empress Feiyue!”

“We will have our chance too.”

Four Demon Ruler and Brave Wolf Ruler’s eyes widened, “Are you going to join hands with Cang?”

Moxie shook his head and said, “No, we will not join hands with Cang, but, regarding this matter, we can side with him and help him to deal with Empress Feiyue to fully corrupt her!”

The smile on Moxie’s face twisted, “When the time comes, Qin Nan will do everything to bring the Empress and the Peerless Ruler back to normal. The latter wouldn’t be difficult, but the former, he would have to become our true master first…”

Meanwhile, a mysterious place in the Seventh Small Immortal Realm…

Tang Qingshan was sitting with his legs crossed on top of an immortal mountain. Ancient auras were circling him like black dragons.

He had remained in the same state for a long time. His eyes would open at times as he let out deafening roars and unleashed saber intents, but he would calm down in no time.

The color of his soul started to change too.

The memories of Heaven Highness Wuwang were slowly devouring his everything like a terrifying demon. His mind, his will, and his values were changing.

The change had provoked Tang Qingshan’s will to fight back fiercely until he got used to it. Even he was unaware he had changed.

The situation was referred to as the Tribulation of the Past Life in the ancient era!

Certain people would rise to a higher level like tigers that were granted wings after awakening their past life. However, there were cases where the people were devoured by the memories of their past life. They eventually lost their own will as their past life took over their bodies.

It was also described as a different kind of reborn.

On the other hand, Ancient Taboo who was possessed by Cang was seated on an emperor’s throne. He was brimming with a mystical light. A pattern consisting of thirty-three stars resembling the thirty-three Small Immortal Realms was flickering faintly behind him.

Four of the stars had dimmed.

A puppet covered in runes flew over from the distance and knelt in front of Ancient Taboo.

“Master Heaven Highness, according to our scouts, Qin Nan and his men have taken the Tenth Small Immortal Realm. Eternal Night Heaven Highness has claimed the Thirteenth Small Immortal Realm, while the people of the Li Clan and Wang Clan have taken the Sixteenth Small Immortal Realm,” a rather tall puppet said respectfully.

Cang’s eyes flickered coldly before returning to normal.

“Master Heaven Highness, we have found this after following your instructions!” another puppet said.

He took out a huge white cocoon from his storage bag. If one were to look through the cocoon with their eye-technique, they would notice a man was lying inside it with a faint life force.

The man turned out to be Xiang Hun!

“Xiang Hun, you are a little disappointed. I’ve planted a devil in your heart in the past, but you weren’t too determined with your betrayal. I’ve learned what’s been going on over these years. You had a chance to kill Qin Nan at first.”

Cang shook his head. Red light, talismans, and a purple vortex suddenly appeared and passed through the white cocoon to enter Xiang Hun’s body.

A series of explosions took place. A few hours later, a huge hand tore the white cocoon apart as Xiang Hun rose to his feet.

To be more precise, Xiang Hun was no longer himself. He was now Cang!

“Master, congratulations on your return to the Nine Heavens!”

Ancient Taboo who regained his will immediately dropped to his knees.

“How much has this era declined? Only this guy’s flesh is acceptable after I’ve been searching for a suitable vessel for a long time. Most importantly, the Force of Eternity in his body has dissipated after he’s killed by Qin Nan. Only a slight hint of the Sacred Impenetrable Force is left!”

Cang shook his head helplessly.

His cultivation was only in the Peerless Ruler Realm.

His cultivation was so weak mainly because his flesh was completely destroyed by Zhou Di. His remaining soul and will were faint too. He also chose to be reborn in this world instead of being reincarnated.

“Ancient Taboo, I’ve lost four Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor, Wuxia, and Wuguang after you ruined my plan,” Cang said calmly.

“Master, I…”

Ancient Taboo’s expression shifted. His body was shivering too as if he was struck by lightning.

A great fear had devoured him.

“It’s my fault for not telling you my plan at first, so you didn’t have a choice under your circumstances.”

Cang went closer and placed his hand on Ancient Taboo’s head. He smiled, “You have always seen me as your master all these years. I know it, so I don’t blame you.”

Ancient Taboo blurted out like his offenses had been forgiven, “Thank you master, I…”

Before he could finish, Cang’s hand suddenly unleashed a great power and snap his head in half as he spoke, “Unfortunately, mistakes must be punished. Rest in peace.”

The forbidding aura inside Ancient Taboo’s body was instantly activated. It exploded and blasted Ancient Taboo’s body into pieces. His cries of agony echoed in the surroundings.

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