Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 397 - Ji Haoxue

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Chapter 397: Ji Haoxue

The girl was wearing a skeleton-style bracelet on her wrist, and there was a white skeleton printed on her red hand luggage. The people at the side kept looking over, but when they saw the girl’s face, they couldn’t help but exclaim.

Although she dressed up like a punk girl, she did not put on thick makeup. Instead, she only applied a little lip gloss.

The girl had almond-shaped eyes and peach-like cheeks. Her skin was fair and sparkling, and her eyelashes were long and slightly curled. She was exceptionally beautiful. Coupled with her outfit today, she gave off a different temperament.

Just like her brother, Ji Haoyu, the contradictory existence vividly explained the two types of temperament.

This girl was none other than Ji Haoyu’s biological sister, Ji Haoxue.

The old man caught her the moment she walked out of the crowd. He waved his hand agitatedly like a child and called, “Haoxue! Haoxue!”

Ji Haoxue came over when she heard the commotion. As soon as she saw the old man, she ran over and ran into his arms. “Grandpa, Haoxue misses you so much!”

As she spoke, she was already crying.

The old man’s chest hurt from her bump, but he calmly hugged his granddaughter. He was both happy and excited. “Oh, my precious child. Grandpa misses you, too. You’re finally back. You’re finally back!”

“Hey, girl. Can’t you see your brother?” Ji Haoyu laughed at the side.

Only then did Ji Haoxue come out of Old Master Ji’s arms. She turned around and burrowed into Ji Haoyu’s arms. “Brother, I miss you too!”

Ji Haoyu smiled helplessly, and love was evident in his eyes.

Until now, Ji Haoxue was the only person in the world who could enter his arms.

On the way back, Ji Haoyu handed his car to their house driver and sat in Wu Yong’s car with the old man and the rest.

In the car, Ji Haoxue said, “Uncle Wu, I’m staying with Grandpa. I’m not going anywhere.”

Wu Yong answered as he drove, “Old Master asked me to tidy up the largest bedroom in the house this morning. Old Master knows you like pink, so he changed everything.”

“Grandpa, you’re so thoughtful.” Ji Haoxue knew how to coax people. She acted spoiled and went into the old man’s arms.

The old man was extremely happy. He doted on Ji Haoxue to the bones.

In the past, Ji Haoxue did not dress how she does now. Three years ago, she went to study in Australia. Perhaps because she had come into contact with the punk culture in Australia, she adapted to the culture and came home wearing such clothing when she first came home to visit. However, the old man said nothing.

Now that three years had passed, he seemed to be familiar with Haoxue’s outfit.

If it were any other granddaughter, he would have broken their legs.

“I heard from Haoyu that you’re not planning to go abroad anymore?” Old Master Ji asked.

Ji Haoxue quickly shook her head when she heard that. “Yes, yes. It’s best if Grandpa and Brother are by my side.”

“Alright, then stay in Baiyun High School. Grandpa was looking forward to your return,” the old man said.

Ji Haoyu was also in a rare good mood today. Firstly, he had teased Jian Ai at noon. Secondly, his sister was back. Sitting in the front passenger seat, the corners of his lips subconsciously curled up.

“Brother, it’s your birthday soon!” Ji Haoxue suddenly said.

The old man was stunned. “That’s true.”

The old man’s birthday was in the latter part of August, while Haoyu’s was in June. It was already the beginning of June.

Ji Haoyu smiled disapprovingly. “Not bad, you still remember your brother’s birthday.”

Ji Haoxue smiled and raised her eyebrows. “Of course. Otherwise, did you think I came back just to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday? It’s still early for Grandpa’s birthday. It’s all for you, Brother!”

Ji Haoyu nodded. “Alright, I’ll leave it to you to arrange it.”

Ji Haoxue: “I promise I’ll arrange everything for you!”

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