Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire - Chapter 2108 - As the price for us getting back together.

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Chapter 2108: As the price for us getting back together.

“How is it? Do you agree? As the price for you and me getting back together?”

The man’s brows furrowed slightly as he looked at his daughter with interest.

“Alright then, I agree. You’ll come after me one day anyway. Hmph, it’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge.”

The girl blinked, and the moisture in her eyes quickly disappeared. Before she could get over her truce with the man, she was already forced into the transition of being ‘divorced’.

“Alright, we’re done eating. Let’s go together.”

She retracted her hand from his. The kiss he had left on the back of her hand still felt warm. As long as the two made up, there would be no problem.

“Let’s go. Where are you guys going?”

Mother Ji, who was sitting at the side, quickly asked when she heard her say such a strange thing. Her eyes were filled with confusion.

“Mom, we’re going to look for Tang Xiaoyu, that friend of PEI GE ‘s.”

He stood up and stopped her from explaining.

“Oh, you’re looking for Tang Xiaoyu? where are you looking for her? Do you have any clues about her? Have I contacted you guys yet? Have you found out where she is and where she lives?”

The man could only answer a few of his mother’s questions, and PEI GE, who was standing behind him, was left speechless. Her plan today was to bring her son to see Dr. Joe. After the ruckus yesterday, she could only bring him there first. As for her Tang Xiaoyu, she had already arranged for her friends overseas to keep an eye on her, but there was still no news yet.

“Mom, go back and rest. I’ll take care of this.”

He had already gotten some clues about his best friend, but he could not tell her yet. He had to prioritize this matter between his best friend and Ji Chi. Since Gu Zhengrong had already told them that Tang Xiaoyu had left on her own accord, they were cleared of the suspicion of kidnapping, much less being caught and beaten up by her enemies.

“What’s the point of having you? I’ll help you find Tang Xiaoyu, too. Besides, your dad is in the US, eating with his friends and playing basketball. His friends have sons and daughters, so they must be in the police or Special Forces. Moreover, even if we don’t have one, can’t we afford to hire a private investigator? Your men are best at helping you find the mole in the company and the truth of some unbelievable things. I may not be as good at finding people. ”

Madam Ji was very confident. She had once used her own methods to help a sister find her husband’s mistress, who was hidden in another country. Even such a secret and hidden trace had been dug out by her. Hence, when it came to finding people, his mother was probably much more useful than the people in his hands.

“Alright, then. Thank you, Mom. I’ll leave finding Tang Xiaoyu to you.”

The man nodded. Since his mother wanted to help, there was no reason not to.

“Okay, leave it to me. Since you guys are going out, I won’t stay here any longer. Your dad also asked me to go back early to attend one of his old friends ‘parties.”

Mother Ji stood up, her knee-length dress accentuating her well-maintained figure. Even her hands, which were wearing a pearl bracelet, were fair and delicate, not inferior to PEI GE ‘s.

“Then, Auntie, please rest well when you go back.”

PEI GE was grateful for the older woman’s willingness to help, and her confidence in finding Tang Xiaoyu increased.

“It’s fine. I’ll go and tell your mother. ”

Madam Ji knocked on the kitchen door with a new Hermes zebra-print handbag. Zhang manhua opened the door and bade her goodbye with a natural, friendly smile and a polite welcome to visit again next time.

“I’ll be leaving, then. I’ll leave ran ran and my two grandsons to you.”

The older woman was still worried about her three precious grandchildren. Apart from qu Jingwan, these three children were the only ones who accompanied her in the country.

“Don’t worry, Madam. I’ll take good care of my grandchildren. They’re all my babies, and I know that they’re all yours.”

Zhang manhua was being polite, but she was also speaking the truth.

“That’s good, that’s good. I’m going back now. If I’m late, I might not be able to attend the party this afternoon.”

Madam Ji’s eyes curved into crescents and her face was peaceful. She always felt that Zhang manhua was not a simple woman and was more like a lady from a wealthy family.

“Okay, okay, okay. I won’t send you off. I’m still cooking something in my pot.”

Zhang manhua smiled as she looked at the pot behind her, which was already steaming. If no one was around, this kitchen would probably become a breeding ground for dark cuisine.

“No, no, you can continue with your work. I’ll go on my own.”

After saying this to her mother, the older woman returned to the dining room and bade goodbye to the other two before leaving the room.

Mother Ji, who was walking out of the door, could not help but feel sad. Her only son, Ji Ziming, finally had his own son and daughter, yet he was willing to bring them with his mother. Even ran ran, who was very close to her, chose to stay with her. She couldn’t help but wonder what the difference was between a big house and a small house.

She used to think that the bigger the house, the more comfortable it would be. But now, she felt that the size of the house had nothing to do with comfort. The most important thing was to be with the family. It was also the most peaceful and comfortable feeling in this family life.

Once his mother left, the man saw the Ji family’s car drive out of his sight. He turned around and looked at her with his dark eyes.”Let’s go. We’ll bring these three children to see Joe today.”

“Okay, is he in the hospital now? I heard from Shirley yesterday that he came to the United States for you, and he’ll probably leave in a day or two. ”

She was faintly worried that if Joe was not in the hospital, or if he had already left the United States and returned to United Kingdom, Ji Chi’s condition would be in a different state.

“Don’t worry. If he’s not here, I’ll make the hospital take my surname. After tomorrow, I’ll tell him that this hospital will no longer follow him.”

The man’s eyes flickered, and his gaze on her turned gentle.

“That’s good. I’m just afraid that he said that he didn’t care about Ping An anymore and that he would leave the next day. If he’s really just lying to me, I can understand.”

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