Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2336

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Chapter 2336: Assassination

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The three of them searched in a triangle. It was undoubtedly very difficult to finish the mission without alerting the others.

Ye Jian made good use of the terrain and quickly adopted the most useful and effective combat method. She climbed up a tree and strangled one person with the silver wire. The person was then hooked upside down, and she used the dagger in her hand to kill the third person.

As for the fourth one, he was easier to deal with!

Ye Jian exerted strength on her waist. Before the other party could raise his gun and shoot at the sky, she swung her body toward the other party.

Ye Jian was light and agile. That year, Principal Chen chased her to The Thousand Forest in the Southern Province of the Western Province for three months of training. During these three months, she went on comprehensive forest combat training. She climbed, jumped, rolled… She did everything.


In Principal Chen’s words, ‘after entering the mountain, you must not only look like a leopard but also like a monkey!’

Relying on the body that was hooked, she jumped forward with the strength of her waist. This was also part of her training during those three months. When she first practiced, she fell till her head bled and her limbs were bruised. In the end, she was able to control her body easily. Only she knew how tough it had been for her.

Ye Jian, who was upside down, saw that the other party had already loaded the gun. Her eyes were filled with anger as she grabbed the other party’s gun with both hands and spun it forcefully. She used the other party’s gun as a support and placed her feet firmly on the ground.

At the same time, she threw the spinning gun. In a flash, she raised her right leg and kicked her opponent’s lower abdomen.

The abdominal diaphragm could be said to be the most sensitive part of the abdominal pain nerve. She used all her strength, causing the sentinel who was kicked away to turn pale from the pain. He shrank at the side.

He was holding his abdomen with one hand while his right hand was reaching for the pistol at his waist…

Ye Jian didn’t give him a chance. She climbed on a tree branch with both hands and swung forward. She jumped into the air and kicked the weapon in the other party’s hand away. She stepped on the sentinel’s arm with her left foot and twisted her leg outward. She bent her knee and pressed it against the other party’s chin. Then, she used her right hand to attack the other party from the side with her dagger in a formidable posture and stabbed it into his neck.

She was too anxious and used too much strength. The dagger got stuck in his throat. To pull it out, Ye Jian had to twist it first.

In the night wind, the smell of blood got stronger. Ye Jian’s pants were stained with blood. She didn’t have time to deal with the corpses of the four sentinels. She needed to hurry up and kill more targets to ensure that her comrades could attack.

Quentin only said that there were about two ordinary platoons. However, no one knew how many people there were!

People were coming down from the mountain. Ye Jian, who was hiding behind a tree, could tell from the footsteps that there were three people. It was a patrol team!

Ye Jian tightened her grip on the dagger in her hand. She took a deep breath of the smoke-filled air and slowly exhaled… Three figures walked past her…


She rushed out from the back like the God of Death. Her hands were as fast as lightning. One hand covered the mouth of the last sentinel while the other used a dagger to cut the sentinel’s throat.

The entire process was too fast. A sentinel was killed in a few seconds.

Ye Jian’s movements were swift and deft. The four people patrolling were one meter apart. She killed the person walking the farthest behind without alerting the three people walking in front.

Even so, Ye Jian’s palms were slightly sweaty.

This was her first time assassinating at such a close distance!

When she stepped on a dead branch, a crisp clicking sound was heard. The third sentinel probably sensed something amiss. He turned around instinctively.

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