Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 550 - What Would It Make of Her?

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Chapter 550: What Would It Make of Her?

Yu Yuanxi never carried hard feelings for anyone, but the person before his eyes challenged his perception of people, showing him that evil did exist in the world.

“Get lost, Yu Yuanxi!” Zhou Zhen exclaimed in rage before darting Shen Xi the evil eye. “The role is my friend’s. She’s about to arrive so take off those clothes!”

Who did the girl think she was? Zhou Zhen put in a lot of time and effort to get the role from the director, yet the girl managed to snatch it right out of her hands just like that.

Zhou Zhen got the role for her best friend, and it was one with a few good lines. How was she supposed to explain to her bestie that she no longer had the part? What would it make of her?

“I’m sorry, but you should tell your friend to go home.” Shen Xi was well-versed in dealing with different kinds of people and the best approach for a nitwit was facing them head-on.

Well, since Zhou Zhen was desperate for the role, Shen Xi was surely not letting go of the role now!

“You… You… B*tch!” With anger brewing within, Zhou Zhen could blow up in the face of Shen Xi’s silent taunt that implied Zhou Zhen had nothing on her.

Since Yu Yuanxi was standing in between them, Zhou Zhen could not find an opening to attack Shen Xi. She was left to watch as the makeup artist painted the face of the girl sitting arrogantly in front of the vanity mirror.

Wang Cai arrived on the scene to Zhou Zhen still kicking up a fuss. He turned ashen in the face. “Shut up if you still want to be on the set. You’re welcome to leave if you don’t want to be part of the production.”

There was a limit to his patience. He would usually put up with her misbehavior as long as she kept her hands off of his shoot. Zhou Zhen was free to work on her people skills and networking.

Ultimately, she had no say in butting in the filming process.

“Mr. Wang!”

Unyielding, Wang Cai gave her the tough talk. “This is not up for discussion. Go and get ready for your next scene.”

Zhou Zhen might be despotic and haughty, but she was not stupid. She would push Wang Cai’s limits without going too far.

She did not hold back on bullying crew members and bossing the extras around simply because Wang Cai let her be. However, Zhou Zhen would rein in her bad behavior when Wang Cai was as little as frowned.

By the looks of Wang Cai now, Zhou Zhen knew that nothing she said could change his mind. Hence, she had no choice but to give up disgruntledly. Still, it did not stop Zhou Zhen from hating Shen Xi and tearing her apart figuratively.

What was she supposed to tell her girlfriend now? She told her bestie that she was the director’s favorite and that the director would hand her a role with a couple of lines at the snap of her finger.

Only God knows Wang Cai was obnoxiously strict when it came to filming. She worked for two months before getting her hands on the cameo role with a few lines.

Rather than leaving or harping on about it, Zhou Zhen sat quietly in a corner to watch. She wanted to see what the girl, who embarrassed her twice, was trying to pull!

Someone informed her earlier that the girl was a fan of Yu Yuanxi. That must be a cover for the girl’s true intention, which was getting Yu Yuanxi to pull some strings for her to go into showbiz!

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