Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 983 - Making Friends  

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Chapter 983: Making Friends

Hedgehogs were actually the most difficult type of animal to deal with. Their bodies were covered in thorns. If they encountered an opponent that they could not attack, they would curl up into a ball and make it impossible for them to bite down. The sharp thorns on their bodies were also a form of protection.

“This d*mned hedgehog actually curled up into a ball. What should we do?”

The two children acted valiantly, wanting to directly take down the hedgehog. However, they did not expect that this d*mned hedgehog would curl up into a ball, leaving them with no way to attack.

“Why don’t we pull out its thorns?”

“How do we pull it out? It’s so hard. I think we can flatten the thorns.”

“It’s useless. This thing is very cunning. Oh no, it ran away.”

The hedgehog took the opportunity to run away as the two of them were talking. This angered the two of them so much that they cried out loudly for a long time. They were too angry. Too, too, too angry.

They could have easily captured the pterosaur and the wolves. They did not expect that they would actually be defeated by this d*mned hedgehog.

“It ran away so fast. The next time we see it, we must flatten all of its spikes,”Da Bao said angrily.

Little Treasure also felt a little regretful. However, this was how it was in the deep forest. If they couldn’t beat it, they would run. Weren’t they also like this?

“We’ve already killed three pheasants. Let’s go back. Two for the big white dragon, and we’ll eat one.”

“Mm, okay. Eh, what’s that? Little Treasure, that looks like a mushroom.”

“That’s not a mushroom, it’s a Ganoderma.”

“What’s a Ganoderma?”

“It’s medicine. Let’s go. It’s a medicine used to heal monsters in World of Warcraft.”

“Oh, I see. What’s World of Warcraft like? Little Treasure, is it the same as the one we met in the game? What level are you and Daddy playing? Is it fun?”

Along the way, Da Bao kept asking her questions. Little Treasure could answer some questions, but he couldn’t. As for the thousand-year-old Ganoderma that they missed, it just bloomed foolishly on the edge of the cliff.

In the eyes of the two children, it was just there. It was completely useless to them.

When they went back, when the big white dragon heard Da Bao mumble about what they had seen along the way, he was completely speechless. Did these two guys know that even in the World of Warcraft, the thousand-year-old Ganoderma was definitely not a common thing? It was a rare thing, rare.

Why was his little wife so kind? Why was she so cute? It must have been the decision of that little brat. With such a stupid and capable younger brother, it was really rare for his wife to be able to grow so well.

Da Bao chatted with the big white dragon for a while. Seeing that the big white dragon did not look very energetic, she returned to the cave and let the big white dragon have a good rest.

Little Treasure was rolling up his sleeves to roast the pheasant. He left half of the pheasant to roast and the other half to boil soup and drink. On the way, he followed the rabbit for a while and saw what grass the rabbit was eating. They picked some back, the two children did not know about wild vegetables or herbs, but they believed that since the rabbits could eat it, they could definitely eat too.

There was chicken soup, shiitake mushrooms, and some unknown green leaves in the stone pot. On the fire rack were two fat, oily pheasants. They touched a layer of honey and sprinkled a little salt on it. It was charred yellow, and Da Bao could not help but drool.

After the pheasant was roasted, Little Treasure could not wait to put it in the leaves and deliver it to the big white dragon with great hospitality.

“Da Bai, I roasted the pheasant. It’s very fragrant. Quick, taste it. You’ll have more strength after eating it.”

The big white dragon glanced at Little Treasure and ignored him. He closed his eyes and lay by the river, spitting bubbles. It was about to undergo the tribulation. The immortal binding rope on his body was tormenting him so much that he wanted to die. As long as he got rid of the immortal binding rope, he would be able to successfully undergo the tribulation. Otherwise, it wouldn’t even be possible to turn back into a dragon, much less turn back into a human. He would have to cultivate again for god knows how many years.

It was all the fault of that d*mned Ghost Pond Qilin. If he met him again, he would definitely skin him alive. However, that fellow wasn’t feeling good either. He was still trapped in the Nine Nether Inferno. They were evenly matched, and neither of them could beat the other.

Little Treasure saw that the big white dragon was ignoring him. Although he was a little disappointed, he was probably used to it, so he placed the chicken beside his beard. When he was hungry, he would naturally eat it.

However, Little Treasure had really forgotten that the big white dragon was so big that these two wild pheasants were not enough to fill the gaps between his teeth. Of course, the big white dragon would not say this to this smelly brat. This brat should comprehend it himself.

When Little Treasure returned to the entrance of the cave, Da Bao had already filled a small wooden bowl with chicken soup. Actually, they really wanted to eat white rice, but they did not have it. The great white rice that they used to think was especially terrible to eat now was just a dream.

“Little Treasure, the big white dragon will eat it by himself later. Don’t be disappointed. Keep up the good work. He will definitely be your friend.”

“I didn’t say that I must be friends with him. He’s so arrogant.”

“Oh, you don’t want to be friends? Then forget it. Hurry up and eat.”

Da Bao didn’t want to expose him. Sometimes, Little Treasure wasn’t cute at all. Her mother said that he had the same personality as his father, but he was stubborn.

Da Bao did not bother with Little Treasure. Little Treasure ate by himself. As he ate, he peeked to see if the big white dragon had eaten his roasted chicken.

In the end, he was disappointed. When he finished eating, the big white dragon did not move at all. The two of them rested for a while, exercised for a while, and then lay down in the cave to sleep.

Hearing Da Bao’s long breathing, Little Treasure sat up from the ground. He put on his clothes and slowly walked to the side of the big white dragon by the river and sat down next to him.

“Da Bai, can I be friends with you? I don’t even have any friends. Da Bao already has you as a friend.”

The white dragon was woken up from his sleep. He glanced at the boy who came out to harass him in the middle of the night. He did not want to understand.

“Da Bai, when do you think Da Bao and I will be able to walk out? I miss Mommy and Daddy. I really miss Mommy. I don’t know if Mommy’s illness is any better. Have they found the antidote that they went to look for last time? Sigh.”

The big white dragon really did not want to hear it, but he did not expect the child to care so much about his mother. It was strange.

“Aiya, I forgot to tell my mother when I left. The bead is in our small bag. I don’t know if my mother has seen it. Uncle said that there is something inside that can save my mother.”

Little Treasure seemed to have thought of something. He patted his head. In fact, he did not know whether he had remembered to tell his mother or not.

“Da Bai, there are so many demonic beasts here. Will Da Bao and I have to wait for many years when we go out? Will Mommy and Daddy be old by then?”

Little Treasure’s eyes were a little wet when he said this. He rarely cried, but today, for some reason, he felt very uncomfortable after being rejected by the big white dragon several times.

He saw that the big white dragon was still ignoring him. He got up and took off his clothes and placed them on the big white dragon’s head. Although it could only block a little, it was still a form of concern.

He turned around and returned to his cave, but just as he took a step, he heard a voice behind him say,

“The pheasant is too small. It’s not enough to fill the gaps between my teeth.”

“Ah — Who’s speaking? Da Bai, is that you?”

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