Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 752 - Gu Yunzheng’s Solicitousness

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Chapter 752: Gu Yunzheng’s Solicitousness

As soon as Gu Yunzheng finished speaking, Feng Yuanlin almost cursed. It was clear at a glance which was more important between these talismans and Zhenbai’s wife. This Gu Yunzheng was actually so shameless as to directly ask him for Zhenbai’s wife.

How could this guy be so shameless?

Previously, he thought that this Gu fellow was a good person. He didn’t expect him to be so shameless.

Not to mention whether or not he had the right to sell off Zhenbai’s wife to Group 9, even if he did, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to do so, okay?

Feng Yuanlin sneered. “Brother Gu, you’ve miscalculated. If you really want her, why don’t you test yourself against the Qi family?”

See how Zhenbai would deal with this Gu kid.

Chi Shuyan also refused point-blank at that moment. “Mr. Gu, I’m not interested in joining Group 9 at the moment!”

Without waiting for Gu Yunzheng to speak, Feng Yuanlin said coldly, “By the way, I just saw Zhenbai’s wife give you a bottle of the healing pills she refined! Take it as returning the favor!”

It was Haozi who had told him that Zhenbai’s wife knew how to refine pills. However, Feng Yuanlin really didn’t know that Zhenbai’s wife had generously given them extremely rare level 3 Energy Recovery Pills. He only thought that they were the very rare Nourishment Pill sold in her online shop. He knew very well how much that Nourishment Pill was worth.

Gu Yunzheng originally thought that the young lady in front of him only knew how to draw talismans. For him, it was already beyond his imagination that she could draw such amazing talismans. Then, Feng Yuanlin subconsciously dropped another bombshell, which exploded and stupefied Gu Yunzheng.

This level 3 Energy Recovery Pill was actually refined by this young lady?

Gu Yunzheng was shocked and his face changed drastically as he blurted out, “She can refine pills?”

Without waiting for Chi Shuyan to speak, Feng Yuanlin blurted out, “Of course!”

Chi Shuyan, who had been screwed over: …

At that moment, the others in Group 9 were stupefied and in disbelief when they heard Director Feng say that this young lady could refine level 3 Energy Recovery Pills as well as draw such awesome talismans.

What did she eat growing up?

Why was there such a huge difference between them?

Wang Jun regretted all the more that they had let go of such awesome and precious talent when they first met.

Group 9 stared at Chi Shuyan with envious eyes.

Even Gu Yunzheng’s gaze on Chi Shuyan was hundreds of times hotter than before. It was as if he was looking at an incomparably rare and peerless treasure. His eyes glowed, as if he wanted to wrap her up and take her away immediately. Chi Shuyan was helpless.

Without waiting for Chi Shuyan to speak, Gu Yunzheng strode over to her and said solemnly and expectantly again, “Miss Chi, I hope you can consider joining our group again. As long as you join our group, I’ll agree to any condition!”

Chi Shuyan was about to speak, but Gu Yunzheng was afraid that she would refuse, so he hurriedly interrupted her. “There’s no hurry, Miss Chi. We’re not in a hurry to get your answer now. You can go home and think about it slowly. Give us an answer within a week! As long as you’re willing to join our Group 9, the benefits will definitely be extraordinary!” After a pause, Gu Yunzheng added enthusiastically, “Even if you want to be the boss of our Group 9, you can absolutely, absolutely think about it!”

Compared with an empty title, Gu Yunzheng naturally knew that the true benefits would be the most practical and useful ones.

It could be said that as long as this young lady in front of him agreed to join their group, their group’s abilities, influence, and resources would absolutely be first-class in the future!

Chi Shuyan: …

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