Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 982 - Equivalent Exchange

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Chapter 982: Equivalent Exchange


“What’s going on? Why did you provoke them instead of attacking them directly? Don’t tell me you’re looking for crystals?”

“Yes, I was planning to.”

“What are you looking for crystals for? Shouldn’t we seize the time to go in and save the children?”

Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao. He was not in a hurry to explain. Instead, he looked at the internal organs that had flowed all over the floor. There was a round bead exposed inside. The color was gray and did not have any luster. It seemed that the crocodile had just advanced. It had not yet cultivated to a level.

As for the other one, there was not even a crystal. Yan Kuan did not dislike it. He picked up the bead and washed it by the river before he brought it to Shen Xiaoxiao and said,”Crystals are also a way of trading. In here, if you do not want to use force, then you can use crystals to exchange. This is a rule, a rule where you admit defeat.”

“Are you saying that if we encounter a magical beast and don’t want to fight them, or if we don’t have the confidence to fight them, then we can use crystals to exchange?”

“Yes, you can understand it that way, but it’s the same in the Second Forbidden Zone. As for whether it’s the same in the Third Forbidden Zone, I’m not sure.”.

“But there aren’t many magical beasts in the second layer forest, so they’re usually things that we can deal with. Those that we can’t deal with are also extremely powerful.”

“We’re not here to advance, we’re here to save our children. Therefore, we need to find a way to enter the third layer of the forest as quickly as possible. That’s the most important thing.”

“I see. Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“That’s because we rarely encounter these things in the first layer of the forest.”

“But after we enter the second layer of the forest, we can’t go up and provoke the other party just because we see them. Also, how do you determine whether they have crystals or not?”

“Eyes. If there are crystals in the body of an angry animal, the eyes will turn into crystal eyes.”

“I see. I got it. I have an idea. Shall we go in now?”

“Wait a little longer.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Where’s the dagger Lou Yin gave you? Go stab that crocodile’s back.”

Hearing Yan Kuan’s words, Shen Xiaoxiao did not hesitate. She pulled out the knife and aimed at the crocodile’s back. It was a little strenuous, but fortunately, she could stab it. The crocodile’s back was as hard as an iron bucket.

“Try using an ordinary dagger again. Remember to be careful of your hands.”

Shen Xiaoxiao pulled out a dagger from her leg and aimed it at the back. If Yan Kuan had not reminded her, Shen Xiaoxiao would have really almost hurt her hand. The blade of the dagger was bent and did not even pierce through.

“This is?”

“After entering the forbidden zone, other than dealing with small animals such as rabbits and pheasants, ordinary blades are useless against slightly aggressive animals.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the transparent blue dagger in her hand and said with some surprise,”It seems that I really have to thank Lou Yin. The dagger she gave me has really helped me a lot.”

“This blade is indeed useful. Let’s go. We have officially entered the second layer of the forest…”


The big white dragon lay on the shore in boredom, swinging his long tail. He did not know what was wrong with his little wife, but she was too bored to actually make it keep swinging his tail. After that, she and that smelly brat jumped around, hiding.

What he saw was interesting. Sometimes he would be faster, sometimes he would be slower. The two little ones would occasionally fall, but later on, they slowly became more agile. What were these two little guys trying to do?

“Da Bao, what do you want to eat for lunch?”

Da Bao sat at the side to rest. After practicing for the whole morning, the number of times they fell had obviously decreased. However, the big white dragon was always moving irregularly. It was hard for them to dodge, but the effect seemed to be quite good.

“Whatever. Let’s eat shrimp. If we go out to hunt that big black snake, we won’t be able to escape.”

“Let’s eat roast meat. Didn’t you say yesterday that the rabbit meat roasted with honey was very fragrant? Then let’s go hunt rabbits.”

“But what if the big black snake is outside?”

“Eh — you want the big white dragon to fly up and take a look?”

“Go ahead and tell him. Why do you want me to go? The big white dragon seems to be very tired. He’s been resting by the river for the past few days.”

The big white dragon heard the conversation between the two children and thought to himself that his wife was still the best. Only his wife would care about him so much. That little brat only knew how to order his wife to do things.

“Is he very tired?”

Little Treasure glanced at the big white dragon and thought for a moment before slowly approaching the big white dragon. The big white dragon’s large eyes glanced at Little Treasure and closed them in disdain. His long white beard was as thick as Little Treasure’s arm. Little Treasure reached out to stroke his long beard and really said to the big white dragon,”Big white dragon, are you sick?”


No one answered.

Little Treasure knew that he could not understand the great white dragon’s words, but he was not discouraged and continued to ask,

“Great White Dragon, is there anything you want to eat? I’ll go make it for you. I’ve never seen you eat before.”


Alright, he still ignored him. Little Treasure was a little unhappy and even a little disappointed. Why did the big white dragon only talk to Da Bao and not to him?

Actually, he really wanted to talk to the big white dragon.

“Then, Da Bai, rest well. I’ll bring you some pheasant later. Mommy said that if you’re sick, you’ll get better after eating something. You won’t get better if you don’t eat.”

Although he ignored him, the sensible Little Treasure still showed his kindness to the big white dragon.

“Da Bao, let’s go and hunt pheasants. Let’s see if we can get more and give some to the big white dragon. If he’s sick, he should eat. If he doesn’t eat, he won’t get better.”

“I think so too. Let’s go out and bring our knives. When we go out, we’ll throw a wooden stick to see if the big black snake is still there.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Let’s do that.”

The two of them held hands and walked out. The white dragon didn’t follow them out. He couldn’t be bothered to move. The stupid snake knew that he was out, so how could it dare to come over? Was it courting death? These two little guys.., They would not encounter any danger at all.

Da Bao and Little Treasure really tried to probe first. Only after they realized that there was no big snake outside did they boldly run out.

The two of them had been practicing very well these past few days, especially their reactions. The big white dragon’s tail moved according to his own preferences, so it would not give them any time to react. Every time he swung his tail, it would make the two of them extremely miserable. Only later did they slowly come to their senses and feel better.

They were already very skilled at hunting wild rabbits and pheasants. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of danger. On the other hand, they encountered a huge hedgehog on the way.

The hedgehog’s body was covered in spikes and they were extremely sharp. Moreover, the species inside were all magnified versions, so when they encountered such things, they would use them to practice.

“Little Treasure, do you think this hedgehog has crystals?”

“I don’t know, but it seems like it wants to attack us. Since it’s so aggressive, we’ll see if it has crystals after we cut open its stomach.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Let’s work together and kill it without leaving a trace.”

Little Treasure looked at Da Bao and was speechless…

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