Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks - Chapter 1973: Your Majesty, …

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Chapter 1973: Your Majesty, …

Consort Zhuang truly didn’t spare any effort in attacking Noble Lady Zhou with slander. She was worried that Noble Lady Zhou would seek revenge on her if she prospered.

Since Consort Zhuang believed Noble Lady Zhou wouldn’t let her off, she might as well spread rumors of her being a fox spirit.

And as it turned out, everyone disliked Noble Lady Zhou. They had been in a drought for so long while she alone had spent many nights being favored by the emperor.

Consort Zhuang claimed Noble Lady Zhou was a fox spirit-a demon-and one by one, the others went along with it. The more she spoke, the more she believed that her claims were true.

Even if Ning Shu prevented them from speaking about it, and even if no one outright complained, they all felt apprehensive.

Noble Lady Zhou attended to the emperor for three consecutive nights. The whole inner palace frothed with rage and, one after another, the concubines all ran to Ning Shu to tearfully complain.

Your Majesty, this concubine drank so many medicinal decoctions, and His Majesty still hasn’t come to this concubine’s palace…

Your Majesty, without His Majesty, how can this concubine conceive an heir…?

Your Majesty, Noble Lady Zhou is a seventh rank noble lady! How can she receive so much favor? His Majesty must treat everyone equally…

Your Majesty, that Noble Lady Zhou is definitely a fox spirit! See how she’s made His Majesty completely crazy about her…

Ning Shu: (╯°Д°)╯︵┻━┻

Ning Shu’s ears were constantly filled with the buzzing voices of the imperial concubines. She told them that His Majesty had his plans.

The imperial concubines went to Ning Shu to vent, hoping that the empress would be able to punish Noble Lady Zhou. However, Ning Shu was firm and unyielding, causing the concubines greater despair.

Their belief that Noble Lady Zhou was a fox spirit grew stronger and more widespread. Zhao Xu had never been like that: he never favored only one person. Moreover, she was still just a noble lady. If she were of higher status, everyone would be less indignant.

“Task of attending to the emperor for three consecutive days has been completed. Task reward: the 800 Tang poems skill.”

Noble Lady Zhou lay on the bed, limp and sore all over, when she heard the favored concubine system’s voice. She felt something force its way into her head, which left her feeling discomforted for quite a while.

‘800 Tang poems’? Noble Lady Zhou stretched languidly. In order to test the effect, Noble Lady Zhou thought about plum blossoms.

The outcome was a verse about plum blossoms appearing in her mind. It was so clear that she could recite it without issue!

Although she studied a lot of poetry in the modern era, she had forgotten almost all of it. If she were to compose poems, she’d gain a reputation for elegance and brilliance. This was great!

She’d be able to write poems when there was nothing else to do, and she’d impress Zhao Xu by reciting them.

“Lian Er, I should go pay respects to Her Majesty now. Help me up.” Noble Lady Zhou extended her slender fingers. Each of them looked like carefully polished jade, with perfectly pink fingernails. Her slender wrists and her skin’s jade-like luster momentarily dazzled the maid beside her.

The maid quickly reached out to help Noble Lady Zhou. Compared to Noble Lady Zhou’s hand, hers was darker and rougher. The maid wished that she could withdraw it.

Noble Lady Zhou glanced at the hand supported by her maid and smiled faintly.

It could be said that her skin was the best among the women in the inner palace. It was soft, flawless, tender, and smooth.

No blackheads or pimples popped out, no pores were visible, and it had zero blemishes.

“My lady, Her Majesty said that my lady has worked hard in attending to His Majesty for the night and that there was no need for a greeting,” the maid said with her head lowered.

Noble Lady Zhou smiled tranquilly and calmly. She sat in front of the dressing table and looked at the woman in the bronze mirror. Her reflection looked like a fairy that had descended down to grace the world.

Noble Lady Zhou touched her face with the back of her hand. Never before had she been this beautiful. In modern times, she was just a common white-collar worker, not a stunning beauty.

There was no man who, having possessed a beauty to be yearned for, wouldn’t love her.

When Noble Lady Zhou heard from the maid that she didn’t have to pay respects, she planned not to go.

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