Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1366 - Qin Qing’s Incomparably Thick Skin

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Chapter 1366: Qin Qing’s Incomparably Thick Skin

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Chi Shuyan didn’t know what Brother Feng was thinking. Seeing that he looked more and more tired, she didn’t disturb him anymore and let him rest first. His health was more important.

Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan also tactfully left the room and told their Director Feng to rest up.

Chi Shuyan didn’t expect Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin to really bring so many people over that afternoon to buy talismans. What surprised her the most, however, was that Qin Qing was among them.

Seeing this Qin woman, Chi Shuyan’s expression turned chilly.

Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan, who were at the door, had very unsightly expressions when they saw Qin Qing. From the moment they found out that this woman had cheated on Director Feng, they no longer called her “Sister-in-law.” If it wasn’t for the fact that she was a woman, the two of them would have kicked her out on the spot.

The two looked at each other, and resolved not to let this woman see Director Feng again, in case he vomited blood in anger.

Chi Shuyan’s tone also turned a little colder. She said to Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin, “You’re here?”

Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin were a little anxious when they heard Master Chi’s cold tone. Thinking of the messy relationship between Qin Qing and Master Chi’s friend, their faces were also very unsightly.

Speaking of which, Ruan Shenglin in particular had a lot of grievances against Qin Qing. The black Buddha pendant which this woman had given to his wife had almost cost his family their lives. They couldn’t get past this resentment.

If he hadn’t been overwhelmed by what had happened in the village recently, he would have taken revenge long ago.

When the two returned to the film crew, they didn’t plan to have everyone come to Master Chi’s place to buy talismans. They were also certain that most of the crew probably wouldn’t believe them, so they just planned to let everyone else know, but insist on persuading their friends and Director Wang.

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But who would have thought that this woman would suddenly come with them to buy talismans from Master Chi?

Qin Qing wasn’t part of the group that Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun had urged to buy talismans from Master Chi. When this woman gave them the Buddha pendant back then, she had almost caused harm to their family. They couldn’t wait for this woman to get her just desserts, which would save them the trouble of getting revenge later on. Sometimes, however, some people were too thick-skinned to be stopped.

They had already turned her down several times, but it was as if this woman didn’t get it. She followed them to Master Chi’s place to buy talismans. Even if they had a death feud, everyone in the film crew was watching, so it wasn’t good for the two of them to refuse. In addition, this woman followed them closely on their heels to Master Chi’s place, which made the two of them feel very uncomfortable.

Qin Qing didn’t seem to see Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin’s unsightly faces, nor Chi Shuyan, Wu Haoming, and Xiao Shan’s cold ones. She took the initiative to speak nicely to Chi Shuyan. “Shuyan, I also want to buy some talismans from you. Is that okay?”

Qin Qing’s attitude when she said this was very good, and nothing like during their usual interactions.

Chi Shuyan already knew how thick-skinned the woman in front of her was. She wasn’t in a hurry to reply, but stared intently at her for a while until her sharp gaze made Qin Qing feel like she was sitting on pins and needles. Only when Qin Qing’s expression became stiff did Chi Shuyan look away.

Qin Qing was a schemer to begin with. Afraid that Chi Shuyan wouldn’t sell the talismans to her because of what happened in the past, she looked anxious and spoke first. “Shuyan, I heard from Film Emperor Ruan and Manager Yang that as long as someone is willing to buy talismans, they can buy them, right?”

Chi Shuyan looked at the woman in front of her again. She saw that her face was anxious, her whole body was tense, and her eyes were dark.

To be honest, she was really curious about why this Qin woman suddenly wanted to buy talismans from her, and not get any from the person behind the Buddha pendant. After all, to some extent, this woman could be said to have a close relationship with the person behind the scenes – unless, this woman knew something.

Chi Shuyan was really curious about what that might be, but it wasn’t easy to get information out of this woman. She really didn’t want to sell talismans to this Qin woman in front of her. Just based on what this woman had done to Brother Feng, Chi Shuyan didn’t want to bother with her at all. Besides, this woman had killed Brother Feng in Chi Shuyan’s past life. Even if it hadn’t happened in this life, she would still remember this debt.

Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun were afraid that Master Chi would take her anger out on them because of Qin Qing. They were furious with this shameless Qin woman. They wanted to speak a few times, but didn’t know what to say.

Master Chi suddenly replied to the woman, “Okay, but you have to give me a reason for why you want to buy the talismans. If you can persuade me, I’ll sell them to you!”

Qin Qing heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this. She looked at Chi Shuyan and naturally agreed.

Qin Qing was so solicitous as to buy talismans from this ‘young girl,’ which made the people who had been forced to come here by Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin look at each other in dismay.

Of course, there were also two women who had come with Qin Qing. One of them was Du Lan, and the other was Ke Mingmei. The two of them had followed along because they wanted to laugh at the Chi woman. Who would have thought that Qin Qing would suddenly change her mind and buy some talismans from her? Ah Qing actually believed such a swindler?

Du Lan had been on good terms with Qin Qing recently, so she naturally couldn’t stand seeing her being tricked. She didn’t bother being polite, and mocked Chi Shuyan on the spot. “Ah Qing, you actually believe this girl? If it were a slightly older old Daoist priest who said that he was some Master, I would believe him a little, but why would you believe this little girl? She’s simply treating you like a sucker. She’s a swindler.”

‘ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ N(ov)elBin’,

Du Lan obviously couldn’t stand Chi Shuyan and wanted to see her go bust. After saying that to Qin Qing, she spoke to Director Wang, Song Yanru, and Ruan Shenglin, and completely made Chi Shuyan out to be a swindler who was just trying to scam them of their money.

Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin had worked so hard to persuade their friends to come over, and they were furious. Seeing how Director Wang and their friends were faintly moved by Du Lan’s words, Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun really wanted to sew this Du woman’s mouth shut.

If she didn’t want to buy the talismans, so be it. Why did she care about others? She was the classic busybody.

Why did she come here?

Their faces were as unsightly as could be.

Chi Shuyan’s face didn’t change at all when she heard Du Lan’s words. On the other hand, Xiao Shan and Wu Haoming were furious when they heard this Du woman’s words. God knew how many people treated Master Chi’s talismans like treasure. Did this woman have to have such a poisonous mouth? Xiao Shan himself was a little awkward. He wanted to curse, but didn’t know the right words, so he could only grip his hair.

Wu Haoming’s tongue was much sharper, and he directly retorted on the spot, “F*ck, how can your mouth stink when you spew feces? Is my sister-in-law forcing you to buy them? If you have the guts, don’t ever beg my sister-in-law for talismans!”

Xiao Shan immediately echoed, “Right, right, Old Wu is right!”

Seeing that someone still dared to retort to her, Du Lan became even more unbridled – if Director Wang wasn’t here, she might have been even worse. As it was, she immediately said ruthlessly, “Even if I buy a lousy piece of paper from someone in this village, it definitely wouldn’t be from some immature girl. Let me tell you, this is all a scam. Only an idiot would be willing to spend money on a few lousy pieces of paper.”

Yang Kun, Ruan Shenglin and even Qin Qing’s face turned green. So, based on what Du Lan said, they were idiots if they were willing to buy the talismans?

Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin couldn’t help but retort on the spot, “Miss Du, if you don’t want to buy anything, you can leave right away. You’re not welcome here!”

Given Du Lan’s arrogant character, she naturally wouldn’t shut up. She still wanted to speak, but Chi Shuyan glanced coldly at Du Lan before she said coldly to Qin Qing, “Deal with the person you brought first. We’ll talk about the rest later!”

Qin Qing, who had been pretending to be invisible and not offend anyone, had no choice but to persuade Du Lan. “Ah Lan, stop talking! If you have something to say, we’ll talk later!”

As she spoke, she looked guiltily at the Chi woman in front of her. Speaking of which, most of the reason why Du Lan disliked Chi Shuyan so much was because of her provocation. If it were any other time, she would naturally be very willing to be a bystander if Du Lan could help her charge forward and attack Chi Shuyan. Now, however, she wanted to buy talismans from this Chi woman. Based on what she remembered from when this woman saved her back then, she indeed had some skills.

She was hoping to buy talismans from this Chi woman, and now that the latter had suddenly spoken, how could she dare offend her? Qin Qing also hated Du Lan for talking too much at that moment and possibly affecting her chances of buying talismans. When Du Lan was about to speak again, Qin Qing immediately found an excuse to take Du Lan and Ke Mingmei away.

Ke Mingmei was done watching the show and didn’t bother to waste her breath, so she was naturally willing to leave. However, when she left, she still glanced carefully at Film Emperor Ruan Shenglin, who had been speaking up for the Chi woman and was very respectful, and her eyes flashed with confusion. When the three of them were some distance away from the Chi woman’s residence, Ke Mingmei couldn’t help but ask Qin Qing curiously, “Ah Qing, why do you also want to buy that Chi woman’s talismans? The two of you don’t get along, right? Are her talismans really useful?”

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