Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 783 - The Princess’s Painting Shocks Master Danny

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Chapter 783 The Princess’s Painting Shocks Master Danny

“Twenty years ago, I already obtained a green card from America. Naturally, I’m American.” Although it was baffling, Lin Man still answered Xia Wanyuan’s question.

“I think so too.” Xia Wanyuan nodded. “After all, being humble and cautious is a good tradition of the Chinese. From the looks of it, you don’t seem to be Chinese.”

Lin Man did not expect Xia Wanyuan’s question to be directed at her arrogance. The smile on her face disappeared. “Miss Xia, are you going against my Blue family?”

Hearing that Lin Man had used the Blue family to suppress her, the corners of Xia Wanyuan’s lips curled up. The introduction Jun Shiling had shown her about the Blue family had Lin Man, but she did not feel that Lin Man’s status in the family was as high as the outside world had imagined.

“Madam Lin, I’m afraid you left China for too long and you don’t know the meaning of returning the things to the original owner.” Xia Wanyuan looked at Lin Man quietly, her aura suddenly obvious, making one’s heart involuntarily feel a little weak. “Whoever stole my things will have to return them sooner or later.”

With that, Xia Wanyuan left the garden. Even though Lin Man shouted “stop” behind her, she couldn’t stop her.

“Damn it.” Lin Man did not expect Xia Wanyuan to be so difficult at such a young age, but she would never allow anyone to destroy Li Na’s future.

Danny was a master in the Western painting system. Regarding his arrival this time, the Qing University did not let go of this good opportunity and specially held a lecture. Everyone involved in the relevant profession was present, waiting to receive Master Danny’s guidance. The hall was filled with students and teachers. After waiting for a long time, Master Danny finally appeared with the vice principal and Li Na.

“Everyone, welcome the world’s famous painter, Master Danny, to our school.” Just as the vice principal finished speaking, thunderous applause sounded in the entire venue. “Master Danny has already withdrawn from the painting industry for a long time. Today, I hope that Master Danny can give some guidance to our students. I believe it will be a valuable asset to them.”



After the vice-principal’s speech, Master Danny began his speech. At his level, giving lectures for students was basically off script. He could recite whatever he wanted.

“Actually, painting is particular about skilled techniques and grasping fleeting inspiration. Why don’t we give an example on the spot?” Speaking to his heart’s content, Master Danny felt that relying on theory alone was not enough. He still wanted to let the students see examples of concrete. “Is there anyone present who isn’t good at Western painting?”

In order to show the school’s professionalism, the audience for this lecture was studying Western painting. Everyone looked at each other. Some students raised their hands hesitantly.

“Hey, Xiao Xia, come here.” The vice principal glanced around and immediately pulled Xia Wanyuan out of the crowd. “Master Danny, Teacher Xia is good at Eastern painting. She’s not very good at Western painting. What do you think you need her to do?”.

The vice-principal even controlled the human resources of the school and the enrollment situation. He loved Xia Wanyuan, who was a moving recruitment advertisement. Whenever there was an event, he wanted Xia Wanyuan to show her face.

In front of the camera, Li Na did not show any change in expression, but she was a little flustered. If Xia Wanyuan came up, what if Master Danny could tell that she had drawn “Starry Sky”?

“Sure, then please come and demonstrate. Use the tools beside you to draw this pot of flowers on the table. Draw first, I’ll talk about the rest.”

Master Danny gestured for Xia Wanyuan to sit at the table beside him. He wanted to use the oil painting drawn by an untrained painter to explain to the students the importance of continuous accumulation of skills and inspiration to the painter.

“Okay.” Xia Wanyuan glanced at Li Na. Meeting the warning in her eyes, the corners of Xia Wanyuan’s lips curled up slightly as she walked up the stage.

Master Danny continued to lecture the students. His original plan was to end the lecture ten minutes early and then explain Xia Wanyuan’s painting, regardless of whether she had finished painting or not.

However, to his surprise, it was only about ten minutes. After finishing a short paragraph of theoretical knowledge, he picked up the glass of water on the table and drank a mouthful of water. He was about to continue.

“I’m done.” Xia Wanyuan suddenly stood up, attracting the attention of the crowd.

“So quickly?” Master Danny was surprised.

The teachers and students present watched Xia Wanyuan finish painting so quickly, and their hearts skipped a beat.

Although the original intention of Master Danny asking someone to draw was to need an unprofessional person to draw an example, this was too unprofessional. Ten minutes, she probably did not even finish the outline, right?

“Ask the staff to project the painting on the big screen. Let’s take a look together.” Master Danny had wanted to find an unprofessional painting as an example, so he did not think much of it.

The staff quickly adjusted the equipment and shown Xia Wanyuan’s painting on the big screen on the stage.

Master Danny and the principals sat on the platform with their backs to the big screen behind them. Hence, when the scene was projected, they did not see the painting immediately.

On the other hand, after the audience in the hall saw the oil painting on the screen, the entire venue fell silent. They sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at the painting on the stage in a daze.

The vice principal looked up and was shocked to see the expressions of the teachers and students.

Could it be that Xia Wanyuan was useless as a mascot this time?! What happened to scare everyone like this?

“Okay, thank you for the painting, Teacher Xia. Now, let’s take a look together. Why do I keep emphasizing that painters have to pay attention to accumulation and have many training? Someone like Teacher Xia, who isn’t good at oil painting,” Master Danny said as he turned to look at Xia Wanyuan’s painting. Then, he could not say the rest.

Back then, Master Danny’s famous work was a “Sunflower” dedicated to Van Gogh. The Qing University’s decorations were thoughtful. Sunflowers were placed everywhere in the hall, including the table where Master Danny was sitting.

The painting projected on the large screen was Xia Wanyuan’s “Sunflower”. The lights in the lecture hall were a little dim, and Xia Wanyuan’s painting was like a sun that had appeared out of nowhere, casting its warm glow on every corner of the hall.

The technique was extremely mellow, and the colors were extremely bold. Even Master Danny had to admit that such a bright and bold color might not be so integrated.

“Teacher Xia, you really haven’t received systematic training?!” Master Danny looked at Xia Wanyuan in disbelief.

Such a standard had already far surpassed many self-proclaimed famous painters, but she actually did not specialize in Western painting? This made Master Danny feel incredulous.

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