President Wife is Pretty and Cool - Chapter 537 - Failure   

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Chapter 537: Failure


Mo Jinrong turned around and picked up the accounts from the teahouse.

“This is the recent business of the teahouse. It’s always the same old customers, so the profits haven’t changed much.”

Mo Jinrong flipped through it briefly and walked out of the teahouse without looking carefully.

Mo Shengli aimed at Mo Jinrong’s head and pulled the trigger.


Mo Jinrong turned his head and Mo Shengli fired!

There was a loud bang!

Everyone was stunned!

“What was that sound?”

Wang Lan panicked.

“It sounds like a gun!”

Wu Jiahui was pale with fright.

“Gun? Why is there a gun here?”

Wang Lan looked at the surrounding crowd and was frightened.

Mo Jinrong knew Mo Shengli was here.

Upstairs, Tan Shilin reproached him.

“You missed! Idiot!”

“Shut up! It’s all your fault!”

Mo Shengli continued to attack Mo Jinrong.

Mo Jinrong hid to the side. He looked up and saw that the gunshots were coming from upstairs.

There was a short gun pointing at him from the window upstairs.

In an instant, he hurriedly dodged to the side but Mo Shengli was still pointing his gun at him.

Gunshots rang out in the street.

Everyone scattered.

Suddenly, a police siren sounded from afar.

Mo Shengli was a little scared.

“B*stard, he dares to call the police?”

Mo Shengli put away his gun and prepared to leave.

Tan Shilin grabbed him.

“You want to run? At this juncture, where can you run to?”

“Get lost! Am I going to wait for the police to arrest me if I don’t run? Remember this, I will still find you.”

Mo Shengli looked out the other window. There was no one around, so he stepped on the table and jumped down.

The two-story building wasn’t high, so Mo Shengli only accidentally sprained his ankle after jumping down.

Seeing the police approaching, he barely supported his body and limped away.

Upstairs, Tan Shilin shouted for help, “I’m a hostage, don’t kill me.”

The police swarmed up to the private room on the second floor.

Mo Jinrong followed them upstairs in shock.

“Young Master, are you alright?”

Mo San ran over and asked anxiously.

“I’m alright, he just escaped.”

“I’m innocent, he took me as a hostage. He jumped out of the window and ran. Hurry and chase after him.”

Although Tan Shilin said that, he was still furious.

He had missed another good opportunity to kill him.

“Are you really a hostage?” Mo Jinrong asked softly.

Tan Shilin pretended to be aggrieved and nodded.

“Of course I’m a hostage, why would I cooperate with him? He kidnapped my father and held a gun to his head. You should know that my father is old and can’t move easily. If anything happens to him, the Tan Family will be ruined.

“That’s why I suggested that I exchange with my father as a hostage. Everything I said is absolutely true.” Tan Shilin was horrified as he spoke.

“Sir! Please come back with us for an investigation. You are the only hostage in this incident. We need your information to arrest the suspect as soon as possible. It is very dangerous for him to be in Rong City with a gun,” the police went over to him and said.

Tan Shilin didn’t hesitate and immediately went to the police station.

Mo Jinrong hurriedly ended the trip.

“Young Master! Do you think Tan Shilin is telling the truth?”

Mo San thought that his expression was fake.

“Because of Lan Yaxin, he might have a grudge against Anran and me, and so it’s not impossible for him to cooperate with Mo Shengli. They probably discussed it, which is why they appeared at the teahouse today, but he won’t admit it and there isn’t any evidence yet.”

Mo Jinrong sat in his office, thinking.

Suddenly, the front desk called, saying that a group of reporters wanted to interview Mo Jinrong.

Mo Jinrong let Mo San handle it, he couldn’t be bothered with those annoying reporters.

Because of the incident on the commercial street and the fact that everyone knew about it, Lan Anran immediately called Mo Jinrong after seeing the news.

“Are you alright?” Lan Anran asked with concern.

Mo Jinrong could only smile fully and let his guard down when he was with Lan Anran.

“I’m alright, don’t you know how robust my life is?” He joked.

“You’re still joking with me at a time like this? Mo Shengli escaped, but today’s matter won’t end so quickly. He will definitely come again, so you have to be careful.” Lan Anran reminded him.

“I know, I deliberately tempted him with what happened today. I know I’m his target,” Mo Jinrong said.

Lan Anran was very surprised.

“What did you say? You actually used your life as bait to lure him out? Do you want to die?” Lan Anran’s tone was a little angry.

“Anran, don’t be angry. Didn’t I learn this from you? Back then, didn’t you use yourself as bait to lure out the enemy? I had no choice. Mo Shengli wants my life. If I don’t come out, he will keep hiding. He will only be caught if I come out.” Mo Jinrong’s tone was still unhurried, sounding relaxed.

Lan Anran was really furious.

“Are you the same as me? Humans are different. You didn’t catch him, right? He used a gun this time and might kill you the next time. What will happen to me if you’re gone?”

Mo Jinrong smiled when he heard this and comforted her patiently.

“Anran, don’t be angry, I’m alright.”

“It’ll be troublesome if you’re in trouble. If you do such a dangerous thing again, I’ll ignore you.” Lan Anran hung up angrily.

“Anran, what happened to Jinrong? How did he get shot on the streets?” Li Yueru was extremely surprised by the news.

“Because of Mo Shengli, I think he’s crazy.” Lan Anran was furious.

“Every family has their own problems. I didn’t expect the Mo Family to have such a son. What a pity for Old Mrs. Mo. She’s already so old, but she doesn’t even have a son.” Li Yueru felt bad for Old Mrs. Mo.

“Fortunately, you didn’t follow him today, or else you would have been injured again. Tell me, why is your life so miserable?” Lan Tingyun sighed.

“How is my life bitter? I’m in a wealthy family, I don’t feel any bitterness at all,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“You were sold and you’re still counting money for people?” Li Yueru tapped her head and said.

“Also, Mom and Dad, you don’t have to look after me at home. How can a living person only remain at home?” Lan Anran smiled and said.

Li Yueru still couldn’t let go of her daughter. After the past few times, she had learned her lesson: she couldn’t let her daughter go.

There were too many people who wanted to deal with her. She had to catch all those bad people.

“Our daughter is right. She’s already so old and daughters can’t be kept at home. You can’t keep her tied up in the house,” Lan Tingyun smiled and said.

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