Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 1268 - Drawn into the Trap

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Chapter 1268: Drawn into the Trap

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At the entrance of the palace, the scene fell into a deadlock.

Xia Wanyuan was only wearing a dress. Jun Shiling had even helped her carry her bag. With just a glance, he knew that she could not hide anything dangerous.

However, the staff insisted on searching Xia Wanyuan.

“I’m sorry, Miss Xia. Please understand our work.” The staff smiled at Xia Wanyuan. “Please go to the changing room over there and change your clothes. We need to do a comprehensive sampling and examination here.”

Xia Wanyuan was already very sure that the staff here was making things difficult for her.

Xia Wanyuan’s originally gentle expression changed. She narrowed her eyes.

At that moment, Jun Shiling walked towards Xia Wanyuan. Xia Wanyuan held Jun Shiling’s arm and the two of them walked in side by side.

The staff hesitated for a moment. Thinking of the order Earl Dray had given them, he finally braced himself and stepped forward to stop Xia Wanyuan.

“You can’t go in. Please cooperate with us.”

The security guards also stepped forward and blocked the entrance. More than ten people were lined up in a row, as if Xia Wanyuan and the rest were terrorists.

Xia Wanyuan glanced at the people blocking them, then turned to look at Jun Shiling. “Since they don’t let us in, we won’t go in.”

“Okay.” Jun Shiling nodded.

Hence, under everyone’s gazes, Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan left the palace.

The staff who had been blocking the way arrogantly was stunned.

They only wanted to make things difficult for Xia Wanyuan. They did not expect them to not attend the banquet!

The news of this banquet had been announced to the world early in the morning, and Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan were guests invited by the queen.

Now that the two of them had left directly, what should we do if the Queen blamed us?? 

The staff hurriedly went to look for Earl Dray Hearing the staff’s words, Earl Dray frowned. “Is Jun Shiling really so protective of Xia Wanyuan? He wants to offend the royal family of England for a woman?”

This was a national banquet. Dray had never thought that Jun Shiling would give up the banquet for a woman.

“Aren’t you going to find them?!” Earl Dray glared at the staff, then opened the car door and chased after Jun Shiling, Xia Wanyuan, and the rest.

In the car, Li Qingxue’s eyes flashed as she watched Earl Dray leave.

It was the same every time. She really did not know what kind of bewitching potion Xia Wanyuan had given Jun Shiling to make him so loyal to her.

Most of the guests had already entered, but Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling could not be found at all.

Seeing that the time was getting closer and closer to the opening of the banquet, the staff outside were already crazy with anxiety. Earl Dray was also covered in cold sweat. In the end, he would probably be punished for his incompetence.

The banquet had already begun. Dray brought Li Qingxue into the banquet venue nervously.

However, when she looked up, she saw Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling sitting not far away.

The two of them were chatting with the Queen of England. Xia Wanyuan occasionally said a few words, causing a smile to appear on the Queen’s face.

Xia Wanyuan glanced at Dray and then at Li Qingxue. Then, she turned around, as if she did not care about Dray and Li Qingxue at all.

“Father, look at how arrogant Xia Wanyuan is. She’s simply provoking us openly!” Li Qingxue’s tone was filled with anger as she complained to Earl Dray angrily.

Earl Dray had been searching outside for so long, but Xia Wanyuan was waiting in the palace. He also felt that he had been played and was very unhappy.

However, with the guests present, he could not say anything and could only bring Li Qingxue in first.

At this moment, the banquet table was already filled with guests. The Queen picked up a glass of fruit wine. “Welcome, everyone.”

Everyone also raised their glasses. As the wine shadows intertwined, it reflected everyone’s inextricable emotions.

Although this banquet was held under the banner of interacting with China, other than Xia Wanyuan and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there were also many businessmen envoys from other countries.

Everyone knew that this was definitely not a simple banquet, so everyone ate tastelessly.

Everyone was carefully observing the surroundings and the people at the table.

Only Xia Wanyuan was more at ease. She had nothing to ask of the Queen of England and did not have any psychological burden.

Jun Shiling cut the steak into small pieces for her and wiped the crumbs by her mouth with a handkerchief from time to time.

Sitting opposite Xia Wanyuan and the rest were Yu Qian and Wei Zimu.

Looking at Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling’s interaction, Yu Qian looked at Wei Zimu with a faint smile. “Brother, are you envious?”

Wei Zimu’s expression was cold. “I’m not envious.”

The corners of Yu Qian’s lips curled up and he did not say anything else.

As Li Qingxue sipped her wine, she glanced at Jun Shiling from the corner of her eye. Jun Shiling was talking to Xia Wanyuan very patiently with a faint smile in his eyes.

Li Qingxue’s hand that was holding the wine glass trembled.

At this moment, a servant came forward to pour wine. Li Qingxue glanced at the servant and placed a small note in his hand.

For a group banquet like this, everyone was focused on eating and maintained dining etiquette. Soon, the meal ended.

After dinner, everyone was transferred to the hall.

This was the true climax of a normal banquet.

Everyone began to talk to each other, and gentle piano music filled their ears.

In the past, many big businesses or international decisions had been produced in such a relaxed environment.

As the head of the Jun Corporation, Jun Shiling was naturally someone many people wanted to build a relationship with.

Xia Wanyuan was happy to be free. She sat on the sofa near the wall and rested.

“Professor Xia.” Yu Qian walked towards Xia Wanyuan and placed a glass of wine in front of her.

Xia Wanyuan glanced at Yu Qian, puzzled why he always called her Professor Xia.

The corners of Yu Qian’s lips curled up slightly. “Professor Xia, your lecture some time ago was not bad. If there’s a chance next time, I want to ask Professor Xia to specially teach me.”

Xia Wanyuan kept feeling that the way Yu Qian looked at her made her very uncomfortable. She frowned slightly. “There are many more outstanding people in the world than me.”

“But I like people like Professor Xia.”

When Jun Shiling walked over, he happened to hear Yu Qian’s words. His tone was cold. “Mr. Yu, watch your limits.”

Yu Qian turned around and looked straight into Jun Shiling’s eyes.

The two of them stood opposite each other, their auras shining. Neither of them gave in to the other.

Yu Qian smiled first, but that smile did not reach his eyes at all. “I just admire Miss Xia more.”

“No need.”

“Alright.” Yu Qian shrugged. “Then CEO Jun, protect Professor Xia well. Don’t be unable to protect her one day.”

With that, Yu Qian turned to leave.

Looking at Yu Qian’s departing figure, Jun Shiling frowned. The feeling this Yu Qian gave him was getting more and more amiss.

“Are you done with your work?” Xia Wanyuan’s voice pulled Jun Shiling back to his senses.

Jun Shiling walked over and sat beside Xia Wanyuan. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

Some things would have been settled long ago if they could negotiate. There was no need to wait until now.

Xia Wanyuan was about to say something when a shadow fell in front of her. Xia Wanyuan looked up and met Earl Dray’s condescending gaze.

“…” To be honest, Xia Wanyuan felt quite tired from attending the banquet. She only wanted to stay at the side and rest well, but these people came to her one by one.

“What’s the matter? Earl Dray?” Jun Shiling asked.

Earl Dray nodded slightly at Jun Shiling. “CEO Jun, long time no see. I came mainly to look for your wife.”

Then, Earl Dray’s gaze landed on Xia Wanyuan. “Mrs. Jun, it’s our first time meeting. Mrs. Jun is indeed very beautiful. No wonder you can make CEO Jun dote on you so much.”

Now, Xia Wanyuan was still quite famous in England. Compared to her appearance, everyone admired her for her knowledge.

At this moment, hearing Earl Dray call her Madam Jun and say that she was very beautiful, it completely erased all of Xia Wanyuan’s excellence and became Jun Shiling’s vassal.

Xia Wanyuan’s expression was normal. “Hello, Earl Dray. I’ve always heard that Earl Dray is a brave person. From the looks of it today, it’s true.”

The Dray family had been conferred the title of nobility because of their military achievements. Earl Dray was also very burly, tall, and stocky. Because he did not look well, he looked a little sloppy.

In England’s royal family, many people teased Earl Dray behind his back.

Hence, he was very sensitive to Xia Wanyuan’s words. It was not the battlefield now. How could Xia Wanyuan tell that I am brave and good at fighting??

Wasn’t she saying that I looked thick and strong and looked like I knew how to fight?

Earl Dray’s expression changed. He looked at Xia Wanyuan unhappily. “The Chinese are indeed sharp-tongued.”

“Same to you.” Xia Wanyuan was not to be outdone.

In the next second, Earl Dray suddenly bowed to the Queen of England from afar. “Queen, I’ve always heard that Chinese martial arts are very magical, and this Madam Jun’s swordsmanship is quite strong. I want to compete with her. I wonder if you can approve of it.”

The originally noisy hall fell silent because of Earl Dray’s words. Everyone’s gazes landed on Xia Wanyuan.

Everyone thought that Earl Dray had already discussed it with Xia Wanyuan before daring to say it in public, so they admired Xia Wanyuan’s courage.

After all, since Earl Dray could be conferred a noble title because of his battle merits, he naturally had true ability.

Earl Dray turned around and looked at Xia Wanyuan smugly. “Mrs. Jun, if it’s inconvenient for you, we can not compete.”

Jun Shiling frowned and was about to stand up when Xia Wanyuan pressed his hand. “It’s nothing.”

Then, Xia Wanyuan looked at Earl Dray. “Of course we can compete, but in our Chinese customs, there has to be a wager. I wonder what wager Earl Dalei is willing to offer?”

Xia Wanyuan actually accepted the challenge. This once again exceeded Dray’s expectations. After all, in his opinion, Xia Wanyuan was a weak woman with such a poor physique. Even if she knew fencing, she would not be able to achieve much.

He looked around and saw that everyone was paying attention. His vanity exploded. “Tell me whatever you want.”

The corners of Xia Wanyuan’s lips curled up slightly. “I heard that the Dray family has a piece of land in Continent F. How about we use that piece of land as a prize?”

Earl Dray thought for a long time but could not think of any good places in Continent F. Those were all barren mountains and deserts and were not worth much.

Hence, he waved his hand. “No problem. We’ll go with that piece of land.”

“Okay.” A smile hid on Xia Wanyuan’s lips. Anyone familiar with Xia Wanyuan would know that someone was about to fall into a trap again.

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