Pet King - Chapter 1600 - Deep into The Tiger's Den  

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Chapter 1600: Deep into The Tiger’s Den

Zhang Zian put down the telescope. He could see the fire in the village without the telescope.

Since all the houses were made of wood and furniture, as long as one house caught fire, the flames would quickly engulf the entire house. Most of the houses here were long, row-shaped houses, and once they were set on fire, several houses would be burned.

Although there was no strong wind today, as long as it was by the sea, there would be some sea breeze, and the sea breeze would help to fan the fire.

To put it in a good way, these wooden houses and the furniture inside were not worth much. If they were burned, so be it. At most, they could build more. However, it would be bad if they caused a forest fire.

The entrance of the big house on the high side of the North Sea Strait was located on the other side of the house. From the South Sea Cape where Zhang Zian was, he could only see the back of the house, so he did not know the security force in the house, nor did he know how many people were in the house.

He waited for a while and decided not to wait any longer. The other party didn’t seem to care about the burning of the wooden house and had no intention of putting out the fire. However, he wanted to take this opportunity to search for some food and supplies in the wooden house that wasn’t on fire.

There were not many supplies left with him, and it was definitely not enough for him and melgen to walk out of the forest alive. Although he believed that Mrs. Miller must be working hard outside, and melgen’s classmates were working hard, and he also believed that snowy did not forget that he had asked her to call the police, he could not put all his hopes on others. People always had to rely on themselves, and he could not just wait for others to save them. What if the rescue did not come? was he going to wait here for his whole life?

There were too many reasons for the rescue not being able to come. For example, it was the typhoon season in summer and autumn. There were also many mountain fires in the forest. Fire and water were merciless. It was entirely possible that the rescue team would be blocked outside the forest. Or, it was simply because the redwood forest was too large that they had not found this place.

Considering that melgen might need a few days to recover her ability to move, Zhang Zian’s sense of crisis made him not plan to wait. He quickly went to pick up some garbage before the fire completely engulfed the village.

He used his flashlight to give Sihwa the signal that they had discussed earlier, indicating that he wanted to enter the village and ask Sihwa to stop singing.

The higher the frequency of the voice, the more energy it carried. Sihwa had already used up a lot of energy in the continuous singing. Now, even if she were to sing again, she was afraid that she would not be able to sing.

He used his hands and feet to climb down the headland. It was more dangerous to climb down in the dark than to climb up, as he could break his neck if he missed a step.

When he returned to the flat ground, he called out to the yawning elves,””Let’s go. Be careful of those legendary cats when we go through the woods. I’m not sure if they’ve been scared away by the wild boars. ”

He didn’t go over the headland directly, because the other side of the headland was very steep, almost straight up and down. Otherwise, he could go around the forest and save a lot of trouble.

Hearing this, fina perked up and said with hatred,””Bengong hopes that they are still around. Bengong will definitely punish those scum who ruin the reputation of the cat race!”

It was not angry about anything else, but that the cats were used as cannon fodder, and even as a source of disease transmission. This had challenged its bottom line. Even in its era, only the most despicable villains would do such a thing, such as throwing mice carrying an evil plague into the enemy’s city, so that all the men, women, old and young in the city would be infected and die. The people who created this indiscriminate killing deserved to die.

In addition, didn’t it know that it would be more comfortable to bring in some domestic cats to serve him? It was better than Zhang Zian’s stupid servant, right? It knew this, but it still didn’t do it. Instead, it trekked all the way with Zhang Zian. No matter how much he suffered, it would suffer the same.

It was so hard that even it was touched.

However, a cat had actually brought in so many cats. It must be a big show. What would this be in ancient times? It was crossing! It didn’t conform to the etiquette! They were going to be beheaded!

Fina had been holding in her anger for a long time, and it had also been a long time since she had the intention to kill. The actions of the mastermind behind the scenes were not wrong even if they were cut into a thousand pieces!

“Calm down! Calm down! Don’t be too impulsive. Strategically look down on the enemy, but tactically value the enemy. ” Zhang Zian advised.

Fina snorted arrogantly and didn’t listen at all.

“Meow meow meow! Your Majesty will personally lead the troops, and we will definitely succeed!” Snowy Lionet saw that he was defeated, so it didn’t miss the opportunity to flatter him.

Fina didn’t say anything, but in its heart, it agreed with snowy Lionet’s compliment.

The Elfins followed Zhang Zian to find the path that had been trampled by the wild boar. Following this path, they could pass through the woods and reach the farm.

“Everyone, please be careful,” Fati reminded.”Those cats are very strange. It’s very likely that they’re hiding in the forest.”

“I’m not surprised by this, it’s a monster that’s defeated! All the reactionaries are just paper tigers!” Vladimir clenched its fist.”Some of our comrades have led decadent lives and cut off their Meow Meow doctrine and meow people. It makes me extremely sad! However, in the spirit of punishing the past and warning the future, we still have to try our best to save those fooled and deceived cats. We will not abandon or give up!”

Dharma idol was stunned. What was this? Although it couldn’t understand what he was saying, it felt inexplicably convincing …

“Kaka! Idiot, take off your Chrys…No, take off your hood, I want to go in!” “I don’t want to become cat sh * t if there are too many cats in the forest!” Said Richard as he flapped his wings like a blind man touching an elephant.

Zhang Zian was too lazy to pay attention to it, but it was indeed a problem to leave it alone. It might have been taken away by seabirds or Raptors. He could only pinch its nose and throw it into the hood of his windbreaker to hide.

Richard used his bird claws to grab the hood and wrapped it around his body tightly, only revealing his head to look around. The hood was one of its favorite spots. Although the view in front was basically zero, there was still a great view behind it, and it was very warm.

The wind by the sea was very cold at night, and Richard was the most afraid of the cold among the elves.

Pi’s vision at night was similar to a human ‘s. It waved its stick, indicating that it could help.

Zhang Zian would definitely not leave any elfin alone outside the forest. As for Sihwa, she was invincible in the water, not to mention that there was a group of killer whales, the Overlord of the sea, by her side.

Just as he was about to step into the alley, famous was already in front of him. It was better to have it lead the way, as its sense of smell, hearing, and night vision were much better than people ‘s.

Fati also stepped forward. It was the one who led everyone here, so if there was any danger, it should be the one standing in front.

In order to avoid exposing his location, he didn’t turn on the flashlight. He held the night vision device in one hand and held Pi’s hand in the other as he carefully stepped into the forest.

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