Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex - Chapter 1413. School Festival Day 2 / Good Job Sex (Sex with Everyone)

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Chapter 1413. School Festival Day 2 / Good Job Sex (Sex with Everyone)

「 It’s already distracting to hear people outside…turn it off 」

Kana-senpai said with a wry smile.

「 Ahaha, true 」

Nei, still naked after having sex with me, goes to the control panel on the wall.

「 Oh, don’t turn it off, just mute it! I want to check if something goes wrong outside 」

Nei said in a panic.

Right, there could be a delay if we have to turn on the monitor after something happens.

「 U-Uhm, s-s-should I go and watch from the other room? 」

Kurose Anju who watched us have sex is losing her cool, and she says that.

「 Don’t, you’re here to study sex Anju-chan 」

Nei rejects it with a smile.

「 That’s right, Kurose-san can’t join the family officially unless you have sex with Onii-chan 」

Mana said with a smile.

「 That’s right. Nobu, how about you finish it off now? 」

Kana-senpai smiles. Kurose Anju’s startled.

「 Just kidding! It’s our time right now so you just have to watch there 」

「 Yes, yes, you’re watching for now! Sit here! Yo-chan’s still planning Anju-chan’s deflowering as a beautiful experience! Just wait and see! Kukuku 」

Kana-senpai and Nei told Kurose Anju.

Err, I’ll have to think of some plan for her.

「 Okay, all the girls who want to have sex with Yo-chan gather around the workbench! 」

Nei raised her hand and called everyone.

「 I mean, everyone apart from that girl is all for it! So let’s do it with everyone 」

Kana-senpai cheerfully told everyone except Kurose Anju.


「 Ai…am taking a break…I’m full already…I already did it with Yoshida-kun… 」

Ai smiles calmly as she pats her abdomen.

Ai just got a creampie earlier.

Her womb is filled with my semen.

「 Huh? But nobody minds if you still join! Let’s go together 」

「 That’s right! Ai-chan can go for more! 」

Kana-senpai and Nei, the older girls said, but…

「 Ai’s greedy…So, I need to hold back…or I won’t be able to…so I’ll rest now 」

Ai replied calmly.

「 Ah, right, okay. Ai, you can look after her 」

「 Okay 」

Kana-senpai said, Ai sits next to Kurose Anju.

「 Here…sit…Ai will sit with you…we’ll watch everyone 」

「 Y-Yes… 」

Ai’s sexually satisfied smile confuses Kurose Anju.

Ai urged her so they sit next to each other by the wall and have sex.

「 Okay, everyone, expose your breasts and butts! Then, put your hands on the workbench so we can see each other’s faces, and then Yo-chan will do us from behind 」

「 I agree with Nei-san! Let’s see, Nobu, shove to each one for one minute each then we’re going to take turns 」

「 Yo-chan, if you feel good, then you can ejaculate to whoever you want 」

Nei and Kana-senpai are deciding the rules.

The two of them are like-minded

Kana-senpai and Mariko duo gets along, but this is a little different.

Anyway, the two of them get along.

「 Uhm, if we make contact with some part of each other’s body, then our power can make each other’s sex feel more intimate 」

Luna says while taking off her clothes.

「 Yes, Luna and I will relay it to everyone! 」

Yomi also took off her clothes.

Luna and Yomi want to get naked when having sex.

「 Oh, it’s that thing. Yes! Let’s do that 」

Kana-senpai’s already accustomed to sexual pleasure through the Miko power.

She accepted Luna and Yomi’s proposal right away.

「 Right. Yo-chan’s going to swap girls so fast that it’s going to be interesting to see how other girls accept Yo-chan’s penis and feel the difference between each one of them 」

Nei’s also into it.

「 Right, we have different bodies so it’ll feel different for everyone 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 If it’s just shared senses then Ai-chan and Anju-chan can join in too, right? 」

Nei smiled at the two sitting on the chair.

「 That’s…okay 」

「 Eeeeeeh?! 」

Ai’s smiling while Kurose Anju’s shocked. They have different reactions too.

「 Yomi-chan’s naked already so Mana will get naked too. 」

Seeing the shrine maidens get naked, Mana also took off her clothes.

Mana, now naked, suggests;

「 Okay, everyone ready gather together, we’re going to have a joint sex session 」

「 Okay 」

Nei gathers Kana-senpai, Megu, Mana, Yomi, Luna, and Haiji, and sticks them around the workbench in a circle.

Nei, Kana-senpai, Megu, and Haiji are half-naked with only their uniforms, breasts, and lower half exposed.

Luna, Yomi, and Mana are fully naked.

Luna’s cute, and she has a young body.

Haiji is half-german, so her proportions are a little different than Japanese, having high waist and long legs.

Then, Yomi’s got huge tits with a small body, but the huge breasts are firm and elastic.

Mana’s of the same age, but she’s grown beautifully. She’s grown taller, and her arms and legs have become slender and proportionate, giving her a model body shape.

Megu’s got a slender body as a track and field girl.

Kana-senpai’s the best-looking second-year student with a typical healthy body of a girl of her age.

Then, Nei’s body is too voluptuous and beautiful.

They’re all beauties and each of them has its individual charm.

「 Okay, standby! Hands-on the workbench, a little bit at a time, then touch the girl next to you 」

Nei said, the girls put their hands on the workbench at once, and their hands also touch each other.

Then, they all stuck their attractive naked butts out behind each other.

At the same time, they leaned close to each other and their bodies are making contact with each other and made a large circle on the bench.

「 Then, Ai-san, let’s hold hands 」

Megu on the far end holds out one of her hands to Ai. Her left hand connects with Ai, and her right hand is supporting her weight on the workbench.

「 Okay

Ai holds Megu’s hand, and her other hand goes to Kurose Anju.

「 You two will just join with your hands 」

「 Ah, okay 」

Ai smiles, Kurose Anju had no choice but to hold her hand.

「 Ah, please wait, I’ll adjust the sensitivity with Yomi-oneesan 」

Luna and Yomi adjust the sexual sensitivity together.

「 Err. 」

「 Luna, is this good enough? 」

The two shrine maidens are resonating their power, but…

「 Yomi-oneesan, that’s too strong 」

「 Sorry, I’m much hornier than Luna 」

「 I’m just the same, but Yomi-oneesan, you should also try to understand the others 」

Luna smiles.

「 But, I’m scared, scared that I might get too addicted to it, so if you ask me, I press on the breaks soon enough 」

「 You say that, but I like to feel the pleasure that I tend to step n the gas 」

The shrine maidens smile, describing their character as such.

「 Then, let’s keep this for now. We just see how it goes and keep it under control 」

「 Right, thank you for waiting. You can begin Nii-san 」

It seems that they’re done adjusting, so Luna calls me over, swinging her cute ass.

「 Oka y, Yo-chan, you can start coming at us anywhere you like! Let’s start! 」

Nei also swings her round ass, but…

「 Ah, but Nei-san and I already got Nobu earlier so you can go for the other girls first 」

Kana-senpai said.


At times like this.

「 Then, I’ll start with mana who worked hard today 」

I approached Mana, the closest one.

「 Yay! I’ve been waiting for this! Onii-chan! 」

Mana smiles and shakes her cute ass in a sexy way.

「 Ah, wait a second, before we start 」


「 We mentioned the rules, one minute per person. And one more thing, when Nobu’s penis is inside, you need to tell everyone what’s in your mind 」


「 Nobu can say what he wants, and the girls can tell us what you want to say too. Anyway, be honest and talk! Okay? 」

So spilling out everything in their mind while having sex?

「 Oh, that means that I can blurt out everything I want? Yay, I’ll gladly do that 」

Mana responded in a way that the other girls had no choice but to accept Kana-senpai’s proposed rule.

「 Well then, Onii-chan, come here! 」

Once sickly and slim, Mana changed dramatically over the past six months thanks to the reformation program.

She spreads her slender model-shaped legs and sticks out her ass to me.

Mana’s crotch is dripping love nectar from her beautiful slit, which looks like it’s cut by a knife.

「 Mana wants it so much that it’s dripping so much 」

「 Yeah, Mana 」

I go to Mana’s behind.

It’s so wet, but I need to wet it a little more for smoother insertion.

While I was thinking…

「 Onii-chan. Mana likes it when you’re a bit forceful, so just put it in 」

Mana turned to me and speak with her passionate eyes.

「 It’s okay, Mana gets wetter as Onii-chan bangs me. Onii-chan, you like violating Mana, right? 」


「 Yeah, I’m putting it in Mana 」

I grabbed Mana’s hips and rub my glans on her slit.

「 Aaahn, Onii-chan’s so warm 」

Mana’s insides drip more love nectar as she feels the heat of my glans at her opening.

I rub my dick on Mana’s love nectar to make it smooth.

「 Aaahn~ Break me Onii-chan! Violate Mana! 」

Good. I thrust my hips in.

「 Aaahn! 」

Mana’s slender body trembles.

My erect penis pushes open her narrow insides.

I’m forcibly pushing in from behind.

「 Aaaahn!! Onii-chan’s coming in! 」

Mana’s putting a lot of pressure on her vagina, making it difficult to enter.

Mana’s insides clamp me.

I forcefully open her narrow hole, thrusting my glans further into her hole.

Mana’s love nectar dripping from the inside turns into a lubricant, making the contact area between us slippery.

「 Aaahn, Mana’s getting violated! Onii-chan’s raping me again! 」

Finally, my glans were fully submerged in Mana’s warm inside.

Once the thickest part of the penis is in, all the remains are to push it deep into her moist vaginal flesh.

「 Aaah, it’s coming!!! Aaaah! Onii-chan!! 」

「 Mana!! 」


Her tight pussy wraps around my penis hard

Jurururu, warm liquid spills out from the connected part.

「 Aaaaah, I’m being violated! Mana’s being violated! 」

Before long, my penis is down to the root.

The tip of the glans sticks to her cervix.

「 Poke it! Onii-chan! Do it hard! 」

「 Aaah! 」

Guchu, guchu, guchu!

I started the piston rough!

「 Aah, aaah, yes! Onii-chan!! 」

「 I see. Instead of relaxing to make Nobu’s penis enter easier, you can also make it harder to enter and then have Nobu force it in! Ahn, I can feel it! 」

Kana-senpai’s also feeling the pleasure Mana feels through the two shrine maidens.

「 This might be good…Aaahn, Mana-chan’s sex…is good. It’s like refusing…but accepting it…ahhn…amazing…this is arousing 」

Mana’s sex is conveyed to Kana-senpai and the other girls through the two shrine maidens.

「 Aaaun! I can’t stop leaking my voice! There are many ways to have sex, and everyone has their favorites! Hyaan! Mana-chan likes it this way 」

Nei smiles at mana as she wiggles her body from the pleasure coming through

「 Aaaahn! I love it! Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave so I prefer the rape style than ordinary sex! 」

Mana’s aroused. Her skin’s already flushed.

「 Aaah, Onii-chan’s inside Mana. I’m filled. Amazing, it makes me feel at ease. 」 I want to stay like this forever 」

Mana says while I penetrate her hard.

Guchu, guchu, guchu

Drops of love nectar burst from the connected part, splattering over the workbench and the floor.

Mana and I are sweating.

It feels like Mana’s insides are melting.

「 Aaauuu!! Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave, so I feel alive when I’m connected to Onii-chan!! 」

「 Yes, you look livelier and much more beautiful! Mana-chan! Aahn~ 」

Nei says as she senses the same pleasure Mana’s feeling.

「 Aaahn, I can feel it. Mana-san’s becoming more beautiful. We haven’t been together for that long, but still, I can tell that you level up every time we meet up 」

Kana-senpai’s body is trembling.

「 But, it’s almost time to switch That’s one minute 」

Luna smiled calmly and said.

「 Aaahn, I was just about to get here 」

Mana sounded dissatisfied, moving her hips to grind our connected part.

「 Mana… 」

I gently embraced Mana’s body from behind while we were still connected.,

Her body’s flushed and pink, it feels nice.

Mana’s body loosened up.

「 I know. You need to go to the next one. You can pull out Onii-chan 」

Mana calmed down and answered.

Selfish girls are kicked out of the family.

Mana knows that through the skin.

「 I’m pulling out. 」

There we go.

I pull out my erect penis from Mana’s narrow hole.

「 Unnnn!! Aaahn! 」

Mana’s enjoying the feeling of my cock, squeezing her hole to the end.

My glans spills out of mana’s hole.

Her love nectar’s dripping on the floor.

「 I see. So you tighten it like this 」

Haiji seems to have learned Mana’s method through the Miko power.

「 Yes, like that, your muscles on your anus and vagina are connected like the number 8, so if you tighten your butt, your vagina tightens too! Anju-chan, remember that 」

Nei looked at Kurose Anju and smiled.

「 I-I…err… 」

Kurose Anju’s confused with the senses she’s feeling.

「 Don’t worry…we’re here with you 」

Ai, who’s sitting next to Kurose Anju, pats her back.

「 Then, Yomi’s next 」

I chose Yomi as my next partner.

Yomi’s also been working hard for the past two days.

「 Here you go Sensei 」

Yomi shakes her plump and round ass, ready to receive me.

Again, another Doggystyle where her hands are on the workbench.

「 Yomi’s already plenty wet so just go for it 」

The blacked-haired shrine maiden smiled at me.

「 Yeah 」

I grabbed Yomi’s hips and align my penis.

「 I’m putting it in 」

「 Haaaaaaa!! 」

Even though they’re of the same age, Mana’s much more slender overall as she aims to become a supermodel.

On the other hand, Yomi’s hips are slender, but she’s got huge tits, anywhere I touch her body I feel it’s squishy.

Furthermore, she’s relaying Mana’s sexual pleasure through her Miko power so her whole body’s excited, her skin is flushed, and her temperature is higher

「 Yomi’s insides are so warm 」

It’s as if I’m dipping my penis into some warm hot spring as I feel her moistened love nectar inside her.

「 It’s warmer if you go deeper, Sensei 」

「 Okay, let’s see 」

Then, I continue to push inside Yomi to the root

「 Aaah, yes!! 」

I embrace Yomi’s body in my arms while still connected.

She’s soft and warm, but her body is still young.

Her developing body is filled with vitality.

Her smooth naked skin is pleasant to touch.

「 Yes, I can feel it, Yomi-chan’s warm 」

Yomi’s temperature is conveyed to Megu through Miko power.

「 It’s different for each girl, she’s still in middle school, yet she’s so sensitive 」

Kana-senpai compares Mana and Yomi’s difference.

Since the physical sensation is on the shrine maiden herself, Yomi, the sensation is much more direct than relaying the senses from other girls.

「 Sensei, go deeper 」

The loli tits beauty begs me.

「 I want it. Please poke and kiss Yomi-chan’s baby room entrance 」


I push deeper inside Yomi.

「 Aaaaaaahn! 」

Yomi moans cutely.

Her love nectar drips, accepting my thrusts.

「 It feels good! I love it! 」

Yomi’s back is getting sweaty.

「 You like this stuff, right? 」

I keep on making thrusts, ravaging Yomi’s insides.

I slam Yomi’s ass with my abdomen, making slapping sounds.

As requested, I repeatedly poke the tip of my glans into Yomi’s cervix.

「 Aaah! Sensei! I love this! Yes! Yomi loves this! 」

Yomi’s shouting with her charming voice.

She’s bracing her legs, gripping the workbench, and every time I thrust in, her breasts jiggle.

「 Sensei, grab Yomi’s breasts…fondle it 」

Another lewd request.

I turn my hand holding Yomi’s waist to hold her breasts


It’s a big round lump of flesh that doesn’t fit in my hand, and her nipples are stiff and hard.

The texture and tensed texture is only available at this age.

「 Harder, make it hurt 」

「 Okay 」

I rub Yomi’s breasts vigorously as I thrust into her.

A little bit rougher, that’s what this loli big tits girl wants.

「 Aaah, yes!! 」

While at it, I also pinched Yomi’s breasts.

「 Kyauuu!! 」

Yomi’s body jumps and her vagina tightens.

「 So that’s how it feels for girls with big breasts 」

Haiji mutters while feeling Yomi’s body.

Haiji’s breasts haven’t swelled yet.

Or should I say that Yomi’s growing too fast?

You don’t have to worry about it, Haiji.

「 Okay, that’s one minute 」

This time, Kana-senpai’s the one to stop.

「 Aaaahn! Just a bit more! Please! Please!!! 」

Yomi begs in tears, but…

「 No, Yomi-neesan, everyone’s waiting for their turn 」

Luna smiled wryly.

「 Uuuuuu, this is regretful 」

Yomi gave up.

「 Nii-san, do Haiji-chan next 」

Luna looked at Haiji

「 Haiji-chan doesn’t seem like she can hold it anymore 」

「 Y-Yes, please 」

Luna asked. Haiji turned her ass to me.

I see. Haji’s usually calm and collected, but her skin’s flushed.

That looks totally lead with the sweat on her forehead.

「 Yes, I’ll put it in right away Haiji 」

After the two girls of the same age, I’m having sex with Haiji.

「 Ah, just a bit Sensei! Hyaan! Y-You’re pulling out! 」

I’m feeling sorry to leave, but I pull my penis out of Yomi’s pussy.

Yomi’s love nectar creates a string connecting to my glans I pulled out.

「 Aaahn! Hmm!!! 」

Before the thread is cut, I turn my dick towards Haiji

「 Here I go 」

Yomi’s vagina and Haiji’s vagina are connected with a thread through my penis.

「 P-Please take care of me 」

Haiji’s polite even at times like this.

I rub my glans on Haiji’s young slit.

It hasn’t been long since she lost her virginity.

She’s still new to sex so I won’t get it in that smoothly without loosening her up.

「 Aaahn, just this is already making me feel good 」

My glans make contact with Haiji’s mucous membrane.

Love nectar leaks from Haiji’s insides, making my glans warm and wet.

「 Hauuuu!! 」

I stimulate her clitoris with the tip of my glans and Haiji shivered.

「 Loosen up 」

「 Yes 」

Haiji’s slit opens lewdly.

Yeah, she’s getting accustomed to my dick.

「 It’s about time 」

「 Yes, please do 」

I slowly open Labia with the tip of my glans and push in.


「 Aaaaah!! 」

「 Haiji-chan, try loosening up while standing 」

Luna can feel Haiji’s state and gave her some advice.

She’s not accustomed to doing it from behind so she’s putting too much pressure on her legs and hips, so she can’t adjust it yet.

「 Don’t worry, I’ve got your back 」

「 Yes, Yomi can feel Haiji-san 」

Mana and Yomi support Haiji by leaning on her side.

I adjusted the angle.

「 Hiii, huuuu 」

My glans enters her opening.

「 Let’s go deeper 」

「 Y-Yes!! Hyaaaaaaa!!! 」

I’m trying to invade Haiji, but it’s too tight.

She’s clamping really hard!!

「 Aaaaaaahnn!! Hyauuu!!! 」

Still, I managed to pry my way through the narrow passage to the base.

「 I’m moving now 」

「 Yes! 」

Zuchu, zuchu! Zuchu

「 Ah, aaah, aaaah! aah!! 」

Haiji’s moaning cutely.

It’s making some lewd wet sounds as I piston slowly.

I go harder while I piston my penis.

Haiji’s nervous insides begin to relax.

「 Ah, ah, ah, aaaah!! 」

Haiji’s voice is hot and lewd.

「 I-It feels good! Aaah, aaahn!! 」

Finally, my erect penis is accepted inside Haiji’s narrow vagina.

「 Okay, that’s enough 」

Nei looked up at the clock and announced.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

I stopped my piston and Haiji’s exhaling hard.

Her body’s sweating, and she’s making a sweet scent.

「 I think I figured it out. I’ll get better at it 」

The sweating Haiji says while my penis is still inside her.

「 Don’t rush it. These are fun when you learn them slowly 」

I hold Haiji’s body and whispered in her ear.

「 Yes, that’s right. There’s no need to rush. Aah, aahn! 」

Yeah, Haiji’s an honest girl.

This half-foreign beauty moans cutely.

「 Seeing them like that, I wish I had sex when I was their age. To think that I kept this until I was seventeen 」

Kana-senpai looks at Mana, Yomi, and Haiji and muttered.

「 What are you talking about? If you didn’t keep it until 17, then Yo-chan wouldn’t have taken it from you 」

Nei smiled.

「 Well, that’s also true. Yeah, not going to look back anymore, I’m going to enjoy the present as much as I can 」

Kana-senpai gives herself a slap on the cheek and switched her mood.

「 Then, it’s Luna-chan’s turn next, right? 」

Nei’s right, since I went for Mana and Yomi, then Haiji, so Luna’s next, right?

「 No, I’ll go last, if I go first, I’ll lose control of the adjustment 」

Luna replied.

Is she planning to use her Miko power to bring them all to climax?

「 If that’s the case, it’s Megu-chan’s turn now 」

「 O-Okay… 」

Megu offers her ass to me as Nei told her.

Megu’s the youngest when it comes to the high-school group.

「 Uhm, thank you 」

Everyone’s taking turns in sex, yet, Haiji looks disappointed while thanking me. That’s very much like her.

「 Likewise. Haiji’s tightness is amazing 」

「 Y-Yes. I’ll train more to please you more 」

Haiji replied bashfully.\

Well then.


「 Aaahn! 」

I pull out my penis from Haiji’s narrow hole.

Her love nectar drips out of her young pussy.

Haiji got this wet before anyone noticed.

「 Hey, Yoshi-kun, I can go for it later 」

Megu says, trying to reserve for the other girls, but…

「 We’re all taking the same minute turns anyway 」

「 Why would Megu-chan have to take a step back when you’re the closest one now? 」

The people here are Megu’s high-school friends and the younger group.

None of the Kouzuki girls that Megu’s bad at dealing with.

「 Sorry, Nei-oneesan 」

Megu’s insecurities have to go.

I think it’s doing well, but…

「 Come here, Megu 」

I first embraced Megu’s slender body from behind.

I hold her thin waist and gently sniff her hair.

「 Yoshi-kun 」

「 That smells like Megu, I feel at ease 」

It’s the usual Megu smell. The smell of her sweat.

「 Really? 」

Megu looks back at me with an anxious face.

「 Obviously. You’re mine after all 」

I licked Megu’s ear.

「 Kyaa~ 」

Megu got tickled.

「 Let’s do it. One minute, just like everyone 」

「 Yes. Come 」

Megu’s body loosened up.


I press my dick, shining with Haiji’s love nectar, into Megu’s entrance.

Megu’s also feeling the same sensation the other girls had, and so she’s quite drenched.

「 I’m putting it in 」

「 Aaaaaaaaah!! Hmmm!!! 」

Just like the other girls, I connect to her from behind while standing.

Nunununu, my penis is sucked into Megu’s insides.

This body temperature, dampness, and tightness, yeah, this is the usual Megu.

First, I slowly move my hips.

Megu, whose body type is for the track and field, has thin hips due to the lack of fat.

But, her ass is white, smooth, and pleasant to touch.

I grind my hips to her ass.

「 Ah, aaahn! Aaahn! Yoshi-kun! Aaahn! 」

Megu’s accepting me so deeply.

「 That’s interesting. Megu-chan’s Nobu’s lawful wife, yet, she’s nervous when it comes to sex 」

Yomi and Luna’s Miko power conveys Megu’s sexual pleasure and Kana-senpai mutters.

「 Well, that’s because Megu-chan’s the straight man of the house 」

Nei laughs.

Megu’s a girl who grew up in a normal family so she feels that group sex, like the one we’re doing right now, isn’t normal.

I mean, just having sex in school is already something ethically wrong in her mind.

「 But that’s what’s great about it, if we don’t have someone like Megu-chan, Yo-chan would be unstoppable, and he’d become who can’t get excited unless it’s out of the ordinary 」

「 Oh, right. I see. Modesty is important. If the absurd becomes normal, then it stops being fun 」

Nei said. Kana-senpai’s convinced.

「 Ahn! Doing it when everyone’s here is embarrassing! Aahn, but if Yoshi-kun wants it! Aaahn, I’ll do anything, no matter how embarrassing it is 」

Saying that Megu also moves her hips to match mine.

She’s feeling embarrassed, but her body’s seeing the sexual pleasure more.

Megu’s body has changed after six months of having sex.

「 Aaahn, Yoshi-kun! There…yes, grind it there, I like it! Aaahn!! 」

I also know where Megu’s sensitive.

I use my glans to rub around.

「 Aah, iyaan, this is embarrassing! I’m feeling good!!! 」

Megu’s vagina tightens.

Love nectar overflows from deep inside.

Megu’s flushed body is beautiful.

「 Hey,, Yoshi-kun! Aaahn~ Look, Yoshi-kun… 」


「 Say you love me! Aaahn~ Please. Say that you love me! Aaahn! 」


「 I love you Megu 」

I whispered to her ear while making hard thrusts.

Megu’s soft uterus is My glans is touching Megu’s soft uterus.

「 Aaaahn!! Me too! I love you too!! I love you Yoshi-kun!! Aaaahn! 」

「 Geez, Megu-oneechan’s such a needy girl 」

Mana, her half-sister looked at her with gentle eyes.

「 Megu 」

I went for my last spurt, grabbing Megu’s hips and piston hard, but…

「 Okay, that’s one minute! 」

Yomi stopped it this time.

「 Aahn, wait! I’m just starting to feel the fire inside! Just a bit more 」

Megu appeals, but…

「 Yeah. I feel the same way earlier Megumi-chan. But, no, we have rules to follow 」 」

Kana-senpai smiled.

「 I mean, I want it too. Nei-san, can I go first? 」

Kana-senpai can’t hold it anymore

「 Sure, go ahead, switch, Yo-chan 」

「 Yeah, I’m pulling out Megu 」

I gave Megu another embrace.

「 Aahn~ We were in the good part 」

She wasn’t serious earlier about “I’m okay with just a bit”

Megu’s nature is just as Mana said, she’s needy.

「 I love you, Megu 」

I whispered to her again.

「 Yes, I feel it. I love you too Yoshi-kun 」

Finally, Megu calmed down.

I pull out my penis from Megu’s insides.

「 Aaah, iyaan!! 」

Pulling out from Megu and her love nectar also drips down the floor.

「 I’ll clean up the floor later 」

Megu says bashfully, cute.

「 Now, come here Nobu 」

Kana-senpai’s heated gaze waits for me.

Just like the other girls, her hands are on the workbench, raising her ass, inviting me.

Kana-senpai’s slit is already loose with pleasure, and even without opening it, I can see her flesh-colored insides.

First of all, I reach out and groped Kana-senpai’s round ass.

「 Hyaan~ You didn’t do that with other girls?! 」

「 No, I mean, I just wanted to touch it 」

I replied honestly.

Kana-senpai doesn’t take her tennis club activities seriously so her muscles aren’t that developed.

But, she’s a beauty, and energetic, and she’s got amazing proportions. So her body is very much like a high-school girl.

「 Err, then that’s okay. You can do as you please Nobu 」

Taking her offer, I enjoyed groping Kana-senpai’s ass.

Yeah, that’s warm meat. It’s different from Megu’s thin ass or Edie’s rubber bouncy ass.

This is good on its own.

「 Ahn~ Nobu’s touch is so lewd. I’m feeling it. 」

Kana-senpai’s eyes look craving.

「 Well then, let’s put it in 」

「 Okay, go ahead Nobu, go inside me 」

I push in my glans between Kana-senpai’s slit.

Kana-senpai’s loosened up that it’s easy to go in.

「 Aaahn! There it is! 」

Zununununu!! My penis pushes through Kana-senpai’s inside

Yeah, she’s drenched. It’s warm and moist, and it gently wraps my penis.

「 Hey thrust it! Nobu! Please! 」


Gucho, gucho, gucho!

The overflowing love nectar makes lewd wet sounds from the connected part as I move my hips.

「 Aaaahn, so embarrassing! This is so lewd 」

Kana-senpai’s body trembles as everyone’s watching her have sex.

「 Aaahn! Aaah! Hey, Nobu, I’m, I’m… 」


「 I had fun at the school festival yesterday and today, aaahn! All thanks to Nobu 」

Kana-senpai’s tennis club and our bakery’s collaborative cafe.

「 We even appeared on TV, yeah, the tennis club was happy, and Mariko even came over, this was a fun festival 」

Earlier, it was Kana-senpai who came up with the rule that you have to speak out about what’s in your mind while having sex.


「 Aaahn, I’m thankful, Nobu, I love you 」

Kana-senpai says while I violate her from behind.

「 Ever since Nobu made me his woman, a lot more exciting things happen, and I’m having fun with my life! I’m happy! Nobu, I love you 」

「 I love you too Kana-senpai 」

I think that Kana-senpai’s great and I’m thankful that she accepts everything without hesitation. I’m thankful to her too.

「 Aaahn~ Please take care of me from now on too! Nobu 」


I grabbed Kana-senpai’s hips hard and thrust my penis harder.

「 Aaah, aaahn! yes! Amazing! Aaah!! 」

Kana-senpai’s vagina tightens up.

Oh, Kana-senpai’s climbing up to ecstasy.


「 Okay, that’s one minute. That’s as far as you go, Kana-chan, nufufufu 」

Nei smiled and stopped us.


「 Sorry, Ya-chan, I’m already going to cum 」

I’m about to reach my limit.

「 Yes, pour it! Pour it all inside Kana!!! 」


I went for my last spurt and thrust inside Kana-senpai at high speed.

「 Everyone. Tighten your hold 」

「 Yes…it’s coming…the huge wave 」

Nei said. Ai grips Kurose Anju’s hand tighter.

「 Hyaaaaaaa!! M-Me too! Kana’s cumming too! Cumming! Cumming!! 」

Kana-senpai’s body trembles.

Her pussy clamped hard.

At that moment.

「 Cumming!! 」


My semen blows inside Kana-senpai

「 Aaaaah!! 」

「 Kyaaaunn!! 」

「 Aaaaahn!! 」

Everyone in the bakery also climaxed together with Kana-senpai and me.

The flames burning in their bodies and in their hearts blow up at once.

「 Aaaaaaahn!! 」

The smell of love nectar, the sweat of the girls, and their lewd scent wrap me around as I continue to ejaculate inside Kana-senpai.

Kana-senpai, Nei, Mana, Yomi, Luna, Haiji, Megu, Ai, and Kurose Anju.

We’ve become a single bundle and shared our sexual pleasures.

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