Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2482 - Personally Raised (2)

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Chapter 2482: Personally Raised (2)

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In the end, Jiajia was no longer able to hold it in and directly said to the girl who was confessing to Chen Feng, “I’m sorry, he’s my boyfriend. We’re already cohabitating. It doesn’t matter how open-minded you are, but please don’t cross the line by snatching someone else’s boyfriend.”

Thankfully, that girl hadn’t gotten angry. The moment she heard that Chen Feng had a girlfriend, she immediately apologized to Jiajia and even wished them the best.

That was how the couple had gotten into a relationship.

They had already been dating for more than three years, but even up until today, Jiajia was still upset about how they had only gotten together because she had been forced to take the initiative.

At the mention of Qiao Zijin today, Jiajia had almost blown her top off.

Seeing his girlfriend in such a rage, Chen Feng was stuck between a hard place and a rock.

It wasn’t his choice to have a mother like Qiao Zijin.

Although he had not spent much time with his mother, Chen Feng could feel that Qiao Zijin treated her son exceptionally well compared to how she treated everyone else.

Qiao Zijin was his biological mother, after all. No matter how bad she was, she still treated him well. Besides, he couldn’t possibly choose who his mother was.

He couldn’t possibly give up his own biological mother for the sake of a girlfriend.

Of course, Jiajia’s conflict with Chen Feng had started from Qiao Dongliang’s funeral.

At that time, Qiao Nan had taken Da Bao and Chen Feng along with her to settle Qiao Dongliang’s funeral. Even when he had still been alive, Qiao Dongliang had not contacted Ding Jiayi up until his death. It was as though they were no longer husband and wife.

The problem was that Qiao Nan could no longer ask for Qiao Dongliang’s opinion on whether he wanted Ding Jiayi to know about his death since he was already gone.

When Ding Jiayi found out that Qiao Dongliang had passed on, she wailed miserably but continuously lambasted Qiao Dongliang for being a heartless man.

She had been married to Qiao Dongliang for half her life. How could Qiao Dongliang be so vicious as to leave without even talking to her once more?

Initially, Ding Jiayi had already grown used to living apart from Qiao Dongliang. Sometimes, she was even able to calm herself down because she knew that Qiao Dongliang was living somewhere not too far away from her.

But Ding Jiayi had never imagined that such a lowly request would become an extravagant wish now that Qiao Dongliang was gone.

Because of Qiao Dongliang’s death, Ding Jiayi felt that her whole world had come crashing down.

It went without question that Qiao Nan placed more emphasis on her father, Qiao Dongliang, than her mother.

Ding Jiayi was depressed that Qiao Dongliang had left alone, leaving her behind. But at the same time, she was also afraid that Qiao Nan would no longer support her now that Qiao Dongliang was no longer around.

Ever since moving out of the quad, Ding Jiayi had gotten a clearer understanding of the world.

Perhaps it was because of the influence of the quad, but none of the children who grew up there were particularly unfilial.

Ever since moving into the large apartment that Qiao Nan had arranged for her, those news articles that she saw would never happen to her.

Those on unfilial children taking advantage of their parents.

Especially that of the couple who had a son with a gambling addiction. Not only had he lost several millions of the family’s savings, but he had even mortgaged the house behind his family’s back to borrow more money for gambling.

Because he had lost all his money and was unable to repay his debts, the bank had naturally gone to repossess the house.

Rumor had it that the elderly couple had put in a lot of hard work into their business, rising early and working into the night to get to where they were today. Who would have expected their most beloved son to have ruined everything?

They had worked hard their whole lives but didn’t even have a roof over their heads in their old age. That elderly couple sobbed and regretted their actions. If they had known that this would happen, they would never have sent their elder daughter away just to have their son.

Because they had sent their elder daughter away, they were now facing their retribution in their old age. Not only had their son lost all of their savings, but they also had nowhere to live.

Seeing the miserable state the couple was in made Ding Jiayi realize that there were such unreasonable children and pitiful elderly in this world.

Then, she thought about her own situation. What had she given Qiao Nan?

As a mother, she had never given Qiao Nan anything. All along, she had thought that it was good enough as long as she demanded less from Qiao Nan.

Although she had never given Qiao Nan anything, Qiao Nan had repaid her with kindness and had taken good care of her.

Perhaps it was because of this, as well as Qiao Zijin as an example, that Ding Jiayi knew that she would only have Qiao Zijin left as a daughter if she ever angered Qiao Nan.

Then, she would have to rely on Qiao Zijin alone. That would be when she would face the same downfall as that elderly couple.

That was why Ding Jiayi lived peacefully ever since moving to the large apartment. No matter how much Qiao Nan gave her, she simply accepted it. She had never complained that it was insufficient.

From then on, Ding Jiayi also stopped trying to make trouble for Qiao Nan from time to time.

It could be said that her new neighbors moved Ding Jiayi and educated her well. She couldn’t have been any more obedient.

Perhaps it was because of this that Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan had managed to live peacefully for five more years up until Qiao Dongliang’s death.

When Qiao Dongliang passed away, not only had Qiao Nan gone over, but she had also asked Ding Jiayi along. Of course, as one of Qiao Dongliang’s only two daughters, Qiao Zijin couldn’t miss it either.

Unlike Ding Jiayi, who was sobbing her heart out, and Qiao Nan, who was grieving silently, Qiao Zijin remained silent but didn’t seem in the least bit sad about Qiao Dongliang’s passing.

To Qiao Zijin, Qiao Dongliang was biased toward Qiao Nan and had never treated her well.

She had never gotten remarried. Logically speaking, she should have remained at home for her parents to take care of her. But what had her dad done? It didn’t even matter that he was biased toward Qiao Nan, but he had even moved out of the family home eight or nine years ago.

To be honest, she hadn’t even met her dad in eight to nine years.

Since they hadn’t met in such a long time, there were no feelings to speak of. They were no different from strangers. Why would she cry for a stranger?

Three years ago, Chen Jun had no longer been able to hold on and had passed on. Even then, she hadn’t shed a tear for Chen Jun either.

He was someone who had betrayed her. Given her attitude toward Chen Jun, it was obvious that Qiao Zijin didn’t feel much better toward Qiao Dongliang.

The only reason Qiao Zijin had been willing to attend Qiao Dongliang’s funeral was not for Qiao Dongliang himself but for her son, Chen Feng.

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