President Wife is Pretty and Cool - Chapter 407 - Business Trip

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Chapter 407 Business Trip

Lan Anran arrived at the stage and continued to watch the show.

The young housekeeper came in unhurriedly.

“Old Mrs. Mo, Young Madam, Young Master is back!”

“Why didn’t he greet us when he came back? Bring over another chair,” Old Mrs. Mo smiled and said.

Mo Jinrong strode in and stood directly beside Lan Anran.

“Jinrong, why are you here?” Old Mrs. Mo turned to ask.

“Grandma, I have arranged a marriage for the Zou Family involving Anran’s sister, Yaxin. I think it would be better if you could be the bridge between us.”

Mo Jinrong deliberately mentioned this in front of Mo Shengli.

Although he was the one who contacted them, if Old Mrs. Mo stepped in, it might change her mind.

“Lan Yaxin? That’s a good thing. I shouldn’t say this, but that girl seems to be thinking about you all the time and has gone astray. It’s a good thing that Anran is going to get married. Are you talking about the fool from the Zou Family?” Old Mrs. Mo tilted her head and asked.

She had heard of the Zou Family before. Their reputation on the market wasn’t that good, but Lan Yaxin wasn’t a good person either. They would make a good match if she married into the family.

“Yeah, I’ve spoken to her mother about this. She’s rushing them to meet, so I won’t be going.”

Mo Jinrong nodded. “You don’t have to trouble yourself with this, Anran and I can handle it,” Old Mrs. Mo said.

“Grandma, I received a deal recently and I need to discuss business abroad. It will take about half a month before I return. I’ll leave the company and the house to Anran and Grandma.” Mo Jinrong suddenly spoke.

“You’re going on a business trip? Where?”

Old Mrs. Mo was a little surprised.

“Country M, there’s a deal they need me to discuss in detail with them. I’m going to inspect the company there and ask about their recent situation. It might take more than half a month.”

Mo Jinrong spoke openly on purpose. He knew that Mo Shengli had heard the news, but it didn’t matter, he did it deliberately.

“Half a month? Don’t worry, I will definitely take good care of Mom and the company.”

Mo Shengli was overjoyed. Wouldn’t the company be his once Mo Jinrong left? He could take this opportunity to openly transfer his assets. Previously, because Mo Jinrong was always in the company, he was restrained, but now, he doesn’t have to be afraid!

Lan Yanran woke up in a daze. He was clearly drinking with the directors in the hotel. Why was he in the room?

He got off the bed and pushed the curtains open to see his sister on the balcony opposite the window. There were actors performing below on the stage.

“Sis? Where am I?”

Lan Yanran immediately took out his phone and called his sister.

“You’re awake! You were drunk and your brother-in-law brought you here. This is his grandma’s house.”

Lan Anran turned her head and looked up at her brother on the balcony opposite. His eyes were drowsy and he seemed to be in a daze.

She smiled at Old Mrs. Mo and said, “Grandma, my brother is awake, I’m going to see him.”

Lan Anran stood up.

Old Mrs. Mo looked at the person opposite on the balcony, stood up, and walked over.

“This young man is energetic. Nanny Wu, prepare some porridge to warm the stomach and get the kitchen to prepare dinner.”

Nanny Wu walked towards the kitchen.

“Sis, I remember drinking with those directors…” Lan Yanran muttered to her when they met.

“Don’t drink so much in the future. I’ve asked the kitchen staff to prepare dinner. Stay here today and go back after dinner.”

Old Mrs. Mo looked at the siblings and was overjoyed that they were so similar.

“Sis, Grandma’s house is so big, there’s even a swimming pool downstairs.”

Lan Yanran looked down at the large swimming pool in the sun. There was also a sun umbrella beside it. The flowers and trees were perfect!

“Look at your useless appearance,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“You’re welcome here anytime you want. No one will swim in the swimming pool downstairs, and the umbrellas are all abandoned. I’m old and I don’t know how to swim, and no one uses it at home. If you want to come, just come over and I’ll get someone to prepare something for you.” Old Mrs. Mo looked at Lan Yanran’s smart and sensible appearance, which was innocent and pure. This villa lacked such vitality.


Lan Yanran’s eyes widened in surprise and he forgot to call his parents.

“Hurry home after dinner, Mom and Dad are still waiting for you. They thought something had happened to you.”

Lan Anran had called Lan Tingyun just now, which was why they could stay here so long with a fret free conscience.

After the meal, Mo Jinrong left with Lan Anran. Because Lan Yanran said that the Mo Family’s food was delicious, Old Mrs. Mo specially got someone to pack a lot for him to bring back. He stood there waiting.

“Young Master Mo, the business trip you mentioned shouldn’t be a business trip, right?” Lan Anran asked deliberately.

“As expected, I can’t hide anything from you. Mo Shengli has been careful since he returned. If I leave, will he not be able to do his things openly?”

Mo Jinrong lit a cigarette.

“As expected of an old fox!” Lan Anran smiled. She glanced over and saw Mo Shengli watching her from the window upstairs.

She turned her head and gave Mo Jinrong a kiss.

“Someone upstairs is watching us.”

Lan Anran tilted her head and kissed Mo Jinrong’s lips.

“Isn’t it a little monotonous to just kiss like this? Why don’t we do something exciting?”

Mo Jinrong smiled evilly.

Lan Anran immediately released his lips and looked at him in surprise. Was he thinking of doing that?

“No, no, no! There are so many people here, you…”

Lan Anran was nervous, she didn’t expect Mo Jinrong to go so far.

Mo Jinrong suddenly lowered the back of the chair and the two of them fell.


“Shh! Don’t speak!”

Mo Jinrong covered her mouth.

“You don’t have to make me touch you, but there’s something I don’t understand. I hope you can tell me the truth. Are you Zero?”

Mo Jinrong had been testing her, but she didn’t fall for it and so he gave up on his suspicions.

Lan Anran was stunned at first, then she smiled.

“I’m really not. I don’t know why you suspect me, but you think too highly of me. I don’t have that kind of ability.”

“Really? I investigated the small restaurant you told me about last time and found out that you were lying. I hope you can tell me the truth. Why was the bracelet in that room?”

Mo Jinrong held her shoulders tightly with a sincere expression.

Lan Anran stared at him tightly, not knowing how to answer this question. Anyway, her identity couldn’t be exposed. Since he asked this question, she might as well beat him at his own game.

“In that case, I’ll tell you the truth. I deliberately let her put the bracelet inside.”

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