Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 1124A. The Abyssal Gaze Reappears

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Chapter 1124A. The Abyssal Gaze Reappears

In the valley, the last violent horse nightmare beast cried in despair as it was crushed into fragments. Then the constant sounds of chaos finally returned to silence.

Qin Yu sized up the nightmare beast heart in his hand, thinking about trying to absorb it again. He looked at Cloud Mist and put this thought aside. Right now she was the leader of the team. Since she had issued orders before, it would be better not to embarrass her.

Even if no one would say anything if he really absorbed it.

As everyone was busy cleaning up the battlefield and counting the harvests, Qin Yu’s complexion suddenly changed. He turned his head and looked into the distance.

At this time, his eyes turned pitch black and incomparably profound. They seemed to cross through the impediment of vast space, falling somewhere in the distance.

Within his chest, the heart of the abyss beat fiercely. Then, an ancient and formidable aura appeared in his senses. Although he had no idea who it was…the instinctual hostility he felt was enough for him to judge that this other party wasn’t friendly.

Vaguely, Qin Yu became aware of something. It seemed that this change only occurred because of his bloodline.

Could it be that a descendant had been born in the Nightmare Clan that was formidable enough to produce a resonance with him?

But soon, that distant aura restrained itself and vanished. Qin Yu took a deep breath. He looked at Cloud Mist and said, “I’m afraid that there is going to be trouble!”

Could it be that this woman’s intuition was about to come true? When it should be accurate it wasn’t, and when it shouldn’t be accurate it was!


The Giant Alligator King flew into a rage!

The Ant King had perished beneath the hands of the Nightmare Clan. In truth, the Giant Alligator King didn’t care much about that bastard’s death at all.

But who knew what kind of madness the Ant King fell into before it died? As it died, it shouted that it was cooperating with the Nightmare Clan.

And what left the Giant Alligator King fuming even more was that the other nightmare beast tribal kings obviously believed this. As they looked at it, their eyes were filled with ice cold distrust.

That’s right, they never liked the arrogant and ruthless Ant King, but they didn’t want to kill it and destroy the current stable situation.

Taking a step back, even if it wanted to kill the Ant King, with its solemn strength as the Giant Alligator King, would it really give the Ant King a chance to say anything at all?

How laughable!

In the giant cave, the Giant Alligator King roared, “I said that this matter is unrelated to me. There has been no cooperation with the Nightmare Clan!”

Its eyes flashed with an ominous light as it swept across the many giant beasts in the cave. There was a high chance it had been plotted against, and anyone that had the qualifications to plot against it was in this cave right now.

Don’t let me find you, otherwise I’ll tear you to shreds!

“Giant Alligator King, we are willing to believe you, but the Ant King personally accused you before its death. We have no choice but to suspect you.” A nightmare beast king said, “Right now, the aura of the Ant King’s crystal nucleus is still within the Nightmare Beast Territory. We have already surrounded the Nightmare Clansmen that killed it. Since the Giant Alligator King has a clear conscience, come with us to confront the Nightmare Clan!”

The one who spoke this time was the Golden Eagle King, an incomparably formidable beast king. Before the Giant Alligator King rose up, it had been the strongest powerhouse that ruled this territory.

Although the Giant Alligator King had successfully captured the title of the strongest king, it still dreaded the Golden Eagle King.

Taking a breath, the Giant Alligator King coldly glared at the Golden Eagle King and said, “Good, then I will go together with you. I also want to see just who is slandering me!”

The crowd of nightmare beast kings shot up into the skies. Powerful demonic energy curled up like a flood, rumbling towards the direction where the people of the Ancient King’s Lineage were.

Not long after the nightmare beast kings left, a black cloud condensed in the skies, covering the lair of the Giant Alligator King.

Hum –

A barrier suddenly arrived between the heavens and earth, isolating all inside and outside auras.

After that, numerous demons ran out from the black clouds. Their bodies surged with extremely cruel and terrifying slaughter auras.


With a roar, these demons rushed into the cave and started killing the giant alligators.

“Nightmare Clan! Damn it, you dare to attack the lair of the Giant Alligator King!? The king will never let you off!” A giant alligator roared as it died.

“My king, save us!”

“Fight with the royal Nightmare Clan!”

The bloodline descendants of the Giant Alligator King lived in its lair, along with many other powerhouses of the giant alligator tribe. Their overall strength was considerable.

But the demons that attacked were all at the False King level. Even if some giant alligators were able to resist, they were soon cut down.

The sounds of slaughter continued in the cave for a full hour before quieting down. A thick and palpable smell of blood formed in the air.

The corpses of countless giant alligators covered all corners. The bloodline descendants of the Giant Alligator King had nearly been wiped out.

The several demons gathered together. They glanced at each other and then one of them yelled, “Burn it!”

Flames spread out, soon swallowing the entire cave. The riotous blaze shot into the skies, forming black clouds of smoke that rose into the horizon.

Without hesitation, the several demons turned and left. The black clouds in the skies soon vanished from sight.

On a mountaintop not too far away, the Black Wolf King looked at the cave that was being swallowed by flames. He had a tranquil expression.

At his side, a blue eagle beast sneered, “Black Wolf King, you are sufficiently cruel. Many of those giant alligators were ones you personally watched grow up!”

The Black Wolf King lightly said, “So what? There can only be one true king of the nightmare beasts. If I don’t want to be eliminated, I have no choice but to make my move first.”

Then he looked at the blue eagle and said, “If you don’t have the same thoughts as me, why would you cooperate with me?”

The blue eagle humphed. “We don’t have much time remaining. Let’s begin!”

Rumble rumble –

The two nightmare beast kings crazily fought, their battle ringing through the heavens. Soon, they both had wounded appearances, covered with numerous injuries.

“Stop! It’s enough, if we continue fighting we will both be severely wounded!” The Blue Eagle King quickly withdrew. It looked at the Black Wolf King that was covered in wounds and constantly leaking energy, and its eyes shined with fear.

This fellow was a lunatic. It almost thought that the Black Wolf King really wanted to eliminate it here and now.

“Follow everything according to plan!” Tossing down these words, the Blue Eagle King shot into the skies.

The Black Wolf King looked at its vanishing figure and coldly sneered. It could not even be ruthless to itself, so how could it think of becoming a true king?

He lifted a claw and stabbed his wounds, digging into them and making them worse. He staggered a few times and almost fell over.

Only like this was it enough. Unless he appeared this pitiful, how could the Giant Alligator King believe him?

Biting a few feathers left behind by the Blue Eagle King, the Black Wolf King shot into the skies.

Although Qin Yu expected trouble would come, he never thought that it would come so quickly.

Strictly speaking, the Nightmare Beast Territory was a layer of the abyss that hadn’t fully developed and had numerous flaws. But, it still covered a vast area.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for so many False Kings of their own tribal groups to appear, each one ruling over their own domain.

But no matter how large this area was, it couldn’t stop others from holding onto a tracking demon crystal and locking onto Qin Yu to chase him down.

Qin Yu hadn’t sensed this from the start. But as the other party began to approach, he started to feel something.

After Cloud Mist was warned, she had a dignified expression. She looked at Qin Yu and hesitated a bit, “How much longer do we have until they’re here?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “It’s just an approximate feeling. I can’t say for sure.”

Cloud Mist took a deep breath. “No matter who they are, there is no need to be merciful. Kill them all off!”

Someone had sensed Qin Yu’s existence, and it was because of an attraction between bloodlines…could it be that someone else had awakened the ancestral bloodline…?

If this was true, things really were troublesome now!

Cloud Mountain, Cloud River, and Cloud Sky instantly dispersed in different directions, quickly laying down arrangements.

Old Fox and Black Astral had dignified expressions. They stood next to Qin Yu, bloodthirst pulsing within their cold eyes.

In the eyes of these two old demons, Qin Yu was where they had placed all their future hopes. Harming him was the same as destroying their future.

They would not allow this!

Unintentionally calculating things, from the surface it looked like Qin Yu had the absolute advantage. As the demons who targeted Qin Yu began to appear, Cloud Mist’s complexion became even uglier, “Ancient King’s Lineage!”

As a powerful family that had once given birth to several Nightmare Kings, their strength stood at the peak of the tribe.

If someone appeared amongst their ranks who awakened the ancestral bloodline…even if Qin Yu was the reincarnation of the late King, there would still be enormous trouble…

At this moment, killing intent rose within Cloud Mist’s heart – no matter what, she had to kill that person who had awakened the ancestral bloodline!

Only like this could she guarantee that Qin Yu seized the throne.

“Kill them!”

The Demon Commanders from the Ancient King’s Lineage immediately understood they had been discovered ahead of time, and that it was likely they had fallen into their opponent’s trap.

But from when they received the command to when they attacked, less than a day had passed. Even if the other party had discovered them ahead of time, it was impossible for them to have made too many preparations.

Right now, they were competing with the strength on both sides…the person that young master Qi Zhen mentioned had to die!

With a roar, two Demon Commanders rushed at Qin Yu. They ignited their demon bodies without hesitation.

Bang –

The two Demon Commanders erupted with strong fluctuations of strength. As demonic power was ignited, they started to grow stronger at an alarming speed.

“Protect Qin Yu!” Cloud Mist shouted out.

Cloud Mountain, Cloud River, and Cloud Sky roared in unison. The three stepped forward, demonic energy erupting from their bodies. The demonic energies fused together, manifesting into a great beast that punched out and sent a Demon Commander flying away.

Bang –

With a heaven-shaking explosion, the three paled. Their eyes filled with anger.

Had the Demon Commanders from the Ancient King’s Lineage gone insane? They had actually ignited their demonic energy. In exchange for immense power for a brief period of time, what they combusted was their own cultivation boundaries!

In other words, the demonic energy being burnt now could not be restored…if they lost too much, they would even die!

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