Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 1138 - Qiao Yuans Argument

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Chapter 1138: Qiao Yuan’s Argument

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When he heard his name, Wang Zichen suddenly became nervous. He couldn’t care less about Uncle Qiao and his mother now. He couldn’t even protect himself.

Wang Zichen was not stupid. He knew that he was already sixteen years old and could bear full criminal responsibility. He had indeed hit Li Yongqiang with a brick and he did not know how his injuries were, but Li Yongqiang was still lying in the hospital.

Wang Li looked at Qiao Yuan and said, “Wang Zichen is suspected of intentional injury. He attacked a youth’s head with a brick. There’s a record on the surveillance footage.”

Hearing the words ‘intentional injury,’ Wang Zichen’s heart instantly turned cold.

Qiao Yuan, on the other hand, did not panic at all. He sat steadily on the chair and asked, “What’s the motive? I don’t believe that a person would pick up a brick and hit someone’s head for no reason, especially when the person is sober and not even eighteen years old.”


Wang Li’s expression froze when he heard that. Then, he said softly, “According to the testimony provided by everyone and the surveillance footage, the person who was threatened and injured was Wang Zimeng. I think Wang Zichen’s motive was to protect his sister.”

Wang Li was a righteous police officer, so he considered the case from a completely fair and reasonable perspective.

In that situation, even with no one else’s testimony, just looking at the surveillance video alone, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Wang Zichen’s motive for attacking was because his sister had been beaten up. Because a moment ago, he was still squatting on the ground, looking frightened.

‘ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ No(ve) l Bi n’,

When Qiao Yuan heard Wang Li’s words, he couldn’t help but chuckle. “I don’t know what exactly happened when the incident happened. I didn’t see the surveillance video, but I believe Officer Wang must have understood. Then, I want to ask Officer Wang, when his sister’s safety was threatened, was Wang Zichen’s action intentional injury or self-defense?”

Wang Li immediately said, “When the safety of one’s family is threatened, the victim indeed has the right to defend himself. However, all of this has to be decided based on the actual situation. At the time of the crime, although the victim, Wang Zimeng, was subjected to violence, her life was not physically threatened. On the other hand, Wang Zichen used a brick to hit the other party’s head. This action has already threatened the other party’s life, so the severity of the attack already constitutes a crime of injury. Even if it’s out of self-defense, it’s still considered excessive self-defense!”

Faced with Wang Li’s explanation, Qiao Yuan refused to give in at all. He leaned forward slightly and looked into Wang Li’s eyes. “Officer Wang, do you mean that the other party committed violence against a fifteen-year-old girl? As long as it doesn’t threaten her life, the victim and her family don’t have the right to defend themselves?”

“Of course not, but we can’t be too defensive,” Wang Li said.

Qiao Yuan snorted. “What is considered self-defense and what is considered excessive self-defense then? I want to ask Officer Wang, as an adult, can you handle this level of self-defense skillfully?”

“From another perspective, while she and her family were being beaten up violently, they still have to consider how to retaliate? Officer Wang, what’s the difference between this and a joke?”

“Mr. Qiao, you’re quick-witted, but you can’t play word games in front of the law.” Qiao Yuan’s aggressive attitude angered Wang Li, and he immediately warned him coldly.

Qiao Yuan sneered disapprovingly. “If the results of your handling are completely fair, then there are no loopholes in this matter. I’m not playing word games with you anymore. I just want to seek justice for my two children and answer the doubts in my heart.”

“That’s a citizen’s right to know, isn’t it?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qiao Yuan leaned back in his chair and retracted his aura. He continued, “I’ll ask Officer Wang again. How many people were there? How many were adults and how many were underage?”

Wang Li sighed in his heart. From the moment Qiao Yuan entered, he could tell that this person was an extremely wise man. At that moment, even an experienced police officer like him could not handle him.

Wang Li had to answer even if he didn’t want to!

“There are five people on the other side. One is underage, the other four are adults,” Wang Li said truthfully.

When Qiao Yuan heard this, he asked again, “Then I want to ask Officer Wang, two underage children were facing five people, where four of them are adults. You’re actually telling me that their safety was not threatened?”

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“What is the so-called substantial threat? Is it a threat when the other party takes out a murder weapon? Or is it a threat when a fist hits them?”

Wang Li: “…”

Qiao Yuan continued, “Moreover, what was the cause of this entire matter? It can’t be that two children provoked five people, right? If the other party provoked them first and even had a sense of verbal and physical harassment towards a little girl like Wang Zimeng, wouldn’t the nature of this matter change again?”

Wang Li: “…”

Qiao Yuan: “This brings us back to the previous question. If the other party’s five people caused trouble first, then as two underage children, when Wang Zichen and Wang Zimeng face the other party’s five people, with four adults present to harass and provoke them, I think their personal safety is already threatened, right?”

Wang Li: “…”

Qiao Yuan said, “Let’s change to another hypothesis. If Wang Zichen wasn’t present at that time and only Wang Zimeng was abused by five people, if a righteous person from the crowd suddenly rushed out to teach them a lesson, would this righteous person be considered to have deliberately hurt them? That shouldn’t be the case, right? Isn’t this a righteous act?”

“Then why did the person who rushed out, Wang Zimeng’s brother, Wang Zichen, become someone who deliberately hurt them? This shouldn’t be reasonable, right? A stranger is acting bravely for a just cause, but if it was her brother, it became excessive self-defense? As a police officer, think about it carefully. Is this reasonable?”

Wang Li: “…”

Qiao Yuan’s words were like sharp needles that made Wang Li unable to think straight. The most terrifying thing was that Wang Li also felt that Qiao Yuan’s words made sense.

It was reasonable and logical. Even the last hypothesis was completely valid.

Qiao Yuan questioned him repeatedly. Not only did he want to help Wang Zichen get away with it, but he also wanted to portray him as a righteous person?

Wang Zichen was stunned when he heard this. At this moment, he looked at Qiao Yuan’s back and felt that this man was sparkling!

What kind of defense was this? When he heard this, he felt that he should have received the trophy for bravery in the next second!

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