Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 743.1

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Chapter 743: Precautions, whereabouts (Part 1)

The black-armored guards ambushed wangfei, and her whereabouts are unknown!

It was a short sentence, written quickly and urgently, and it was even very scribbled at the end. People can tell how eager the person who wrote the letter was at that time.

Lin Chujiu was already injured by someone’s calculations, and now she was ambushed by the black-armored guards, which made things even worse.

“Black Armored Guards! Xuanyuan Zhi, how dare you!” A murderous aura emitted on Demon Lord’s body, and it spread out to the surroundings in an instant!

“This lord seems so good to you, that you dare to attack Lin Chujiu’s idea again and again.” Demon Lord’s eyes were red, like a man-eating beast. He clenched his hand into a fist, and his veins burst out. He opened his hand again, and the note and the bamboo tube in his hand all turned into powder, and it dissipated when the wind blew.

*Pa-* Demon Lord’s left hand slapped the horse’s back, and he directly abandoned the horse to move forward with light steps. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared, leaving the war horse alone on the same spot, staring blankly around, looking for his owner.

The information passed by the shadow guard to Demon Lord was that Lin Chujiu had been stabbed and was so serious that she needed to stop to recuperate, but in fact, she was not seriously injured.

Lin Chujiu was not an unsuspecting person. There were all kinds of anomalies along the way, which was enough for her to keep an eye on and keep her vigilance away from strangers.

Although the other party seized her psychology and used the wandering orphan to set up a game to stab her, the child was not a professional killer. Even if he had been trained, there were obvious flaws in both his strength and his moves.

The moment the other party made a move, Lin Chujiu found out, but the distance between the two was too close, so Lin Chujiu was only able to avoid and let the other party slash her stomach.

The wound looked scary, but it only bleed a little, and she didn’t injure her lungs. After the suturing, they could continue traveling on the same day.

However, Lin Chujiu didn’t leave, she followed the advice of the guards and stayed where they were to wait for the army to come. But the other party didn’t succeed, so they made another plan.

She was not stupid, she knew that someone was going to assassinate her on the road. How could she continue traveling alone and sent herself to the door of the enemy to kill her?

The ambition was very important, but life was more important, okay?

However, what Lin Chujiu didn’t expect was that she chose to stay in place to recuperate, avoiding the possible assassination that might occur next, but attracted the black armored guards.

It can’t be said she attracted the black armored guards, it should be the black armored guards who came to her door at this time!

Don’t mention the strength of the black armored guard, just think about their armor, it was something that ordinary people can’t pierce.

The guards protecting Lin Chujiu were the elites in the army, but their opponents were not ordinary people, they were black armored guards with equipment hundreds of times stronger than theirs. They can’t even scratch their armor, how will they beat the black armor guards?

Facing the attack of the black armored guards, the guards who protected Lin Chujiu resolutely gave up the attack and fled with Lin Chujiu.

They couldn’t beat the black armor guards, and there was only one dead end left.

Although Lin Chujiu’s injury would affect her actions, she couldn’t stop even if it had an impact at this time.

Under the cover of the guards, Lin Chujiu ran into the forest. To disperse the black armored guards, after jumping into the forest, the guards put his coat behind Lin Chujiu and then led the black guards in two directions.

There were only four black armored guards who ambushed Lin Chujiu this time, and when they dispersed, only two were left.

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