Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1367 - Overbearing Song Yanru

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Chapter 1367: Overbearing Song Yanru

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Hearing Ke Mingmei’s question, Qin Qing’s mind raced. In fact, that Chi woman did have some skills, but she didn’t plan to tell Ke Mingmei and Du Lan that. If the two of them knew what that woman really was capable of, they might immediately turn around to fawn on her. How could she tolerate that?

Moreover, she was only being friendly with them on the surface and didn’t really care about their fates – whether they lived or died had nothing to do with her. So, Qin Qing immediately feigned a cold snort and said, “Do you think you can believe the words of a little girl? If those lousy pieces of paper of hers are useful, I’ll give you my head to kick around like a ball. I’m buying those lousy pieces of paper for my own reasons. Sooner or later, I’ll show Director Wang and everyone in the film crew this Chi woman’s true colors!”

Qin Qing paused for a moment, then added a few more slanderous words, saying that the talismans sold by that Chi woman were very expensive. One talisman cost 100,000 yuan. To think that she dared to open this lion’s mouth – wasn’t she afraid of being struck by lightning for her greed? Qin Qing’s tone was filled with contempt.

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Qin Qing’s words were very pleasing to Du Lan’s ears, who immediately gloated along with her. “That Chi woman is just too greedy. Not to mention being struck by lightning in the future, she’ll probably give birth to a child with no XX. She’ll be crushed after giving birth!”

Du Lan’s words were too vicious. Even if Ke Mingmei didn’t have a good impression of Chi Shuyan because of Qin Qing’s provocation, she felt a little uncomfortable listening to Du Lan.


Although she couldn’t be considered a good person, she still had a bottom line. She could curse an adult, but why curse a child?

Ke Mingmei looked at Du Lan, who was gloating and had a sinister expression on her face, and couldn’t help but look at Qin Qing, who was smiling broadly in agreement with Du Lan. She felt an inexplicable chill in her heart and made up her mind to stay away from the two of them after filming this movie.

Qin Qing still wanted to buy the talismans, but didn’t dare let Du Lan and Ke Mingmei see her anxiety at the same time. After walking them back to where they were staying, she turned around and immediately went to Chi Shuyan’s place.

Ke Mingmei didn’t enter her accommodation for a long while, but stared at Qin Qing as the latter hurried away. For some reason, she felt that Qin Qing was hiding something from her and Du Lan. She said that she didn’t believe that Chi Shuyan was some Master, and that the talismans she drew weren’t anything good, but why was she running off in such a fluster?

Ke Mingmei frowned. She racked her brain for a long time, but couldn’t think of anything, so she walked into the house.

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In the living room of Chi Shuyan’s accommodation, the atmosphere lightened up after Qin Qing, Du Lan and Ke Mingmei left.

Wu Haoming and Xiao Shan were very dissatisfied with Master Chi’s willingness to sell talismans to Qin Qing. They wanted to say something, but hesitated. However, now wasn’t the time to broach this topic.

Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin, on the other hand, immediately introduced their good friends to Master Chi, such as Director Wang and Song Yanru, as well as the second and third male leads in the film crew. The two of them were quite famous in the entertainment industry, and had good looks and reliable temperaments. One was called Cao Zhengsong, and the other was Song Chu. There was also their very capable manager, Yan Zhengming, who had a good relationship with Yang Kun.

Of these people, Song Yanru and Yan Zhengming had the best relationship with Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin. As for the others, they were also on good terms, but not as close.

After the introductions, Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin immediately asked Master Chi for talismans for their friends, including Director Wang. Yang Kun was very good at socializing, so he smiled tactfully and said, “Master Chi… No, Shuyan, how many talismans can you give our friends? Any number is fine, as long as they can protect our lives. Right, we don’t lack money at all, so Master Chi, no need to take the price into account!”

Yang Kun naturally wanted to buy more talismans for his friends. No matter how many of these things there were, they were all good, and he would never regret buying them.

In the future, he probably wouldn’t be able to buy them even if he had the money. Besides, no matter how much money he had, he wouldn’t be able to spend it if he was dead. So, Yang Kun didn’t hesitate to make the decision for his friends with Shenglin. In any case, they really didn’t lack money.

Yang Kun’s words were very nice. Chi Shuyan looked up at Yang Kun.

Yang Kun rubbed his nose awkwardly under Master Chi’s gaze. If it wasn’t for his life, he wouldn’t be so thick-skinned.

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