Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2256 - Asking Around

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Chapter 2256: Asking Around

There was once when she was taking a stroll in the yard and everyone was just casually chatting. She casually said that Old Xu’s grandson really knew how to cry. Who knew that the child’s grandma heard this and said resentfully, “You don’t have a child in the family, so you don’t know the situation. Kids nowadays are arrogant. They are like the little emperors and princesses at home. It’s inevitable that they love to cry. When you have a child in the family someday, you will know how different children are now compared to back then. Can grandsons be compared to sons?”

Because of these words, Miao Jing was so angry that she, who had low blood pressure all along, now had high blood pressure.

Of course, it was one matter if Zhai Sheng didn’t want to get married and have children. It was another matter if someone used this to agitate the biological mother. The son would pay for the debts owed by the mother.

Zhai Sheng couldn’t do much to elders. However, it was still possible for him to take care of peers more.

After having such an experience, the elders in the quad became more self-aware. Even if they completely didn’t mention children in front of Miao Jing, they also didn’t dare to use the topic of children to agitate Miao Jing and make her feel uncomfortable. Grandchildren were precious. However, she had given birth to a son as well. He needed to be doted on as well.

Later, everyone stopped mentioning this and Miao Jing naturally didn’t say anything. Although Miao Jing didn’t mention this since it had happened quite a few years ago, she still remembered it. It was good now. Not only did she have grandsons, but she also had a beautiful granddaughter. Miao Jing only felt that she was the most blessed old lady in the quad and no one else could compare to her.

“Our triplets are so obedient and they don’t love to cry. Dabao, especially, is like an elder brother. You know that your dad and I are a little slower in our actions and the three children are hungry at the same time. Auntie made the milk very quickly and always let Er Bao and San Bao drink first. Da Bao’s always the last one. Even if that was the case, Da Bao didn’t snatch it away from Er Bao or San Bao. Seeing that they were drinking, Da Bao knew that it would be his turn very soon. Thus, he stared at us with his big pair of eyes, as if waiting for a meal.”

“You don’t know that your dad has always been complimenting Da Bao. He said that Da Bao is like the Zhai family and has a certain aura. As the elder brother, he should be sensible and learn how to take care of his younger siblings. When Hua Hua and Zhai Sheng were young, he never praised his own children like this. When it comes to grandchildren, your dad has never been stingy with compliments. However, I think that once the three children grow up and understand things, your dad wouldn’t compliment them so much. He said that if he compliments them too much, he was afraid that he would become arrogant.” Upon mentioning the triplets, Miao Jing could talk nonstop and wouldn’t find it annoying.

In reality, compared to other children, the triplets indeed didn’t love to cry. They loved to laugh more. The little Da Bao already started to learn how to look like his father, pretending to be serious with his cute look. Every time they saw Da Bao acting in all seriousness and frowning, the elders in the quad would rush over to tease him. The three children from the Zhai family were cute and had their own characteristics. Those big watery eyes made them look alert. They were really the Zhai family’s blessing.

The children had arrived a little later. However, they were better than other children. Who else had such a blessing?

If their son was like Zhai Sheng and had gotten married at a later time such that they could receive three cute grandchildren, everyone expressed that young people should focus more on their careers first and start a family later! One could make necessary adjustments so that they would be successful in both family and career.

Da Bao was already half-climbing to her feet. Qiao Nan touched his small face and smiled. “No, our three children can withstand the compliments. They wouldn’t become proud. However, we should still take note of what has to be taken note of. Isn’t that right, Da Bao?” As she said this, she kissed her son’s chubby cheeks.

In her dream, after the age of three, Da Bao slowly rejected people kissing his cheek. As the children’s mother, Qiao Nan was naturally the last one to be rejected. As boys grew up, they wanted face and gradually realized the existence of different genders. Qiao Nan respected her children’s ideas but occasionally felt regretful.

Who knew that she was so lucky to actually be able to see her sons’ baby looks for the second time? Before they grew up, Qiao Nan felt that she should kiss them as much as possible.

Indeed, not only did Da Bao not reject kisses now, but he even smiled happily. When he blushed, it was as if two little flowers had bloomed on his cheeks. Er Bao saw this and couldn’t hold back anymore. Da Bao had kisses. San Bao had kisses. He wanted kisses too!

As such, the chubby Er Bao tried to squeeze his way through the sofa and pounce on Qiao Nan. He cried out anxiously, reminding his mom of his existence and the kisses that she owed him.

After understanding Er Bao’s baby language, Qiao Nan hurriedly gave Er Bao a kiss. It was good now. After kissing one of them, she had to kiss the other too. When they grew up, only San Bao would be willing to be kissed. Her sons were petty. “Mom, do you know someone called Li Yayan? She’s in her thirties. Do you know whose daughter-in-law she is?”

“Li Yayan?” Miao Jing frowned. “I don’t know.” She never cared much about such things. “What’s wrong? Do you want to befriend her? Or did she create trouble for you?”

In the past, most people’s attitudes toward Qiao Nan belonged to the latter. They liked to pick Qiao Nan’s thorns. However, the former was generally more common now.

“Not exactly.” Li Yayan wasn’t creating trouble for her, but neither was she trying to befriend her. As long as Li Yayan achieved her goal, they should be strangers in the future. Over time, as they chatted more often, Qiao Nan could feel if Li Yayan was really trying to befriend her.

Li Yayan was trying to be her friend to win her trust and affection. However, at the same time, Li Yayan didn’t show her any feelings. Qiao Nan found it funny. How was Li Yayan so confident that she would definitely succeed? Could it be that because she was younger than her, she was more confident?

Miao Jing didn’t understand and looked at Qiao Nan. “What situation is this then? What did this mean?” Why didn’t she understand?

“Nothing.” Qiao Nan placed San Bao back in Miao Jing’s arms.

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