Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks - Chapter 2009: Where Are You Going?

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Chapter 2009: Where Are You Going?

Ning Shu slept leaning against the tree all night. She had originally wanted to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, but decided not to with so many people staring. Ning Shu was also a little bit wary of Elder Li.

If he was strong enough to protect Miss Mu, why would they additionally commission so many mercenaries?

Death Mountain probably had some treasure that attracted the Mu family’s miss.

Ning Shu didn’t care about treasure if it came at the cost of her life. Once she got to Death Mountain, she’d leave to find materials for the wisdom pill as well as monster crystals.

If she was able to sell some monster crystals, it would subsidize the family’s expenses.

Early the next morning, the team entered Death City, the city closest to Death Mountain. It was extremely prosperous and flourishing.

Once they arrived in the city, Ning Shu intended to slip away. As soon as she exited the door of the inn, an elderly voice sounded behind her, “Where are you going?”

Ning Shu turned around to face Elder Li.

Ning Shu didn’t know if it was because his summoned beast was a snake, but she always felt that this person was a bit sinister. Ning Shu smiled a little and said, “I’m going to go buy something.”

“What do you need? I’ll let a guard buy it for you, so you can just stay in the inn,” Elder Li said as he blocked the way. He then lifted his chin, indicating for Ning Shu to go back into the inn.

“But my task has been completed. We’ve already arrived at Death Mountain,” Ning Shu couldn’t help saying.

“In addition to being an escort, Miss Mu has some other things to ask of you, so you can’t leave right now. The tasks may be a little troublesome, but the reward will be considerable.”

Ning Shu: …

She figured that things wouldn’t be simple.

Ning Shu could only return to the inn and sit on the bench.

Elder Li ordered a lot of dishes for the mercenaries and also got them some drinks. Although the food was not the most expensive, it was still for a sizable amount of people, so it probably cost a considerable amount of gold coins.

Moreover, prices in Fallen City were a bit higher than in other places.

Ning Shu tore into a drumstick that looked like it came from a bird much bigger than a chicken. The meat was quite chewy. It was probably monster meat.

No matter what she would face next, Ning Shu decided to fill her stomach first.

Yue Shuangshuang’s family conditions were not good, so there was never an opportunity for her to eat monster meat.

After they finished eating, Elder Li summoned the mercenaries and prepared to enter Death Mountain.

Miss Mu did not ride the carriage anymore. Instead, she walked on foot.

At the edge near Death Mountain, Miss Mu turned around and said to the mercenaries, “My goal for this trip is to get the snow soul lotus in Jade Waters Ice Pond.”

“Miss Mu, the snow soul lotus is at the back of Death Mountain. It’s very dangerous,” said a mercenary with a frown. The expressions of the others also couldn’t help but change.

The most most most precious thing about snow soul lotus was the lotus seed. It was said that this lotus seed had accumulated powerful energy from heaven and earth. If it was eaten by a summoned beast, the beast would suddenly become much stronger and undergo a qualitative change.

However, such a powerful thing was guarded by powerful monsters from all directions. These monsters regarded the Jade Waters Ice Pond as their very own home’s one-point-three-acre land. How could they give it up to humans?

Basically, every single spiritual item that could improve the strength of any spirit animal was guarded by monsters. For example, wisdom fruit when ripened would result in giant monster battles.

The reason why human beings could look down upon other species was that human beings had wisdom, which made them the most intelligent of all conscious beings.

These mercenaries were not very strong. Some weren’t even summoners. At the moment, they were just relying on numbers to find some monster crystals and get by. Once they really arrived at Jade Waters Ice Pond, very few people would be able to survive. Maybe even the entire group would be wiped out.

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