Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2335

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Chapter 2335: Attack

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The path of wealth could only be guarded and not destroyed by heavy weapons.

Even Relira had to abide by the rules. Otherwise, his own path to wealth would be cut off.

This was a rule in the drug and arms trade. One mustn’t cut off other people’s sources of income. Otherwise, one would be courting death.

That was why they rode their motorcycles and rushed up without worrying about heavy weapons.

K7 remained silent for a few seconds. Then, he said calmly, “I don’t believe in Quentin, but I believe in you and J5.”


On the battlefield, only the comrades that fought alongside him could be trusted!

Ye Jian smiled at him. She believed in Quentin, but she wasn’t willing to risk the lives of her comrades. Hence, she believed in herself more.

The wind was a little strong. Ye Jian raised her head and looked at the sky. It was as thick as ink. There wasn’t even a star in the sky. It was so dark that the entire sky seemed to be collapsing. It was suffocating.

Heavy rain was coming. They needed to break out of the encirclement as soon as possible.

Ye Jian smiled gently. “After passing the city’s sentry post, we’ll be in China tomorrow night. I’ll go over first and take care of the second sentry post in 15 minutes.”

“Be careful.” K7 nodded and watched Ye Jian disappear into the forest.

The gunshots outside the mountain were so loud that no insects chirped. Ye Jian passed through the forest lightly. Without the help of her night-vision goggles, she used the gunfire in the air to reach the second sentry post accurately.

They could only use assassination methods to clear the outposts. Ye Jian’s assassination method was the same as the Xueyu unit. She covered the opponents’ mouths and slit their throats. Even if two parties saw each other upon turning around, the special forces soldiers of the Xueyu unit would still be able to kill the opponent silently.

The wind blew past the leaves lightly. Ye Jian could hear the rustling in her ears. She pressed a few leaves lightly. She was like a leopard hiding in the dark. Her black eyes emitted a fierce and cold light as she looked around quietly.

There were four people here. One of them was farther away from the three of them.

The one standing alone was cleared first.

The few leaves that were pressed down swayed a few times. The person hiding behind the leaves had disappeared without a trace.

A faint smell of blood floated over in the wind. The three people guarding the front felt that something was amiss. They made a hand gesture. One of them held his gun and walked forward. The other two walked over slowly.

A string of languages that Ye Jian didn’t understand floated over. They were asking the sentinel who was clinging to the tree what he was doing.

The posture of the sentinel was very strange. He stood upright, but he stuck close to the tree as if he had fallen asleep while dozing off.

Without night-vision equipment, Ye Jian could only vaguely see that the three people in front didn’t dare to continue moving forward. Instead, they shouted in a low voice.

Since the sentinels didn’t respond, the three of them became vigilant and quickly scanned their surroundings with their guns.

The sentinels in front slowly approached. The two sentinels behind placed their backs against each other and slowly aimed their guns outward.

Behind the dense leaves, a black shadow flashed past. In the dark night, a silver light flashed past. It was cold and chilling. In an instant, it disappeared.


The sentinel on the left suddenly grabbed his neck tightly. He could only make a low and monotonous sound before falling back.

The sentinel, who was standing back to back with him, turned his head in shock. He suddenly felt something falling from above his head. Before he could turn his head and look up, his neck felt cold and he was in pain…

The sentinel opened his mouth weakly. He wanted to raise his hand to touch his neck, but the gun in his other hand fell with a bang. He raised his hand and fell to the ground.

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