Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping - Chapter 2201: Magic potion: You will fall wildly in love with me (20)

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Chapter 2201: Magic potion: You will fall wildly in love with me (20)

Her gaze ignored everyone and fell onto Yu Qian Jin.

She nervously held the bottle of mineral water as her heart beat fast, feeling very nervous.

Ye Si Tian couldn’t back down because of what happened earlier, but it was a good thing that the attention was turned to He Qing Qing.

“Young miss He, didn’t young master Jin tell you not to approach him?”  She gave a taunting laugh before rolling her eyes, “You aren’t a student of our class, you’re making things hard for our support club by coming here every day!”

After all, He Qing Qing was from a rich family and was the young miss of one of A City’s four great families.  Although Ye Si Tian didn’t like her, she wasn’t as direct as when she spoke to Luo Qing Chen’s group.

“I’ll leave after giving young master Jin one final bottle of mineral water.”  He Qing Qing bit her lip.  Her voice trembled a bit as a cold sweat broke out on her back.

She could only sink with the boat today.

Although there was still a final step to this magic potion, she didn’t have any time.

Yu Qian Jin narrowed his deep eyes as he looked at He Qing Qing.  Those calm eyes didn’t show any ripples at all.

Even Luo Qing Chen felt that he was a cold man at that moment.

He didn’t seem like he was able to love someone, he couldn’t even like someone.  Whether it was true or false, it seemed the same for him.

He just watched as things fell to the ground, not caring about the feelings of others.

Yu Qian Jin, Yu Qian Jin, Yu Qian Jin……

Luo Qing Chen repeated his name three times in her heart.  He was indeed a hard character to capture.

Ye Si Tian saw that Yu Qian Jin didn’t say anything, so she couldn’t say anything either.

Instead she kept pointing her finger at Luo Qing Chen and Mu Nan Xi.  She had more to say to Luo Qing Chen, but she felt an inexplicable feeling of fear when she saw her eyes.

“Mu Nan Xi, I urge you to apologize to me or don’t blame me for showing you no courtesy!”  Ye Si Tian stood straight up and glared at Mu Nan Xi.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help giving a cold snort.  She wanted to help Mu Nan Xi speak, but she wanted her to say the words that came to her mouth herself.

She didn’t know what happened in the past, but she felt that Mu Nan Xi needed a chance, a chance to not be as weak anymore.

There was a long silence that filled the air.  Mu Nan Xi gripped her hands and pursed her lips.

Ye Si Tian crossed her arms and looked down at Mu Nan Xi with a proud look.

In the past, to settle things, she had even kneeled down and apologized to her.

She had seen this kind of woman before, there would be a second time if there was a first.  Could it be that she wanted to go over her head?

“Apologize?  Based on what?”  After a few seconds, there was an ice cold clear voice that rang out.  Mu Nan Xi suddenly looked up with eyes filled with determination and said, “I want to know, what is your courtesy worth?”

Ye Si Tian was filled with rage.  She might have been able to endure it if it was someone who had been arrogant the entire time like Luo Qing Chen.

But she couldn’t take this sudden madness that came from the commoner student who had kneeled down at her feet before.  In her rage, she took out a fruit knife from a bag that she had picked up from an unknown place, stabbing out at Mu Nan Xi.

“Ah!”  Screams came from all around them.

Ye Si Tian’s actions were too fast and even Luo Qing Chen couldn’t react fast enough.

Xiao Pang who sat beside Mu Nan Xi seemed like he had been injected with steroids as he ignored everything to stand in front of her.

The knife was long and very sharp……

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