Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 2643 - Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (161)

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Chapter 2643: Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (161)

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“Me? What me? Toad mouth, green bean eyes, elephant legs? With your hideous looks, do you have the nerve to come out and scare people? If I were you, I would just die. Living is also polluting the air.”

“Sir, why are you scolding me?”

“What’s wrong with scolding you? I’m king. What’s wrong with me scolding you? Even if I were to scold your ancestors, you have to endure it. If you weren’t a woman, I would’ve beaten you up long ago.”

Bao Juhua’s face turned really sullen. She was about to vomit blood. No one had ever scolded her like this in front of her.

But she did not dare to say anything because she was the manager and she was facing a customer.

He had just said that the customer was king, and now he was being slapped in the face by king. It was not a good feeling.

The other employees and onlookers couldn’t help but snicker. Even Qiao Ruoxi was holding back her laughter.

She had been bullied by Bao Juhua many times, but today, Qin Xuming scolded her and helped her vent her anger.’

Qin Xuming had scolded people before, and the anger that had accumulated in his heart had mostly dissipated. Now, he straightened his suit, glared fiercely at Bao Juhua, and turned to leave.

After Qin Xuming left, Qiao Ruoxi let out a sigh of relief in her heart. As long as he did not continue to cause trouble, it was fine.

After being scolded, Bao Juhua saw that everyone was looking at her. She stood up straight and explained boldly.

“Did you see that? What do you mean by tolerating? I was just giving you a demonstration just now. No matter what kind of difficult customers you meet in the future, you have to remember that the customer will always be king. You have to listen to whatever the king says, understand? If you do, then hurry up and work.”

She really knew how to give herself a way out.

Qiao Ruoxi found it funny. Wasn’t Bao Juhua usually quite arrogant?

Why did she become such a coward?


She deserved it!

After a busy day, Qiao Ruoxi left the store.

As she walked towards the bus stop, Qin Xuming appeared again and blocked her way.


“Why are you still here?” Qiao Ruoxi asked with a frown, feeling shocked.

‘Tell me Qin Xuming hasn’t been waiting for me for the whole day.’

“I’m sorry, Ruoxi. I was too rash this morning. I shouldn’t have come to your shop to pick a fight. My brain must’ve been kicked by a donkey back then, so I didn’t know what I was doing. Don’t take what I said to heart. Actually, I didn’t mean to yell at you. I just… felt unhappy… I…”

Qin Xuming had been waiting for her the whole time. It was only when he woke up from his drunken stupor that he realized how much he had done wrong.

What he did would only make Qiao Ruoxi hate him even more.

Hence, in hindsight, he wanted to regain his image and apologize to her.

“You don’t have to apologize, Mr. Qin. I think I’ve already expressed it very clearly. There’s nothing between us anymore. We’ve already broken up, so there’s no point in you being entangled with me anymore. I, Qiao Ruoxi, am such a person. I will follow the person I’ve set my mind on for the rest of my life. Once I’ve set my mind on something, I will walk down the same path until the end. I’ve already let you go, and I won’t turn back once I’ve decided on something. I hope you can understand.”

Qiao Ruoxi thought that she would be deeply in love with Qin Xuming after dating him for so long. She thought that she would be sad if she broke up with him.

But there was none of such emotions.

The sadness of breaking up had long been swept away by Feng Yunan.

That man had completely taken over her and her heart.

Before she could grieve, she was forced to accept a new relationship.

The years she spent with Qin Xuming could not compare to the few days she spent with Feng Yunan. She was also looking for the reason.

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