Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 398 - The Twelve Guards Meet

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Chapter 398: The Twelve Guards Meet

After school in the afternoon, Jian Ai and the rest went out of the school gate.

“Qinghuan, aren’t you going to the production team today?” Guan Tao asked, holding Xia Qinghuan’s arm.

Xia Qinghuan smiled and shook her head. “They are going to send the footage for approval today, so Director Yiming went to the capital. Hence, the production team took a day off.”

Xia Qinghuan raised her eyebrows at Lin Yi and asked, “Lin Yi, what do you want to treat everyone to today? It’s rare that everyone is here!”

Because it was a last-minute gathering today, Lin Yi didn’t plan ahead of time. He only looked at the girls. “What do you want to eat?”

When Xia Qinghuan and Guan Tao heard this, they instinctively looked at Jian Ai.

How could they not know what Lin Yi was thinking? He was asking Jian Ai what she wanted to eat.

Jian Ai blinked and said, “I want to eat spicy food.”

“Eat spicy food!” Xia Qinghuan repeated.

Lin Yi nodded and thought for a moment before saying, “Shall we go to Xiang Tuo Tuo?”

Xiang Tuo Tuo was a very famous high-end private restaurant in Baiyun City. It focused on Country Z’s Xiangchuan’s taste.

They were all people who could eat spicy food, so they nodded one after another. After getting into Lin Yi’s car, they drove straight to Xiang Tuo Tuo.

Xiang Tuo Tuo was a high-end private restaurant. Although they mainly served spicy food, their dishes were not ordinary Country Z’s Xiangchuan dishes.

The restaurant was very private; hence, they only had private rooms. There was no counter.

In a room on the second floor, ‘Du Jiang Yan’ was engraved on a wooden sign on the door to a private room.

In the private room, Bai Zhou sat with his eyes closed, looking relaxed. Chi Yang, who was at the side, also looked bored as he folded the napkin on the table.

The dining table in front of them was empty. The two of them were silent, as if they were waiting for someone.

After a while, someone finally pushed the door of the private room open. Bai Zhou looked over…

A big sun hat and sunglasses—that could cover half of one’s face—almost covered up this person’s face. She was also wearing an ordinary outfit, which was a casual coat and light-colored jeans.

Other than Yun Buyao, who else would hide herself when going out?

“Ah, Bai Zhou!”

Yun Buyao cheered when she saw Bai Zhou. Then, she took off her sun hat and her soft, light green, long hair fell.

Bai Zhou smiled and stood up to hug her. “It’s difficult to arrange a meal with a busy person like you.”

Yun Buyao said apologetically, “I have no choice. The production team is rushing for progress! The director gave me a day off, so I quickly asked you out!”

As she spoke, she looked at Chi Yang. “Hi, Chi Yang. Long time no see.”

Yun Buyao was an outgoing person who did not bother with trifles, but Chi Yang could not mess up his priorities. He leaned in respectfully and said, “Lord Buyao.”

Chi Yang was only an ordinary member of the ancient sect, but Yun Buyao was one of the twelve guards. Chi Yang naturally had to call her Lord.

They sat down and talked. Bai Zhou spoke first. “Today, it’s not just the two of us. I have to introduce others to you.”

When Yun Buyao heard this, she could not help but narrow her fox eyes, which flickered. “Xiao Zhen?”

Other than Bai Zhou, the rest of the twelve guards did not know each other. Although Yun Buyao had heard the name Xiao Zhen from Bai Zhou, she had never seen him before.

When she called Bai Zhou previously, she also knew that Xiao Zhen was currently in Baiyun City and was staying with the Sect Master.

Bai Zhou nodded lightly. “He’s even more difficult to ask out than you.”

Xiao Zhen was a solitary person and did not like crowds. If not for Bai Zhou saying that the other twelve guards were present, he would not have come.

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