Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 2153 - Don’t Want To Talk About The Past

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Chapter 2153: Don’t Want To Talk About The Past

Wan Dehai watched as the car drove into the school.

Ten minutes later, Wan Dehai knocked on the door of the principal’s office and entered.


“Come here, Old Wan. I’ve just made tea.” Wen Zhehan sat in front of the sofa and waved at Wan Dehai to let him sit in front of him.

Wan Dehai sat down in front of him. Wen Zhehan personally poured a cup of tea for him and placed it in front of him. He asked, “Old Wan, what’s the matter?”

Wen Zhehan thought of his daughter, Wandou, and Mu Chenguang, but he wasn’t sure if that was why he was looking for him.


Wan Dehai was wondering where to start.

“Did you run into some trouble? Are you short of money? How much do you need?”

Wen Zhehan was a very strict person at work, but he was very broad-minded towards his friends. He would never look down on him because of his lowly status. On the contrary, as long as a friend was in trouble, he would help them unconditionally.

This was also the reason why Wan Dehai had always been willing to follow him. He still trusted his old employer very much.

“No, no, no, sir. I’m not here to borrow money from you. I’m here to return you a treasure.”

Wan Dehai said.

“Give me back my treasure? What treasure?” Wen Zhehan was puzzled. He didn’t seem to have lent Wan Dehai any antiques.

“Sir, I’m afraid you’ll blame me again!”

Wan Dehai was worried that Wen Zhehan would blame him for hating him.

“That’s enough. We’ve been friends for decades. Don’t stand on ceremony with me. Just say it!”

“Then I’ll tell you!”

Wan Dehai took a deep breath and said, “Sir, do you still remember when Madam had a difficult labor 26 years ago?”

Wen Zhehan frowned when he suddenly heard Wan Dehai mention what happened 26 years ago. “I remember, but why are we talking about this today? You know I don’t want to talk about the past anymore!”

Wen Zhehan would never forget that 26 years ago, his first wife passed away due to a difficult labor. The daughter he gave birth to only lived for three days before dying.

It was a painful memory that he did not want to recall. Every time he thought of it, his heart would ache.

“I know. Please let me finish.”

Wan Dehai knew that Wen Zhehan had always treated this matter as a taboo and did not allow anyone from the Wen family to mention it again. However, what he wanted to say today had to start from 26 years ago.

“26 years ago, Madam passed away due to a difficult labor. The girl she gave birth to only lived for three days before dying. At that time, Sir was too sad and ordered me to take care of the child’s funeral. Actually… actually, the child didn’t die…”

“What? The child is still alive?”

Wen Zhehan suddenly grabbed Wan Dehai’s wrist and asked in disbelief.

“Yes, she’s not dead. At that time, we all thought she was dead. I took her away, but when I was about to bury her, I realized that she still seemed to be breathing. So, I didn’t bury her.”

Tears streamed down Wan Dehai’s face as he recalled the past.

When Wen Zhehan learned that his daughter was still alive, his eyes turned red with excitement. He asked anxiously, “What happened after that? Where’s the child?”

“I brought the child back. I wasn’t sure if she could survive. I went back to look for my lover and we went to the hospital together. The doctor saved the child.

“You might not know this, but my lover is infertile. We’ve always wanted a child, so we took the child back and raised her for a while. When we developed feelings for the child, we couldn’t bear to return the child.

“That’s why that child has been living with us until now…”

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