Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 2584 - Last chance (6)

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Chapter 2584: Last chance (6)

Huang Yueli put on an expression of arrogance, as she felt amused but didn’t dare to reflect it out.

Her lips curled into a sweet smile with a pliable voice, “Father, what are you saying? I like Father the most, how can I not know who you are?”

“Hng, stop trying to bewitch me! You practically disregarded the things that I said! If you really like your father, why won’t you listen to my views?” Bai Liufeng replied petulantly.

Huang Yueli chuckled and said, “Father, don’t be angry. It’s my fault! It’s impossible for us to not listen to you. See, haven’t I come over to ask you?”

Bai Liufeng swept her a glance as he didn’t really believe in her, “Oh, really?”

Huang Yueli put on an innocent look and furiously shook her head, “That’s right. Father, what do you think of the plan that we suggested earlier? Is there anything that you want to add on?”

Hearing that, Bai Liufeng went into a blank, “What plan?”

He was immersed in his own emotions earlier, so he wasn’t listening to what they were saying.

Seeing that, Huang Yueli wasn’t surprised at all. She opened her mouth once, telling him about the contents that they had discussed earlier.

“Father, we’ve analyzed this earlier. You have entered Snow Phoenix Palace many times but still aren’t able to find the location of where my mother is being detained. Now, Lord Zhan even brings my mother around everywhere. Under this circumstance, even if we managed to infiltrate Snow Phoenix Palace’s underground level, I don’t know how much time will be wasted to find my mother. We must also kill Lord Zhan before we can rescue her.”

As she said that, she sized up everyone present, “The few of us, are Soaring Heavens Continent’s first rated top exponents, but Sacred Phoenix Race’s background is very deep, so we don’t know how many top exponents are there in the clan. Moreover, they have that evil pill which they used the young practitioners’ blood essence and spiritual roots to refine. That pill can increase their battle power drastically and in addition to Lord Zhan’s astounding ability….. If we were to forcefully barge in to save her, the success rate isn’t very high.”

She did a great job in analysis, and Bai Liufeng agreed with her point of view.

But his expression didn’t reveal his emotions. He only said in disbelief, “The success rate isn’t high, but we still have to save her. Anyway, we can’t just give up on him, right?”

Huang Yueli said, “Our motive is just to save my mother, and giving up is not an option. But we must choose the most suitable chance to infiltrate Snow Phoenix Palace. A… moment when Lord Zhan and the other Sacred Phoenix Palace’s clansmen, would ease off their alertness!”

Bai Liufeng frowned, as he didn’t quite understand what she meant.

But he quickly revealed an enlightened look, as he stared at Huang Yueli in astonishment, “You… your meaning is… surely not… you’re choosing to infiltrate during the sacrificial ceremony?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled as she nodded, “Indeed my Father, we share the same thinking! According to what Father said earlier, Lord Zhan had killed so many people and made so many years of preparation. His ultimate aim is all for this sacrificial ceremony. Then, when it’s time for the sacrificial ceremony, all his attention will be placed on the ceremony. As for the other matters, his alertness will more or less be loosened up. Moreover, by then, he will have to preside the ceremony and he would not have any time to guard my mother. At the same time, the entire Snow Phoenix Palace’s guards will also be reduced.”

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