Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 501 - Wishful Thinking

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Chapter 501: Wishful Thinking

Liang Shaopeng smiled at Wang Er and said, “Longxing’s lease is almost up, right?”

Wang Er nodded. “What’s wrong?”

“Wang Er, listen to me.” Liang Shaopeng leaned forward with an evil look on his face. “You know what’s going on with Longxing now. I’m afraid it won’t be able to last much longer. I don’t think they can pay you this year’s rent!”

When Wang Er heard this, he quickly explained, “Brother Yang Jie said that he…”

Liang Shaopeng interrupted him mid-sentence. “Yes, it’s not easy for Yang Jie either. After all, the Yang family had been renting this martial arts school for so many years, so he definitely can’t bear to close it. But you’re the landlord, so this is the money you earn, right? If he can’t afford to pay the rent, he needs to return the space to you!”

“Look…” Liang Shaopeng seemed to have finally come straight to the point. His rat-like eyes shone as he looked at Wang Er suggestively, and he said, “After Longxing returns the space, why don’t you rent it to me?”

“To you?” Wang Er was stunned, clearly surprised.

Liang Shaopeng raised his chin arrogantly. “As you can see, my Zhenhua Martial Arts School accepts a lot of new disciples every year and I still want to further promote the different boxing projects. This yard is definitely not enough.”

“If Longxing can’t fork out the rent, why don’t you do me a favor? I’ll tear down the walls of these two yards and open them up so that they all belong to Zhenhua. When the time comes, I won’t pay you less rent!”

At this moment, Wang Er came back to his senses. So this was Liang Shaopeng’s idea!

Logically speaking, if Longxing could not fork out the rent this year, he would have to look for a new tenant. There was no difference between renting to others and renting to Liang Shaopeng. Instead, renting to Liang Shaopeng would save him a lot of trouble. After all, they were old friends.

However, it was different this year. Longxing Martial Arts School had already prepared the rent long ago. It was unlikely that Owner Liang would succeed.

Wang Er shook his head. “Owner Liang, I understand what you mean. It’s just that you probably won’t be able to expand this year. I went to Longxing today to ask about the rent. Brother Yang already prepared the money. He’ll pay the rent this year!”

“What? He’ll pay the rent?” Liang Shaopeng’s expression froze, and he sounded surprised. “The martial arts school’s already so dead, but Yang Jie still hasn’t given up? He’s still not closing the school?”

Hearing Liang Shaopeng’s tone, Wang Er didn’t like it. He immediately spoke up for Yang Jie and said, “Owner Liang, Brother Yang doesn’t want to give up the martial arts school that his ancestors left behind. The conditions are so harsh, but he still insists on not changing his model. How admirable!”

The meaning behind his words was as if he was mocking Liang Shaopeng for forgetting about morality when it came to profit. He had transformed the Chinese martial arts school his ancestors left behind into something neither like nor like. He thought about doing whatever he could to earn money.

Without waiting for Liang Shaopeng to speak, Wang Er said, “Anyway, my idea is that as long as Longxing can fork out the rent, I won’t chase them away. It’ll be the same price. There are so few people in Longxing, so their expenses are much lower than yours. I’m taking advantage of them. Otherwise, if renovations are done once every four to five years, who can withstand this?!”

“Alright, Owner Liang, your plan failed. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first.” Wang Er didn’t want to talk to Liang Shaopeng anymore. After saying this last sentence, he turned around and pushed the door open to leave.

Liang Shaopeng stood on the spot and couldn’t figure it out for a moment. Yang Jie didn’t have any other way to earn money, so how could he fork out almost a hundred thousand yuan for an annual rental?

Did he borrow from someone?

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