Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 657 - Pen Spirit, Helping Sister Shuyan Pull In Clients

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Chapter 657: Pen Spirit, Helping Sister Shuyan Pull In Clients

After Chi Shuyan hung up, Feng Yuanlin narrowed his eyes. “Zhenbai’s wife, do you have something urgent on? I won’t disturb you anymore if that’s the case. However, can you give me more of this porridge?”

Without waiting for Chi Shuyan to speak, Feng Yuanlin was afraid that she would refuse. “It’s fine if you don’t want to see me off, but you have to tell me where you bought this thing. Isn’t the taste of this rice too good?”

Feng Yuanlin smacked his lips. His stomach was obviously full, but he couldn’t help but crave more. After eating this porridge, his whole body felt comfortable. Feng Yuanlin had the vague feeling that this was definitely no ordinary good stuff.

Chi Shuyan didn’t plan to give away the spirit rice that had been meticulously washed several times. After all, it had already been too eye-catching when she had given out two bags before. So, she simply gave Brother Feng some of the spirit rice that had only been washed once with spiritual energy, along with a bottle of Nourishment Pills. She also gave Brother Feng the address of her online shop, but didn’t directly say that she owned it; she just told him to directly buy from here if he needed anything.

These two items were sold online!

Feng Yuanlin was satisfied after getting a bargain.

On the plane.

Lin Haoxing was in high spirits as he sat in first class with his little school bag. He looked at the blue sky and white clouds floating in the sky, his fair little face filled with excitement. He was overjoyed at the thought of seeing Sister Shuyan.

“Hello, ma’am. Would you like fruit, chicken, salad, or stewed beef?” A sweet voice came from the front.

As soon as Lin Haoxing heard the word “chicken,” he had a bad feeling. Sure enough, the half-open zipper of his bag was instantly pulled open all the way by a round white ball. A white, furry head suddenly poked out, and a pair of big, black, round eyes glowed with golden light. It looked like it would jump out at any moment, and was nothing like the injured and weak appearance from yesterday.

As the stewardess came over, Lin Haoxing hurriedly pressed down on the small, furry head with his little hand. He glanced left and right, and when he saw that no one was paying attention, he raised his index finger and whispered to the little fox, “Little Fox, don’t move. If you move again, you’ll be noticed.”

If it wasn’t for Sister Shuyan’s Invisibility Talisman, Little Fox really wouldn’t have been able to pass the security check.

Lin Haoxing promised this gluttonous little fox countless times that he would definitely get it a chicken set. Only then did Little Fox settle down.

“Little Master, would you like to sleep first?” the nanny, who had just come back from the washroom, asked thoughtfully. Seeing Lin Haoxing holding his little school bag like treasure, she was a bit amused. She also knew that his favorite fox doll was in his school bag, so she didn’t take the initiative to carry the bag for him.

Lin Haoxing shook his head. He wasn’t sleepy at all, and continued to look out the window with his chin in his hand.

Suddenly, an indignant female voice in front of him caught his attention.

“Aunt, don’t listen to their nonsense. What do you mean they ran into something dirty, and need a Celestial Master to take a look? It’s pure nonsense! I think they’re afraid of taking responsibility, so they’re colluding together.” Jiang Xue huffed. “If those female students hadn’t invited Shuyi to play that game back then, would something have happened to her? Now that something has happened, they say that she was disrespectful to the Pen Spirit? This kind of excuse will make people laugh if it spreads, okay?”

“But… I saw the surveillance footage. It doesn’t look like they were lying, and it’s too much of a coincidence. Shuyi’s classmates said that when they were playing the Pen Spirit game, Shuyi asked when the Pen Spirit died, and broke the taboo. Could she have really run into something dirty?” Chen Meilin was silent for a while and frowned.

What she couldn’t understand the most was that if her daughter really was in a coma, why did she occasionally twitch strangely?

Even if those doctors and experts explained that this might be a special case, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.

“No way, Aunt, you believe this nonsense?” Jiang Xue stared incredulously.

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