Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 1991 - Insist On Sticking Your Hand In

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Chapter 1991: Insist On Sticking Your Hand In

Ma Haodong didn’t get angry from being reprimanded. He pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. He said, “You can’t blame me. Your figure is so good, and you are so beautiful. You kept swaying around in front of me and I kept imagining you naked. It really makes me unable to focus.”

When Xiao Yuqian heard this, she couldn’t help but explode. “You are a hooligan!”

Ma Haodong suddenly grabbed her small hands and asked, “The last thing you said just now, does it still count?”

“What did I say?”

“You said it would be better if I went back home to sleep. When will you be going back with me?”

“…” Okay. It turned out that this old gentleman had only heard the word “sleep” throughout the lecture.

It seemed that he wasn’t thinking about his own sleep, but was thinking about how he could sleep with her, right?

“Bastard!” Xiao Yuqian was already so mad that she didn’t know what to say. With such an attitude, it would be a miracle if she could train him up.

A phone call came and Xiao Yuqian waved her hands to ask him to go out. Ma Haodong went back and continued with his lessons.

Xiao Yuqian was going to see an investor tonight. He was funding a movie and, coincidentally, one of the roles was suited for one of the artists under her management.

She had already communicated with him many times before in order to get this project’s role. She finally had a chance to meet and talk in detail tonight.

After Xiao Yuqian got off work, she drove to the place they’d agreed upon beforehand.

When she entered the hotel, by coincidence, she ran into Niu Jiang while he was with Xiao Yuxin. Niu Jiang saw Xiao Yuqian and took the initiative to greet her. “Manager Xiao, what a coincidence. I heard you are coming here to meet an investor, right?”

“I am here to meet an investor, but may I know why Manager Niu came?”

Niu Jiang smiled insincerely. “It really is too much of a coincidence. I’m also here to see an investor.”

Xiao Yuqian’s heart trembled. “Which investor are you meeting?”

“Meijiang Group’s President Mei.”

“Are you joking!? President Mei is my major client who I have been following up with for a few months. The one he is meeting is me. Manager Niu, isn’t it a bit inappropriate to insist on sticking your hand in?”

Xiao Yuqian showed a cold expression. She felt that it was shameful that Niu Jiang would always try to fight with her for resources.

“How is he your major client who you’ve been following up with? I’ve also worked hard on contacting him for a long time. President Mei didn’t only give you a chance today, he also gave me a chance. We will let our skills do the talking to see who will get the role from President Mei!”

After Niu Jiang finished speaking, he led Xiao Yuxin away. Xiao Yuxin looked at her and said goodbye. “Sis, I will be leaving now.”

Xiao Yuqian stood where she was and was very angry in her heart. She looked at Niu Jiang as he went and she had no choice but to follow him.

No matter what, she would not give up on the result of her hard work so easily. She wouldn’t let that bastard Niu Jiang take advantage of her for nothing.

Who would President Mei choose in the end…just wait and see!

When Xiao Yuqian arrived at the reserved room, Niu Jiang was already sitting with Xiao Yuxin. Moreover, he was already chatting happily with President Mei.

“President Mei!”

Xiao Yuqian walked into the room, led by the waiter. President Mei saw that she’d come and his eyes lit up. He greeted, “It is Manager Xiao who’s come! Quickly come and sit!”

President Mei signaled for her to sit on his right-hand side. Xiao Yuqian saw Niu Jiang was sitting on President Mei’s left-hand side. Not to be outdone, she walked over and sat down.

“President Mei! Exactly how many people did you arrange to meet with tonight?” Xiao Yuqian asked.

President Mei smiled. “My apologies. You two are two of the top figures at Huayin so I had no choice but to give the two of you an opportunity at the same time. This way will also be fairer. However, I only have one role so I need to see which of you will convince me.”

The person called Mei was also a sophisticated businessman. He knew what the idiom, the sandpiper and clam fight each other and the fisherman catches them both, meant. He did this because he wanted to see Manager Xiao and Manager Jiang fight over the role. In the end, the person who gained the most would definitely be him.

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