Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping - Chapter 1466 - Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 24)

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Chapter 1466: Cold voice actor: The old enemy is the top queen (Part 24)

Pan Jin Lian’s Gentleman (Lv 4): The two laughs were cool!

Big Sister Peach’s Spring (Lv 1): God Clear Dust is so good!

Little Transparency in the World of Porcelain (Lv 1): Actually, I want to know how this voice suits Nian Yi in “Reincarnation Endowment”, I feel it’s a bit off.

That Summer (Lv 1): It does seem a bit off, but perhaps Nian Yi is very dominating! Anyway, I like god Clear Dust’s voice.

Seemingly Pure (Lv 10): I also feel that god Clear Dust has the ability, not like the female lead for “Sword Dance Clear Song”. That cutesy voice, I almost vomited out my lunch. ヽ〔?Д?〕丿

After another heated discussion, Luo Qing Chen finally used her normal voice to speak.

“Actually, I’ve always changed my voice since I liked this voice.”

When she said this, the entire room exploded.

All kinds of gifts and praise made people submit.

Not Caring About Wang Lun’s Love (Lv 10): My god, was that my god Clear Dust?

White Jasmine (Lv 4): Such a clean voice! I’ve heard that great voice actors could change their voice, it really has been a feast for the years today.

“Un! I just saw what White Jasmine said just now. Actually, all great voice actors can change their voice, it’s just a matter of range.”

Peach Falling in Dreams (Lv 6): If this is Nian Yi’s voice, I can’t be more convinced!

That Summer (Lv 1): So expectant! God Clear Dust’s Nian Yi!

Scattered Flower Skirt (Lv 12): What I look forward to more is the cooperation between god Clear Dust and god Half Cup, they really are the two myths of online voice acting!

Luo Qing Chen saw Half Warm Cup’s name and her lips couldn’t help curling slightly.

She always felt a bit of warmth when her name was put together with his name.

At the same time, Fang Qian Meng who was also live on Fridays had a livid look on her face.

But she couldn’t show a black face since she was on camera.

After all, at this time, her screen was covered in four words: Thinking of Clear Dust!

Qiu Qiu is Clear Dust’s Little Princess (Lv 9): I came to see how bleak you are!

Yo Yo Yo (Lv 1): Ha, ha! So few people, everyone would prefer to listen to god Clear Dust instead of seeing your face! 乛?乛

Fang Qian Meng completely lost her temper after seeing that line.

She took a deep breath and forced out a smile to say to everyone, “Babies, I’m going to get a cup of water!”

She walked out of her bedroom and immediately called He Yu Yan.

“Baby, what is it?” He Yu Yan’s voice sounded very good. When he saw that it was Fang Qian Meng’s call, he put down the work at hand.

It was a pity that the other side’s mood wasn’t good.

“What are you doing?” A sharp voice rang in his ear and He Yu Yan knitted his brows.

“I’m recording, what is it?” “Sword Dance Clear Song” was about to begin.

As a professional voice actor, he put all his energy into it other than when he was in class or at his club.

“You’re still in the mood to record! Do you know that b*tch Clear Dust is bullying me!” Fang Qian Meng said this as she took a box of cigarettes out of her pocket. She lit up and took a deep puff before saying, “What do you think we should do!”

“What do you want to do?” He Yu Yan was suddenly a bit annoyed by this kind of Fang Qian Meng, this feeling was completely different from when he first saw her.

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