Power and Wealth - Chapter 916: Going on a honeymoon

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Chapter 916: Going on a honeymoon


9.30 am.

Xie Huilan’s relatives had arrived at Senior Xie’s mansion.

Xie Guobang, Han Jing, Xie Guoliang, Xie Jing, Xie Ran, Xie Hao, etc.

The first to arrive was Xie Hao. He was loud when he entered the house. He saw Dong Xuebing chatting with his father and laughed loudly. He ran to Dong Xuebing and hugged him. “My idol! I finally met you. I heard from my Dad that you fought over twenty pirates by yourself! You are fantastic! Give me your autograph!”

Dong Xuebing knocked Xie Hao’s head. “What autograph?”

Xie Ran and Xie Jing entered the living room and greeted Dong Xuebing. “Brother-in-law.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. He was Xie’s family’s eldest grandson-in-law, and everyone in the third generation had to greet him. Although he was younger than Xiao Jing and Xiao Ran, he got to act as their brother-in-law.

“Mum, Dad, Uncle.” Dong Xuebing stood up and greeted the elders.

Xie Guobang looked at Dong Xuebing and nodded.

Xie Guoliang saw Dong Xuebing and went over. “I heard you had stood out again. Tell us what happened.”

Xie Ran, Xie Jing, and Xie Hao crowded around Dong Xuebing, waiting for him to tell them about his ‘adventure.’

Dong Xuebing had no choice but to tell them how he saved the hostages from the pirates.

Everyone, especially Xie Hao, listened to his adventure excitedly.

Xie Hao cheered when Dong Xuebing finished. “Brother-in-law, you are terrific! You must teach me martial arts later!”

Xie Ran added. “You made me want to learn martial arts too.”

Xie Huilan and Senior Xie entered the living room from the backyard. She heard the commotion and laughed. “Don’t learn from him. He got ahead of himself just because he knew some martial arts. Focus on your work first. Fighting will get you nowhere.”

Dong Xuebing gave Xie Huilan a stare.

Xie Hao retorted. “Sis, you don’t know anything. We, men, should learn martial arts.”

Xie Huilan smiled at her younger brother. “What did you say? I don’t know anything?”

Xie Hao has been scared of Huilan from young and was constantly bullied by her. He got scared immediately. “Nothing…. I did not say anything.”

Everyone laughed.

Han Jing saw Senior Xie talking to his sons and called Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan over.

Han Jing reprimanded. “Xiao Bing, you must not retake such risks. You are going to be a father and should think for Huilan and your child.”

Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly. “Mum, I will not do that again.”

Han Jing smiled and patted Dong Xuebing’s hand. “I am relieved you got back safely. Oh, remember to visit the Leaders after lunch. Try to visit all of them today.”

Xie Huilan blinked. “Why?”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Why do we need to visit all of them today?”

Han Jing smiled. “You two were married for two months and were busy with work. You still have not gone on your honeymoon. Your Dad and I bought air tickets and booked a hotel for you two in Taiwan. We are paying for it.”



Dong Xuebing said. “Mum, how can I let you and Dad pay?”

Xie Huilan replied helplessly. “We still have lots of things to do during New Year. I am not going.”

Han Jing replied. “Just do as you are told. You two are still young, and a honeymoon is important. You would not have the chance to go for a holiday when you two are older and holding higher positions. Just listen to us and go have fun.”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing and smiled.

Xie Hao overheard their conversation and interrupted them. “What? Sis, Brother-in-law, are you going on a honeymoon?”

Xie Huilan gave Xie Hao a stare. “What has it got to do with you?”

“Of course.” Xie Hao replied excitedly. “It’s my school holidays now, and I got nowhere to go. Bring me along.”

Xie Jing stared at Xie Hao. “Why are you joining our Sis and Brother-in-law’s honeymoon?”

Xie Hao argued. “I promised I would not create trouble. Please bring me along. I am bored to death at home. Please….”

Dong Xuebing did not mind and felt it would be fun if more people went on the trip with them. It would be boring if it were only Huilan and him.

Xie Huilan looked at Xie Hao. “Do you want to go?”

“Yes!” Xie Hao replied. “Please bring me along.”

Xie Huilan crossed her legs and laughed. “Pour me a glass of water first.”

“Sure. I will be right back!” Xie Ran ran off to get Xie Huilan a glass of water.

“Haha…. That’s more like it.” Xie Huilan replied. “Go and pack your luggage. You must listen to me when we reach Taiwan.”

Xie Hao cheered. “Hurray! Hahaha….”

Dong Xuebing looked at Xie Ran and Xie Jing. “Xiao Ran and Xiao Jing, are you all on holiday too? Let’s go together.”

Xie Jing rejected politely. “It’s your honeymoon, and we should not bother you.”

“It’s more fun with more people.” Dong Xuebing invited them.

Xie Huilan added. “Let’s go together. Xiao Ran, and Xiao Jing, do you all have partners? Bring them along too.”

Xie Ran and Xie Jing wanted to go on a holiday, but they didn’t want to disturb their sister’s honeymoon.

Han Jing saw them hesitating and said. “That’s settled. You all will go as a group. I will book the tickets. Hahaha….”

Xie Guoliang interrupted. “Sister-in-law, let Xiao Ran and Xiao Jing stay at home.”

Xie Guobang smiled. “They had stayed at home for too long. Let them go out and have fun.”

“That’s right.” Han Jing looked at Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Dong, you are their brother-in-law and will be the group leader. Be safe when you all are there.”

Dong Xuebing agreed. “Don’t worry, Mum.”

Xie Hao laughed. “Aunt, nothing will happen to us with Brother Dong around.”

Han Jing laughed. That’s right. She did not need to worry about Dong Xuebing’s combat skills.

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