Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2255 - Unreliable Thoughts

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Chapter 2255: Unreliable Thoughts

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“Bye.” Qiao Nan carried her books and left. After confirming that Li Yayan didn’t follow her, Qiao Nan contacted Zhai Hua as quickly as possible. However, the result surprised her. “Oh. So it turns out that your situation is like this.”

Based on what Zhai Hua said, she shouldn’t be the one who had blocked Li Yayan’s husband’s way. After all, Zhai Hua had more than one competitor. Also, Zhai Hua spoke with her strength. Among all the competitors, she was the one who was most confident. There was no such thing as who this should belong to or who made trouble.

“Are the triplets alright?” Under the influence of her daughter, Zhai Hua became very concerned with her nephews and niece as well. “Did they grow bigger again? Do you know that ever since Jiajia returned from the capital, she has been asking about them every day? Thankfully, she’s spending more time in school than at home. Otherwise, from the way she’s asking, I would definitely be annoyed to death.”

Jiajia’s unprecedented love for the younger siblings made Zhai Hua feel impulsive. Why didn’t she find another man and give birth to another child for Jiajia to play with? She was no longer young and was older than Qiao Nan. However, Qiao Nan didn’t have problems when she gave birth to three children at one go. Her physical condition was much better than Qiao Nan’s. Anyway, their family didn’t have the genes for multiple births. It shouldn’t be a problem for her to give birth to just one more.

Not only did Zhai Hua, this unreliable mother, dare to think about everything, but she even dared to share everything with Jiajia.

Thankfully, although Zhai Hua wasn’t reliable, Jiajia was pretty reliable. Jiajia said that if there’s a mother, there must be a father. She was an adult and things were too complicated, thus she could accept the fact that her parents were divorced so quickly. If her mom just wanted to give birth to another child, there really wasn’t a need to. She didn’t want the younger sibling to be a second her.

One couldn’t continue to lead a life so casually. Most importantly, who would take care of the child when they were born? She had to go to school, her mom had to do business, and there was only a nanny left in the house.

Even if the auntie at her grandma’s house looked good, her grandparents were at home and her aunt spent quite some time with the three children, thus there wasn’t a need to worry. The problem was that based on their family situation, wouldn’t her younger brother or sister suffer if the nanny they hired wasn’t good and had the habit of abusing children? She’d rather her mom not give birth.

Jiajia raised a few realistic and difficult-to-solve questions consecutively. Initially, Zhai Hua just wanted to crack a joke. Now, she didn’t even need to think about it. Also, not only was this joke not funny, but it was simply lame.

Qiao Nan didn’t know that Zhai Hua and Jiajia had such a funny conversation. Her mind was still thinking about Li Yayan’s matters. “Yes, they have grown quite a bit. They are quite meaty and heavy now. Mom finds it a struggle to carry them now. I think in two or three months’ time, I won’t be able to carry them either. It’s an issue if they grow too well.”

Not only were the three children growing vertically now, but they were also growing horizontally. Their weight would really be…

“Sister Zhai Hua, I still have lessons in the afternoon. I’ll not chat with you anymore. The next time Jiajia is back, let’s do a video call so that Jiajia can see her younger siblings?”

“Sure. Don’t worry and go to school. If there’s anything, remember to find me.” Zhai Hua really acknowledged Qiao Nan as a family from the bottom of her heart. She knew that in this family, Qiao Nan was the weakest member. As such, she wasn’t stingy with her in terms of help. It was just that when she thought of how everything from the Zhu family would soon become Qiao Nan’s, Zhai Hua laughed again. By then, perhaps it would be her who shouldn’t be so polite and find Qiao Nan if she ran into trouble instead.

For Qiao Nan, an afternoon of lessons was over in the blink of an eye.

“Nan Nan, you’re back?” Miao Jing was carrying one in her arms and another one was lying next to her. There was also another one who was beside her feet, using both hands and legs to crawl like a worm. Three chubby children surrounded Miao Jing, and she felt that she was the happiest old lady in the world. “Nan Nan, look. Is Da Bao considered to know how to climb now? You don’t know how forceful San Bao’s kicks were just now as well. Our children are growing well. They would definitely learn to walk earlier than other children.”

As she said this, Miao Jing touched San Bao’s chubby legs again. She couldn’t grab hold of San Bao’s thigh with one hand anymore. Miao Jing patted her legs in pity, “San Bao, you are a young lady, after all. When you grow up, you have to be beautiful, alright?”

The triplets, who knew how to recognize people now, only knew that their mom was back. How would they listen to what their grandma said? San Bao even twisted her body and opened her arms to Qiao Nan, asking for a hug.

Qiao Nan avoided it. “I’m not going to hug the smelly San Bao.”

“Gegege…” How would San Bao understand what her mom was talking about? However, she understood that she was playing with her. “Ah!” She wanted a hug!

“Fat little girl.” Qiao Nan carried San Bao and couldn’t help but give her a kiss on her tofu-like skin. “San Bao, what did you do with your two brothers today? Were you obedient? Did you give grandpa and grandma trouble?” After asking San Bao, Qiao Nan looked at Miao Jing. “Mom, did the three children throw tantrums today?”

The triplets were still young now. They wouldn’t understand reason. It wasn’t easy to control their tempers. If they really became stubborn, it would just be playing the lute to a cow. If one wanted to blame such a child and be honest with him, it wasn’t particularly good. Qiao Nan wasn’t averse to raising them up herself. At the very most, it would just be tougher on her. However, she was studying now, and she left her three children to her parents-in-law. Upon thinking about their ages, Qiao Nan couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Miao Jing drank a sip of water. After carrying San Bao for so long, her elbows were sore. The three children were getting heavier by the day. “Why are you nervous? Compared to other children, I think our triplets are very obedient. They don’t like to cry. You don’t know this because you didn’t stay here in the past. The grandson of Old Xu’s family next door used to cry so many times every day, and it was so difficult to coax him. After he turned one, I thought that the situation would become better, but he continued to cry twice or thrice at night!”

Back then, her daughter didn’t marry well and she didn’t keep in contact with her. Her son was stubborn and wasn’t willing to marry. There wasn’t a child in the family.. Coupled with the situation of their neighbor, those two years were really difficult for Miao Jing.

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